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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 173. The proverb today is why keep a dog
and bark yourself. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here.If someone says why
keep a dog and bark yourself or don't keep a dog and bark yourself. So you
could say it either way. It means why or why are you doing the work that you
already paid someone else to do or that you hired someone else to do ? Why are you
doing that work ? That's for that person that you hired. Okay. Let's continue. The
proverb dates back until at least the 1500's . So you know, we're going back 400 or
500 years and one of the earliest known cittings is from Brian Melbancks in
one of his novels and here's the quote and you will notice that there are you
know some words were spelled differently back in the 1500s. So if you see
some words spelled differently here, just realize this was probably like Middle
English. "It's a small reason you should keep a dog and bark yourself." So that was
the original quote that it came from. Or at least that we know of. That's the
earliest citting that we know of. All right. And we have two examples here. And the
first one of course here this is an a/b. So Jennifer has a maid but she is too
embarrassed for anyone to see her house messy. So she actually cleans up before
the maid comes over. Or at least partially cleans up. And of course B says
here. You must be kidding. Don't keep a dog and bark yourself. So that's again a
perfect example of this. Or number two. In business manager training class or
classes , they want you to learn how to distribute the work to one's staff. But
they stress, you shouldn't be using your time on less important work. And they
might you know, say this line as well. They warn. Why keep a dog and bark
yourself. So that's what you hired those people for.
You hired them to help you. So distribute that work, so that you have time for more
important matters or more important managing. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I
hope was clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Proverbs (173) Why Keep a Dog and Bark Yourself

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