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We first learned that it was a missile that took down a Ukrainian airliner over Iran because of this video showing the moment of impact.
All 176 people on board were killed.
To find out what happened to Flight 752 after it left Tehran airport on January 8th, we collected flight data, analyzed witness videos and images of the crash site, to paint the clearest picture yet of that disastrous seven-minute flight.
We’ll walk you through the evidence, minute by minute, from the plane’s takeoff to the moment it crashed.
It’s the early hours of Wednesday, January 8th, Iran has just launched ballistic missiles at U.S. military targets in Iraq, in retaliation for an American drone strike that killed Iranian military leader Qassim Suleimani.
Iranian defenses are on high alert, on guard for a possible U.S. attack.
Four hours later, at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport, Flight 752 operated by Ukraine International Airlines is getting ready for departure.
At 6:12 am, the plane takes off.
It follows its regular route, flies northwest and climbs to almost 8,000 feet in around three minutes, according to flight tracker data.
Until now, the plane’s transponder has been signaling normally.
But just before 6:15 am, it stops.
We don’t yet know why.
But we do know the plane keeps flying.
And within 30 seconds, a missile hits it.
A video filmed here captures the moment.
Let’s watch it again and slow it down.
Here’s the missile, and here’s the plane.
Where did the missile come from?
Just a few miles away are military sites equipped with Iranian defense systems.
A nearby security camera films a missile being launched from one of those sites shortly after 6:15 am.
The missile hits the plane seconds later.
An Iranian military commander said a defense system operator mistook the passenger jet for a cruise missile.
Unfortunately, because of the hasty decision of one person, this great disaster happened.
The missile sets the plane on fire.
But the jet continues flying for several minutes.
We don’t know its precise path after 6:15 am.
But we do know that it turns back in the direction of the airport, engulfed by flames.
Around 6:19 am, a bystander films the plane slowly going down.
There appears to be a second explosion before the jetliner plummets outside Tehran about 10 miles from where the last signal was sent.
Footage from a security camera shows the scene as the plane crashes toward it.
Here we see the immediate aftermath of the crash.
Be careful of the electrical wires.
Oh, oh it's an airplane.
As day breaks, another witness films the smoldering wreckage.
Emergency workers are here helping people.
Debris is spread out over 1,500 feet along a small park, orchards, and a soccer field, narrowly missing a nearby village.
A large section of the plane looks badly charred.
More jet parts are found here.
And the plane’s tail and wheels land over 500 feet away.
It is a gruesome scene.
The passengers’ personal items— toys, clothes, photo albums— are scattered around.
After days of denials, Iran took responsibility for the crash, blaming human error at a moment of heightened tensions.



伊朗軍方擊毀烏克蘭客機?!造成 176 人罹難的真相是...? (Iran Shot Down a Ukrainian Passenger Plane. Here's How it Happened. | Visual Investigations)

47 分類 收藏
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