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Marques: Sega successfully positioned themselves
as the sophisticated alternative to Nintendo.
But 30 years later,
the question of which console
is better still persists.
So, today we're gonna do
our own tests
to determine a winner.
This is Console Wars.
( music playing )
All right, so to jump right into it,
we have our debaters Dave and Joe
representing Sega and Super Nintendo.
So these are the categories we're testing today.
Gaming and Graphics,
Sound Chip,
and the Mascot.
So, Dave, I'll start. Gaming and Graphics.
( music playing )
This is Sonic 1.
( music playing )
Blast processing is how we're able to get
all these moving images
and tons of things on the screen
in quick succession without things slowing down.
So we'll see that if you, like, lose all your coins
and they're all on the screen
- at the same time like that? - Yeah, like that.
Did you see that slowdown right there?
Did you see that slowdown?
I don't know what you're talking about.
They can't handle all of the sprites on screen.
- And look at that 3-D ring. - Oh, wow.
Joe: That ring moving at three frames a second.
Three frames is all you need, baby.
All right, so now it's time to see the graphics from Super Nintendo.
If anybody is standing, please sit.
You're about to be blown away.
So, I brought Donkey Kong Country.
Look at these beautiful 3-D vistas that we're seeing right here.
Yes, I don't need to go a thousand miles an hour.
Look at these rendered 3-D characters.
Look at that high-five. Look at the frame rate of that.
What a beautiful fall that was.
( music playing )
So, I brought some evidence on my iPad.
I have some various sounds associated with each of these two consoles.
You can state your case about which one is better than the other.
- ( high-pitched chime ) - That's the sound
that whenever Sonic picks up a ring, you make that sound.
Now, if you go to, like, a gas station,
you hear them open the register-- it's that sound.
- ( high-pitched chime ) - That little chime gives me such joy.
I'm glad your joy comes from a gas station.
- ( ring ) - Fantastic.
- Just a beautiful-- isn't it? - Simple as that.
So that was when the game first starts up,
the Nintendo logo comes down. You can hear the difference
between the tinniness of the Sega Genesis
compared to the robust flavors
you get from a Super Nintendo.
- ( chime ) - ( high-pitched chime )
- ( chime ) - ( high-pitched chime )
The sound chip for the Super Nintendo was designed by Sony.
The Genesis, I think they just got off the rack parts.
Yeah, they just walked into a drugstore
- and picked up what they could find... - Pretty much.
- ...put it in their console. - Pretty much.
( music playing )
All right, so let's start with Sonic.
If you could take a step forward.
Sonic's cool.
He's fast.
He's got this cool spiky hair.
I mean, check out that spiky hair.
I wish I had hair like that.
He's a freedom fighter. He fights against--
Dr. Robotnik is testing on animals.
Sonic says no to that.
Sonic just looks like your white friend with dreads.
Let's have Mario step up.
Let's look at a real American hero.
( music playing )
Mario is a hard worker, he's a plumber--
one of the hardest, most respectable jobs.
And he works with his brother, so he's a family man.
He's a drug addict. He's always doing mushrooms.
- That's not-- - He also takes prescription pills. Dr. Mario.
- He's not a doctor. He's saying he's a doctor. - He's not taking the pills.
He gives you a lot of medicine where they counteract each other.
Oh, yeah, mixing prescriptions. That's great.
( music playing )
So, at the end of the day, there's a lot to like about both of these.
Clearly some pros and cons to each.
So, between these two for me...
...just because I'm that guy,
I would actually probably lean
towards me being a Sega Genesis gamer.
Mainly because I feel
like I would want high-definition graphics,
and, of course, it's matte black.
So, my winner is Sega Genesis.
( music playing )


Console Wars!

20 分類 收藏
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