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Hey. Welcome back to another episode of Twoset Violin.
Today we'll be reviewing...
(cough) roasting (cough)
...reviewing (cough)
a Netflix movie called
- Now... Oh wait. - It's called "The Perfection," not "Perfectionist."
The Perfection!
Oh, my god.
Now, this movie features
a lot of cello playing.
And we figured, we probably don't know enough
to get into that real juicy roast.
So, of course...
We decided not to just get a professional cellist,
but world-class soloists!
Brett: Kian and Pablo are here with us!
(all) Yay!
If you don't believe us, check them out online.
They're legit, they're really good.
We're really curious to see what you guys have to say.
Umm, because
the movie's about two
uh, older...
I guess soloists, prodigies.
Kinda like you guys, actually.
Eddy: But in a movie, well...
Yeah, some things are legit,
some things weren't so much, but -
- Let's see, let's see. - I have no idea what's coming, actually.
Disclaimer, we literally have no idea
- what's coming. Like, really none. - Yeah, at this point.
I'm worried and, uh,
- All right, let's do the first scene. - Here we go, guys.
- They definitely have some education, no? - Yeah.
Sounds real, no?
Can I, can I pause it for a second?
Like, can you see that red banner on the back?
So, it actually says in Chinese:
Ohh, okay.
I always say that.
"One minute onstage
equals ten years of practice offstage."
What do you guys think?
Is that true?
What did he say? I didn't hear the question.
It was...can you say it in Chinese?
I don't understand it in English.
Your Chinese is more clear than your Australian.
My English sucks!
One minute onstage
is worth more than 10,000 hours offstage?
- No no no - - What?!
It takes 10 years of practice offstage
for 1 minute onstage.
It depends which minute, though.
No, maybe not 10 years,
but definitely...
It's pushing it a bit with the statement.
You're a beginner and you're playing an easy piece,
an easy piece that's a minute long,
you can, I guess you can learn it in a couple of months.
Imagine learning like a 30-minute concerto.
And that's like, 30 years to practice that concerto.
So now, what they mean of course is...
You need to prepare a lot for each concert. It makes sense.
But of course, it's kind of exaggerated.
It is true that...
After you played something it gets better, no? Onstage?
Yeah, of course.
- You get a lot of experience by performing. - Yeah.
- Kian: It's extremely important. - Eddy: Mmm!
The crucial part of learning is
being on stage and
maybe messing up.
I have a theory that you need to mess
everything up onstage -
- Once, at least? - Once,
before you never mess it up again.
- I mean, that's what happened actually. - You have to try it at least.
- You have to really try it. - You have to go for it,
and if something mi—
You miss something,
then you won't miss it next time.
Guys, this was meant to be a roast,
but it's becoming like a masterclass for you guys.
- Yeah guys. - This is golden advice!
- No one ever does that! - That's so— What is—?!
No one ever...!
- What's that? - What?
When someone is in the audience like,
I've seen, uh...
conducting in the audience.
- Yeah, yeah. - Someone is always conducting like,
- Sure. Sure you're - - That's such -
It's such a movie thing!
- Haha, yeah. - Just relax,
and enjoy the performance, like...
But actually, I think all of these, uh...
- They all play. They all sorta play. - ...kids are actual cellists.
- They're actually cellists. - Yeah.
Or in case, if we are wrong,
- then they're superb actors. - Then they're amazingly trained.
- I see! - Yeah.
But they did look like
they know what they're doing.
But the guy, the guy doesn't.
The guy who was doing this?
- Oh really - - They're acting, yeah.
Yeah, just like,
The girl on the left is going to win.
Woman: She's brilliant.
Woman: Leaves the other two in the dust.
If you wanna talk, I'm okay.
But don't sit in the first row...
...and start talking, like...
- "They're great!" - "Yeah!"
Brett: Yeah!
"This one, not so good. But this one—"
You can talk in like, you know,
fifth, sixth row, and then—
But first row and talking is, for me,
it's extremely distracting, actually,
- if I play... - Wow, that's the worst.
