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-And I'll tell you this.
Most Americans -- It's common sense.
If you need a license to drive a car,
you should have a license to buy and possess a firearm.
This is about gun safety.
This is about lives being lost every single day.
This is about what kind of leader will you be.
Will you stand apart from the American people
or will you join 75%,
80% of us who believe in doing the common-sense
things that will protect -- -The comparison's always made --
you need a license to drive a car.
They're state licenses.
You don't need a federal license to drive a car.
And so what we should be doing is doing first things first.
Let's have more states do what
Connecticut has done and California
and other states have done, because you can get that done.
You will get that done.
-You ought to have a license for owning a deadly weapon.
And what I'm finding is --
My in-laws are a pretty good barometer on this.
Gun owners get that this is common sense.
You're used to getting a hunting license
and a fishing license and a driver's license.
How about a license for access to firearms?
-We should be licensing all guns.
I mean, guns are obviously
as deadly and destructive as vehicles,
so if we're licensing motor vehicles,
we should be licensing firearms.
And then you have levels based upon
the destructive capability of those firearms.
-Ensuring that there's the ability,
that there's a unique marker
so that we're better able to track ammunition
when it's part of a crime scene, you know,
and make the job of investigators easier.
I think that when you combine that with gun licensing
and investing in other programs that will help solve gun crime
that too often these days goes unsolved --
because the clearance rate in a lot of American communities
is still very low --
that we can get better about solving gun-related crime.


在槍支論壇上,2020年民主黨人呼籲建立許可製度 (At gun forum, 2020 Democrats amp up calls for licensing system)

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王惟惟 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 13 日
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