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- Sup you beautiful bastards!
Hope you've had a fantastic Tuesday.
Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show
and let's just jump into it.
And the first thing that we're gonna talk about today,
I can't believe we're having to talk about this again
and since apparently everybody else on the internet
is scared to say it,
once again I will preach it from the rooftops,
racism is bad.
(uplifting music) (crowd cheering)
I mean, it was an honor just to be nominated.
No, but the reason I'm doing this bit again
is because of this controversy
surrounding Saturday Night Live.
As you might have seen last Thursday,
you had SNL announcing three new cast members
for its upcoming 45th season:
Shane Gillis, Chloe Fineman and Bowen Yang.
And initially it was actually Yang
that had most of the spotlight.
There was a lot of praise pouring in,
people excited for him
to be the only Asian-American regular on the show.
Also joining Kate McKinnon as one
of the show's two openly gay regulars.
But then the focus shifted to Shane Gillis
over the past few days,
and that is because of a series of podcasts
that he made with fellow comedian Matt McCusker
called "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast."
One of the first of these clips that went viral
was Gillis talking about Asian people living
in cultural areas like Chinatown.
- All right, no one said anything.
- Let the fucking (beep) live there.
And the translation between you and the waiter,
it's just such a fucking hassle.
It's like, can you, I'm pointing at it.
Like this is the fucking nooder.
- Which actually on the note of the video being
out there in the world,
when this story started to break,
Gillis actually deleted all the videos
from his YouTube channel.
But of course, copies were soon posted,
there were clips all over the place,
and so in those now not-so-secret podcasts,
Gillis can be heard making comments about Latino people,
Middle Eastern people, Jewish people.
You also had people sharing a clip
from a different podcast where reportedly on May 27th,
Gillis seemingly used slurs directed
at Democratic Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang.
- [Gillis] Give me your next candidate, Dems.
Jew, (beep), next.
Actually, they are running a Jew (beep).
- You also have people calling Gillis homophobic
after uncovering a podcast
where he repeatedly used an anti-gay slur.
In one of those instances, he uses the slur
right after doing a caricatured Middle Eastern accent,
all while criticizing comedians
who talk about their depression in their stand-up routines.
- [Gillis] Those guys are fucking gayer than Isis.
At least Isis is out there like,
"For me, we need to get pussy
"after we blow ourselves up, we get a bunch of pussy."
These white (beep) comics, they're like,
"I'm just sad 'cause life's hard
"and like, it turns out, and I'm gay."
- And with all of this happening,
you had a co-owner of a comedy theater
that Gillis used to perform at telling Vulture,
"Good Good Comedy Theater stopped working with him
"within the past few years because of racist, homophobic
"and sexist things he's said on and offstage."
Now, later on Thursday,
we saw Gillis kind of apologize on Twitter, writing,
"I'm a comedian who pushes boundaries.
"I sometimes miss.
"If you go through my 10 years of comedy, most of it bad,
"you're going to find a lot of bad misses.
"I'm happy to apologize to anyone
"who's actually offended by anything I've said.
"My intention is never to hurt anyone
"but I am trying to be the best comedian I can be
"and sometimes that requires risks."
Although I will note with those
that were not happy with Gillis here,
there were criticisms because it's not like a lot
of this was from 10 years ago,
with a number of them being from the past two years
and notably the most recent,
seemingly, at least according to reports,
is that Andrew Yang clip from May.
The main point, the reactions and the debate,
they continued over the weekend until yesterday
when you had SNL put out a statement saying,
"After talking with Shane Gillis,
"we have decided that he will not be joining SNL
"We want SNL to have a variety of voices
"and points of view within the show,
"and we hired Shane on the strength of his talent
"as a comedian and his impressive audition for SNL.
"The language he used is offensive,
"hurtful and unacceptable.
"We are sorry that we did not see these clips earlier,
"and that our vetting process was not up to our standard."
Right, so you have the show pulling Gillis's offer.
You then had Gillis making another statement, writing,
"It feels ridiculous for comedians
"to be making serious public statements, but here we are.
"I'm a comedian who was funny enough to get SNL
"That can't be taken away.
"Of course I wanted an opportunity to prove myself at SNL,
"but I understand it would be too much of a distraction.
"I respect the decision they made.
"I'm honestly grateful for the opportunity.
"I was always a mad TV guy anyway."
And among the people responding to this news,
we saw former cast members and an SNL host chime in.