Anything you do, we see.
- Kian: Any movement. - Brett, Eddy: Mmm.
And it's so discouraging,
- when they start reading your biography. - And we're...
- Brett: Ohh. - Pablo: We see, and we mi—
And we overinterpret.
Not to mention, can I just add to like,
just the idea that she's like,
"Oh, the one on the left is going to win."
And she's like,
- one meter away from the performers, you know? - I know!!
And she can totally hear you.
Yeah, everyone can hear you as well.
A quick question.
What gave it away for you guys,
that they're real, educated cellists?
Position of their right hand, left hand,
it was clearly in the right place.
Everything was in the right place.
You can always tell by the angle of the hand,
like it's weird, the way they hold their bow and...
Actually, they have...
the posture, everything is right.
- Kian: You can tell immediately. - Eddy: Oooh.
- Well let's see then, - Mhm.
'cause this next scene...
I don't know about their posture.
Oh, my god the...
Already I can tell—!
- Wait, what? Already! - What do you mean by already you can tell?
Everything. It's way too far away, like
the... the neck of the cello is so distant!
- I mean, when I play at least, - This scroll is very low, huh?
- Most cellists I've seen, it shouldn't touch your body like that. - I mean the head of the cello.
Yeah, that's too low.
Ahh, yeah yeah yeah yeah!
- Yeah, okay. - I can see that.
It's way too low. And for the other one it's way too high.
So let's not judge before they start playing,
Maybe they're like, incredible cellists.
- Yeah. - Maybe, maybe.
(both) What?!
They're already laughing!
What's up with the noise?!
And then,
Have you guys ever done a...
backwards concert,
where you're onstage,
and the audience is standing in front of you like that?
Actually— Standing, no.
Sitting, yeah. I've done a concert where
it was in a gigantic concert hall,
and it was just a recital so they...
Smart choice, decided to turn the whole thing around.
And the audience was sitting.
Sitting, but it makes—
Why are they standing? Like...
Yeah, I don't know why they're standing!
So menacing.
Well, this looks already wrong, no?
Yeah, it's the bow. You can see.
Yeah, of course.
Well but at least it's in the position though, they're not...
I mean, you could—
You can see they practiced.
- I mean - - But there's so many indications immediately.
It's like, the vibrato does not at all match...
...ah, what she does.
Like, the one on the left.
She played like an A harmonic.
With the fingers.
But it was sounding
Like some opera singer.
HUGE vibrato!
When it was, she was just doing a harmonic(s).
So that, uh...
Unfortunately, those are little things that
- But at least it's in the same area, though. - ...immediately give it away.
- You know - - Yeah.
So most people wouldn't notice.
- I think it's just us. - Yeah.
We know the little details, that's why.
Good fingerings, actually, I mean...
Standard fingering.
Would you do the same fingerings?
- I... would completely. I trained them. - Absolutely.
Apparently, these are actresses that
- didn't play an instrument before. - Mhmm.
So they actually had to learn.
And hats off, because it, I mean...
- It looks very real. - It's impressive for the fact that they
had to learn it. Very impressive.
The bow is...
Always a giveaway.
Is a red bow hair a thing for cellos?
Have you guys seen that before?
- Ooh. No, I've never seen that before. - The what, the what?
The red bow hair.
No, I've never seen it.
I think the slow parts, they can...
pull it off, no?
As soon as it gets having faster,
it's harder to...
To fake it.
It's, it's hard, yeah.
There are little, little giveaways.
Also, the position of the thumb in the left hand.
She was, like floating with her thumb.
- Brett: Oh yeah! It's hanging! - Eddy: Yeah! It's just hanging!
But there is—
I actually had some teachers who,
who advised to do that.
Also, she's doing it in the fast parts.
OH!! It is just... floating.
That's like the violin on the thumb.
Cellists have their thumbs there,
violins is the same.
Sometimes we hold it like this.
Again, I think it's impressive.
- It was very good, yeah. - There must have been so many hours of them
being able to synchronize it.
