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Women used to be hard to shop for, up until I made this video.
What's up boys? It's Jose Zuniga from Teaching Men's Fashion. And for today, I did a lot of research
I went in to make sure you get that special girl a gift
She's gonna absolutely love. Because like anybody else receive me an amazing thoughtful gift that you actually
Wanted, increases your appreciation for the person that gave it to you.
I want you to be that person
And that applies to any girl in your life, your girlfriend, the girl you like, your sister, your friend, your mom, doesn't matter who it
is. Today we're gonna make sure you get them the best gift possible.
Let's hop into it. Number one, a watch. And no, no, no, this is not a sponsored video,
I promised. But just like we like watches almost every woman wears
or would like to wear a nice watch, and with women the
options are endless. The great thing is that most women aren't watch geeks or watch nerds, like guys are. Ao for them
It's really just aesthetic, how good-looking is this watch, so you got your Michael Kors, your Marc
Jacobs, Kate Spade, your Tory Burch. Also a lot of the brands that I talk about on this channel,
they also make lines for women, Vincero,The First, Bradford Watch Co, Movement watches, Daniel Wellington.
All these lines not only have male watches, but they also have female watches.
So not only could you use the discount code and get it even more affordable you could be twinning. Number two a
Makeup kit. Now if you're like me you probably know zero about makeup,
But this is something women love. Like you get a girl the right makeup kit, she's gonna absolutely
Love you for it.
And while I can't help you too much, but I can't tell you by them anything from either
Urban Decay or Kylie Jenner collection. Don't ask me why, but I hear my girl talking to her friends about it all the time, and
It sounds like a popular brand almost all girls are crazy for right now.
So get them anything from these stores and trust me you're gonna be A1 with them. Plus little bonus, she's gonna
Actually think you were listening all along, and you were to me.
You're welcome.
Alright, so for the next two I actually caught my girl over at Vanity Planet and asked her to give us the hook up.
Give us guys a little bit of help here. Because I was thinking about it the other day, man women love
Skincare, they love taking care of their skin. It's not like us guys we do it you know for the end-goal.
They don't just do it for the end-goal they find pleasure
And a skin routine. So Vanity Planet made it super easy for all of us guys and created the skin for the win
kit. What this kid includes? It's a complete skin regimen set, trust me she's gonna
Love. It comes with the spin brush, which I've talked about before it's great for guys, and for women forget about it
This is like gold to them. It also comes with the cleanser cream and a green tea clay mask and to top it
All off it does come with a plush eye cover, kind of for relaxation or those spa days. Now the total kit does
retail for around
190 bucks, but don't worry as you guys know I already got the hookup.
I got them to bring down this kit just for you guys for the holidays for around 60 bucks!
So if you use the special code and link down below you can get this whole kit for 60 bucks ,which is perfect for any
Special girl in your life as a matter if its your mom, your sister, your girlfriend, whoever it is
They're gonna love this.
But if you want something different if you know your girlfriend's like a
makeup junkie then this second one, this one's amazing,
This one's called A Glam Box. Like I said if you know they love makeup and they're into all that stuff,
This is the kit you're gonna want to get her. It also comes with the spin brush kit the same one that I just talked
About which is great for prepping the face before they start applying makeup,
But it also comes with the whole brush,
Makeup brush set and a little sponge that apparently women love, just as they can get their makeup on right. Now if you've ever
Awkwardly been dragged into Sephora or Ulta by your girlfriend, you've seen how crazy
Expensive these brush kits are, and this was no different this one retails for around 250 bucks.
But like I said, since you guys already know. I have the hook-up,
I wouldn't leave my boys hanging out dry having to pay crazy amounts like this.
I got Vanity Planet to also heavily discount this box for you guys.
And you can get this one for around like 70 bucks, again
There's a special link down below.
So it doesn't matter who's that special girl in your life that you really want to impress give her something that she's gonna love,
She'll be happy, she'll be thankful for, these kits are for you. The fifth thing you can get your girl is a Polaroid camera.
Women love taking pictures, at least every woman I've met, has like a selfie problem. So get her a Polaroid camera.
You can get it for like 50 bucks on Amazon, and she's gonna
Love you for it, because now she can take trendy pictures that are gonna get her more likes
Because of you, that's priceless. And finally number six for my traditional men you can get her a box of chocolates and some flowers.
It's never wrong to go old-school or classic. A box of chocolate and flowers
It's perfect for any type of woman. If you're just starting to date a certain girl.
And you don't know what to get her if you think it's gonna be too awkward whatever it is,
box of chocolate and flowers always works.
And that's basically it guys,
Those are six different gift ideas you can get that special girl in your life, that you can be rest assured
She's gonna love you for it. If you guys liked this video and found it informative,
Don't forget to drop us a like down below. Also don't forget to check out any of those special kits linked down below.
That's it for me today. See you next time!


6 Affordable Gifts To Get the Girl You Like

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Taka 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 13 日
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