You had Sandra Oh, who hosted the show
earlier this year, saying,
"Glad to see @nbcsnl decision
"to not legitimize/give platform
"to purveyors of racist homophobic content.
"Lazy ass unoriginal."
You also had the likes of David Spade
talking about the oust with guests
on his Comedy Central late night show.
Notably there you had those guests bringing up
SNL's past history with racist skits,
with them specifically referencing
John Belushi portraying a Samurai back in the 70s.
In the 90s, you had Mike Myers playing a host
on a Japanese game show skit
where people cut off their fingers,
and with Spade himself saying.
- I think when I was younger on SNL,
when you get hired,
the first move wasn't to rifle through your past
to make sure you get fired right away.
- You also had Rob Schneider,
who was on the show in the 90s, saying,
"Dear Shane Gillis,
"As a former SNL cast member,
"I am sorry that you had the misfortune
"of being a cast member during this era
"of cultural unforgiveness
"where comedic misfires are subject
"to the intolerable inquisition of those
"who never risked bombing on a stage themselves."
Notably there, he was challenged
by another user who wrote,
"But he knew what he was doing.
"He wasn't treading the line, he was crossing it.
"He was using derogatory and racist language
"on a public platform.
"He should accept the consequences and learn from it."
To which Rob Schneider responded,
"I felt sad when I saw the clip.
"But I was even more sad that he went there
"and it wasn't funny.
"Just an ugly conversation.
"He has the right to say it,
"cancel culture is wrong but people have the right
"to call racist things racist as well."
And soon after adding, "Last thought on this.
"There's a difference between exposing truths
"through Free Speech and just being ugly.
"It's not okay to say racist things
"under the guise of comedy.
"Just because you have a mic in your hand
"doesn't make the racist things you say any less racist."
Following those comments, we saw a number of users
sharing old photos of Rob Schneider
dressed as people from different cultures.
All right, so people seemingly saying,
"Who are you to criticize?"
Also, very notably, you had Andrew Yang
jumping into the mix,
with Yang saying on Twitter,
"Shane, I prefer comedy that makes people think
"and doesn't take cheap shots.
"But I'm happy to sit down and talk with you if you'd like.
"I think we have, as a society,
"become excessively punitive and vindictive
"concerning people's statements and expressions
"we disagree with or find offensive.
"I don't think people should be losing jobs
"unless it's truly beyond the pale and egregious."
And then also adding,
"It's also the case that anti-Asian racism
"is particularly virulent
"because it's somehow considered more acceptable.
"If Shane had used the N word,
"the treatment would likely be immediate and clear."
And it appears that that message
may have resonated with Gillis
because Yang has said that the two
will be sitting down with each other.
And so that's where we are right now,
but with all of that said,
I pass the question off to you.
What are your thoughts on this?
Do you think it was right or SNL is smart in removing Gillis
or do you think it's maybe hypocritical
that SNL is getting rid of Gillis given their past,
or is it not, because the sketches being referenced
are decades old?
Yeah, I'd love to know your thoughts on this.
I mean, as far as how this goes forward,
I know that I've seen a lot of people cheering
that Gillis isn't getting this job,
they think that it's gonna be bad for his career.
I really don't think so.
This has potentially given him way more attention
than he would have gotten
as being kind of just one of the new guys on SNL.
He's been gaining followers since this started.
He could definitely ride this wave of people
that see this as PC culture run amok.
I mean, I would honestly be surprised
if this whole situation doesn't get him
thrust onto The Joe Rogan Experience
and/or maybe some other large podcast,
but there's definitely gonna be an audience for him,
especially if other comedians like Tony Hinchcliffe,
who has vouched for how funny Shane is, are correct.
Yeah, I guess give it enough time, we'll see,
but of course, once again,
I'd love to know your thoughts on this.
But from that, I wanna share some stuff I love today
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And the first bit of Awesome today
is if you're looking for some extra news after today's show,
we did a brand new Deep Dive.
Not gonna tell you what it's about,
but the words controversial and sperm bank
are in the title.
So yeah, after today's show, maybe check it out.
Also, a little tease, tomorrow's brand new podcast
is a podcast with our guest Liza Koshy,
who's a fun time.
Here's a clip that's not in that video.
- Just do the mouth wipe.
(Philip sighs)
I think you do do that.
You do this, don't you?
- [Woman] All the time.
- What are you talking about?
- You literally do the mouth wipe.
When dudes go like...
- No.
- You just put the news on it
and expect us not to realize what you're doing, fuckboy?
Just kidding! (Liza laughs)
Are we doing it?