But yeah. It's the bow,
it's the bow arm, it's too stiff.
You would have to be more relaxed to sound like that, actually.
I mean, it's impressive,
- how you— How you can even - - Having the notes.
How you can even fake it. It's impressive.
Because the notes are all actually in the right position.
That's... remarkable.
- Remarkable. - Also this.
Even the— She plays the right intervals, and everything.
- Kind of the right notes, I mean. - The bowing seemed a bit weird just then, right?
It was legato, but...
- That's incredible! - She was doing separate.
I would say it's quite incredible.
It's actually incredibly hard to like, just
memorize that, without knowing what you're doing.
Yes, the vibrato is a problem.
The fingers are—
- Position of the fingers, yeah. - Very soft, no?
- You could— She could never get a sound like that. - Very soft...
Yeah, with that—
- Could have done much more strength with the cello. - She has no real contact with the...
- with the string. - Oooh.
That gives it away.
Bow is harder than the left hand, no?
It would make it realistic, yeah that's true.
- It's super stiff— The right hand is too stiff. - The length of the... And the length of the notes.
Oh yeah, the length of the notes
- are different as well. - Yeah.
- The bow, like - - Yeah. ♪ La, so ♪
And then it,
But, in any case...
Respect. I think it's incredibly impressive.
Especially left hand synchronization with the notes.
However, of course, as a cellist I can tell.
But it's good to see cello, um...
...in a movie. Nice. It was for the instrument, I guess.
Why are cellists better than violinists?
The actors?
Maybe it's—
Cello is more natural,
because you're just sitting.
You're already doing something right, no? By sitting normally.
Violin, it -
- Yeah. - That's -
Man, that's something else.
To really be convincing as a violinist
- is hard. - Yeah, it can look weird, no?
The... neck thing
- over - - It's, it's mostly also
- the right hand that looks so weird - And the hand.
...when violinists try to -
Which instruments do you guys think
would be the easiest to fake?
- Piano. - Oooh!!
Piano, because you don't have to show the hands.
You don't have to show the hands,
so that's the most, uh...
Movies use that trick, of course,
- is they show the - - That's true.
They show everything until here.
And then when they cut to the hands,
they use a different, uhh... like,
a "stunt double."
It's pretty cool that they...
That these actress, them both,
they tried to hit
the notes, actually, no?
- Because they didn't have to. - And they do.
Good fingering, good note,
I mean, the note with its—
Good fingering though, that...
- I'm impressed. - Yeahh!
Maybe for the next movie, Allison, you're doing,
- hit us up. - Yeah!
- Yeah! - I see great potential.
We give you the final little like,
nuances that will make you like,
fool even...
Any cellist in the world.
- Wow. - That's it, guys.
- Eddy: That's amazing. - Kian: I think you did a great job.
- Yeah, fantastic. Bravo. - What do you think?
Great job.
Dude, I'm impressed that they tried,
- like, they actually got it. - Yeah.
Like, just 'cause I like—
The reason I wanted you guys was 'cause
I could tell that it wasn't perfect.
But I wasn't sure,
and I was kinda like, expecting you guys to like...
fully just roast them.
But I'm actually genuinely impressed that you guys said that—
How close they are to...
being legit.
Pretty close. I mean,
that's as close as you can get without -
- Without training... 20 years. - Without having... Practice for 20 years. Yeah.
Do you guys have anything you want to say?
TwoSet Violin is
...the sh*t.
I like how we say that in your channel.
They're already watching you anyway!
- So go follow us, actually. - Oh yeah! Yeah.
Pablo and Kian.
- We'll put their details in the description box. - We'll put - Yeah.
Go check them out.
If you wanna critique our cello playing
and tell us if we look legit or not.
Alright, guys.
Thank you guys so much for watching.
Thanks for having us.
Please subscribe and we'll see you guys
next time!


雙琴俠Reviewing Cello Playing in "The Perfection" (feat. Kian Soltani and Pablo Ferrández) (Reviewing Cello Playing in "The Perfection" )

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