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  • Hello again it's me

  • Now, I bet you're wondering what to get the parents for Christmas

  • well, speaking as a parent myself

  • coffee!

  • not just any, Le Kahvi!

  • a perfect way to start the day, while those damn kids are still in bed

  • it's good stuff

  • and a packaging option: a sustainable Varusteleka bag

  • the environment well thank you

  • for a place to put all of mommies and daddies special liquids that they can enjoy

  • while you've gone to bed

  • the Italian carafe, look at the craftsmanship!

  • shove it in the bag SOFTLY

  • Now, if your parents don't enjoy any special drinks of any kind

  • Why not get them something useful,

  • For example Merino wool hat

  • It is very useful and don't you want to take care of mommy and daddy and keep them warm?

  • I sure do!

  • Shove it in the bag

  • Now that this is all ready's and already in a package you can shove it under the tree and wait for Santa Claus

  • me however

  • I'll have a drink

  • Oh so good, hits the spot every time

Hello again it's me


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14號門--給父母的禮物建議 (Door #14 - Gift Ideas For The Parents)

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