We're doing it. - We got the official trailer
for Big Mouth Season 3,
the trailer for In The Tall Grass,
How to Drink gave us Monica's Tiki Death Punch from Friends,
we had Bill Nye answering science questions from Twitter,
and of course, finally we have two Phil.Chrono.gg
Partner Games of the Day today.
And if you wanna see the full versions
of everything I just shared, the Secret Link of the Day,
really anything at all,
links as always are in the description down below.
Then in interesting internetty/mainstream business news,
we had Lilly Singh.
And Lilly Singh, if you don't know,
is a longtime YouTube creator, a popular creator,
and you may remember when we last reported on this,
she got a Late Night show with NBC.
And the reason we're talking about it today
is that it launched last night.
And, as one might expect, there are a number of reactions.
You know, we saw praise and support
from a number of her fans, you know,
excited that she was kind of shaking up Late Night,
excited that, because she's different
from what we've seen from Late Night,
she can tell different jokes.
Also support from fellow creators
like Timothy DeLaGhetto, Adelaine Morin, iJustine.
You also had articles popping up,
like this one from the Metro, with the headline,
"Lilly Singh takes down the boys club
"in the premiere of her talk show A Little Late,"
Mashable giving us, "Lilly Singh's feminist music video
"slays late night stereotypes on the first A Little Late,"
but at the same time there was criticism
of the show and content,
with some of the top comments on the videos
that they posted to YouTube reading,
"Wow, race bait much?
"This was disappointing but more so disturbing,"
"That was unfunny and extremely uncreative."
Another writing and asking,
"All the jokes are based on color?
"On her first episode?
"Was it deliberately written by a saboteur of hers?"
And then some who seemed supportive
but felt like the content fell short.
You know, as far as that content,
it included a kind of a skit and rap at the beginning.
♪ Hello, my name is Lilly and I ain't a white man ♪
♪ My skin got some color and it ain't a spray tan ♪
♪ I know you used to only Jimmies in the spotlight ♪
♪ But I'mma throw some melanin up in your Late Night. ♪
- She also had an opening monologue.
- But I get it, because it's also tough for you.
Listen, I understand that for some people,
(coughs) white people,
seeing someone like me host a show is terrifying.
- She also had Mindy Kaling on as a guest.
- I am so thrilled to be your first guest.
Only for you would I be here at 1:30 in the morning.
I don't know who's watching my child,
and I don't care.
- Rainn Wilson also hopped by.
- What is that?
I don't recognize that sound.
- It's Birkenstocks!
It's Birkenstocks walking across the floor of an REI
to go buy a Patagonia jacket.
It's a white noise machine.
- Okay, I get it.
- Right, and I'll link to the videos
they have up on their YouTube channel
so you can come to your own conclusions
based on the full content,
but, as far as my personal opinion on it,
I'm reserving it for the kind of first one to three months.
If you're a fan of Late Night shows,
even daytime shows,
where a show is now compared to where it started,
it's usually vastly different.
Right at the beginning, it's about one,
introducing yourself, differentiating yourself
from other people in the marketplace,
three, establishing the content,
figuring out what works, what doesn't work,
what feels more comfortable, authentic.
Right, and I say that because I believe at this moment,
it could be incredibly easy to criticize something
as being one-note, but if you kind of pull back,
right, the picture becomes bigger.
I see this as kind of the first note in a much larger song.
Granted, time may reveal that the song is one-note,
but I guess, to kind of close out this analogy,
I guess I'm just waiting for the beat to drop
before I also drop an opinion.
That said, from a just pure analytics,
marketing, business standpoint, I am so fascinated.
I mean, you have a lot of people kind of crapping
on this show, because they're like,
it's on at 1:30 in the morning.
It's not a big deal.
But it really is.
You know, yes, on TV, you're gonna have live viewership,
but the whole system has evolved.
You know, whether it be someone watching on TV,
you know, they DVR it,
when they wake up, they watch it, or YouTube.
Probably the most symbiotic relationship
we've seen evolve has been Late Night and YouTube.
I have watched more Late Night TV
thanks to YouTube than ever before.
They chop up the content, they upload it to YouTube,
they give you the ultimate a la carte experience,
each piece having the potential to blow up.
With Lilly Singh and this show,
that is more apparent than ever,
since they actually premiered it on YouTube
before it aired on TV.
Yeah, I guess the main point here is I'm excited
to see the successes and failures that stem from this
and just how the ecosystem in general changes.
