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  • Liberal Democrats to stop Brexit, 2,874.

  • [applause]

  • Stella Judith Creasy, Labour and Cooperative party, 36,784.

  • [cheering and applause]

  • Andrew Davis Johns, Green party, 1,733.

  • [applause]

  • Therefore, I give public notice that Stella Judith Creasy is duly elected

  • as member of parliament for the Walthamstow constituency.

  • [applause]

  • Thank you everyone.

  • I will keep it brief, not least because somebody is about to wake up.

  • I want to thank Martin and his team ...

Liberal Democrats to stop Brexit, 2,874.


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史黛拉-克雷塞帶著嬰兒吊帶連任工黨議員 (Stella Creasy re-elected as Labour MP with baby in sling)

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