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  • Hi.

  • I'm Brad.

  • Sometimes, people call me "Breakup Brad," most likely because I'm the only person on earth who is willing to spend over a decade helping people get their ex back or get through a tough breakup.

  • Now, thankfully for you guys, I actually do love doing that, and I'm happy to geek out on breakup psychology, and I'm also happy to make videos like this one, where I'm gonna give you beautiful viewers some advice about sending your ex gifts or love notes.

  • Now, I planning on keeping this one short.

  • And all I'm gonna do like I said is answer this question:


  • (Pause) No.

  • All right and that does it for this video...

  • Don't forget to subscribe and comment below.

  • And thank so much for watching and we'll see you next...

  • Alright, alright, I'm just kidding.

  • You guys want a more detailed answer, don't you?

  • But honestly, folks, actually this video could have been that short, and I could've ended it there, because that's pretty much what I think about the idea of giving your ex a gift or sending them any kind of gushy, spill-your-guts love letter.

  • That is a really great example of a horrible idea.

  • Please do not send your ex any kind of gift, ever.

  • I honestly cannot think of a single situation where this would ever be a good idea, and I've never, ever recommended it to one of my clients.

  • It's just never a good idea; not for Christmas, not for Valentines, birthdays, just really never.

  • Giving your ex any kind of gift when you want them back is basically saying, "I'm so desperate for you to take me back, that I'm even willing to try and buy your love."

  • Total, complete opposite of what you want to be projecting to your ex if you are trying to get back together.

  • Really, you need to appear like you're thriving, and that you're happy without your ex, and that you really just don't give a shit about them anymore. That is really the only effective way to change their mind about breaking up with you and to rewire their feelings for you and the possibility of a future together.

  • And love letters... just as bad as gifts.

  • Honestly, maybe even worse.

  • Don't show your emotions to your ex at all if you can avoid it, because 99% of the time all it's gonna do is make you look needy, desperate, and vulnerable.

  • Now I do actually realize that, unlike gifts, the idea of spilling your heart out to your ex, that can have some appealyou probably just wanna... you put it all out there, say what you feel and be done with it.

  • But, as someone who has helped over a thousand... 100,000 clients I should say, reverse their breakups, I can safely say this just not gonna help you win back your ex.

  • And more than likely, most of the time its gonna actually hurt your chances.

  • Now, there is one exception to that which is... well, at least, sort of an exception and that is my Clean Slate message template.

  • Now I have made videos on this message in the past, but basically its just a message you can send to your ex in very certain situations where you've made mistakes in the past, begging, pleading, apologizing over and overand this message will help you undo that damage and sort of reset the stage in your ex's mind to more of anemotional neutralstate.

  • Now really, this message is just for specific situations, and is somewhat of a last-ditch move, but thankfully the majority of you watching are never actually gonna need to use the Clean Slate message at all.

  • And I can't get into details here, this is supposed to be a short video, but you really do need to properly set the stage and make sure you use the Clean Slate template 100 percent correctly, or else it may actually backfire and make things even worse.

  • So please visit and watch my free video presentation on there to learn more, or register for my Ex Factor program right now and learn exactly how to safely and effectively use the Clean Slate message on your ex.

  • Alright folks, and the final verdict on sending your ex gifts or love letters is: Oh hell no.

  • Exactly.

  • Don't do it.

  • If you want your ex back, here's a way better idea than sending gifts to your ex. Just go to and watch my free video, subscribe to my channel here on YouTube, and of course leave your questions and feedback in the comments below.

  • Thanks for watching, and we'll see you guys soon!



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給前男友送禮物或情書會有助於挽回他嗎? (Will Sending Your Ex Gifts or Love Letters Help Win Them Back?)

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