And then let's talk about the big General Motor strike,
which if you do not know, is entering its second day.
It is a very massive deal in the auto-industry,
and that's because, in addition
to there being nearly 50,000 employees that are striking,
and reports saying that that could cost the company
up to $90 million a day,
it's also because this is the first strike
led by US autoworkers since 2007.
Notably that strike was also led by GM workers,
lasting about three days.
But that said, as far as the strike now,
which is taking place across dozens of factories
and facilities in nine states,
it reportedly started because, over the weekend,
GM and the United Automobile Workers Union
couldn't settle on a collective bargaining agreement
and the UAW's Vice President, Terry Dittes,
announced they would not be extending
the current agreement from 2015
that expired on Saturday night,
and that's reportedly because the workers' requests
were not met in their negotiations
and in the statement he said,
"While we are fighting for better wages,
"affordable quality health care, and job security,
"GM refuses to put hard-working Americans
"ahead of their record profits of $35 billion
"in North America over the last three years.
"We are united in our efforts to get an agreement
"our members and their families deserve."
Union leaders then met and planned a strike,
starting Sunday at midnight,
with employees demanding fair wages,
affordable healthcare,
their share of profits, job security,
a defined path to permanent seniority for temps.
And following the demands or the requests,
whatever you want to call it, GM responded,
and in fact on Sunday they publicly shared this offer,
which they said would give over $7 billion in investments
and over 5400 jobs.
It would also boost wages and benefits,
with wage or lump sum increases
in every year of the four-year contract,
an improved profit-sharing formula,
and new coverage for things like autism therapy,
chiropractic care and allergy testing.
But obviously, because we're talking about it today,
GM workers, or at least the Union,
they still wanted more,
as they proceeded with the strike,
with Dittes adding in a statement,
"We stood up for General Motors when they needed us most.
"Now we are standing together in unity and solidarity
"for our Members, their families
"and the communities where we work and live."
And yesterday we also saw GM saying that negotiations
were back on the table with the UAW,
with the company saying,
"Our goal remains to reach an agreement
"that builds a stronger future for our employees
"and our business."
And with all of this happening,
we've seen a fair amount of support behind the workers,
with numerous politicians tweeting out,
applauding the workers,
with the likes of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
tweeting, "Incredibly inspired by GM's almost 50,000 workers
"for having the courage to strike
"for the dignified work they deserve.
"In a time of record profits,
"workers should prosper, not suffer.
"That's why unions play a key role
"in an economy that works for everyone."
The Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang tweeting,
"Unions and the UAW have been a force for worker equity
"and fair treatment for decades
"even as our economy has grown more inhuman and punishing.
"GM should value its workers fairly
"and compensate them what they deserve."
And I mean, as far as how the employees are doing now,
'cause, right, we talked about the consequence
for the company, but there are consequences
for the employees.
For example, according to a Fox Business report,
strikers have to wait until day 15
to receive their Assistance Pay,
which is a pay that strikers can receive
from the Union while they're striking
and not at their jobs,
but a key note there is, reportedly,
that comes to just $250 a week,
which would barely cover rent in Detroit,
which is the city that hosts a lot of GM's employees.
And regarding that, one employee told Fox Business
that the one thing she's afraid of,
"is that we might be here for a while,
"and we can't make it on $250 a week.
"You know, GM might not want to budge.
"So I'm just here trying to prove a point, that's it."
Ultimately, that's where we are with this story right now.
It's gonna be interesting to see
how long this strike will last.
This, of course, has the potential to be devastating
to both sides, obviously to different degrees.
And so, of course, like with everything we talk about,
I'd love to know your thoughts on this.
And that's where I'm going to end today's show.
And hey, if you liked jumping into it with me today,
let us know, hit that Like button.
Also, if you're new here,
be sure to hit that Subscribe button,
definitely click that bell to turn on notifications.
Also, if you're not 100% Phil'd in,
you wanna watch some more,
we got a brand new Deep Dive you can check out,
or maybe you just missed yesterday's Philip DeFranco Show,
you wanna catch up,
you can click or tap right there to watch either of those.
But, with that said, of course, as always,
my name's Philip DeFranco,
you've just been Phil'd In,
I love yo faces and I'll see you tomorrow.


HO! Shane Gillis Andrew Yang SNL爭議,Lilly Singh的綜合評論和GM Strike (UHOH! Shane Gillis Andrew Yang SNL Controversy, Lilly Singh's Mixed Reviews, & The GM Strike)

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