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  • How do you speak in front of a big crowd? You're in front of five hundred, or a thousand,

  • or three thousand people. How do you do it?

  • Here's the secret: it's no different than speaking to one person. Now, I understand

  • it feels different. It feels scary. But here's the secret great speakers have. It doesn't

  • matter if you love Ronald Reagan as a speaker, or Bill Clinton, or Tony Blair. All different

  • speakers, different styles, different politics, but here's one thing they have in common.

  • When they're speaking or were speaking to ten thousand people, or speaking to two people,

  • they sounded exactly the same.

  • So, here's the big secret when it comes to talking to large audiences: don't change yourself.

  • Because most of us, when we're speaking to one friend or two buddies at lunch, we're

  • animated. We're engaging, we're telling stories, and we're giving examples. Our hands are moving.

  • Our face is moving.

  • We get in front of a large audience, and all the things we do that worked for us, all the

  • things that were interesting that made us easy to listen to, we take that, we ball it

  • up, and we throw it in the trash can. And we put on this fake persona, my fellow delegates

  • it's an honor to be here today. We become stiff and we become wooden. Our voice goes

  • flat. We tense up. We grab a lectern. All these things we do because we're scared. The

  • problem is, as much as I love crutches, these crutches don't prop us up. They bring us down.

  • They make us worse.

  • So, you've got to simply tell yourself you're talking to one person. You've got to use that

  • tone of voice. Because these days if you're speaking to a large room of people chances

  • are you're going to have a microphone, so you don't have to speak like this because

  • that's really annoying. You speak in a conversational tone of voice.

  • Here's the other trick: your eye contact. What a lot of people do is they're like this

  • the whole time. They may be moving, but they have this glazed look in their eye. You don't

  • want to do that. Or, they just zoom in here, zoom in here, and here. It's too mechanical.

  • What you want to do is just look at one spot. Ideally, if you can see people, look at one

  • person for a full thought. That's only five seconds or so. Go to another person in a different

  • part of the audience. Pretend you're having a one on one conversation with that person

  • for a full thought. And mix it up. That will make it more relaxing for you. You'll sound

  • like you're talking to one person. And it'll keep your head from bouncing around and looking

  • nervous and scared.

  • The other final tip is, it's one of those things, the more you do it the easier it gets.

  • Seek out opportunities to speak in front of large groups. Don't be one of these people

  • that says, well I could speak to one person, or I can speak to two people, or I can speak

  • sitting in a boardroom, but I'm not a public speaker so I can't. Baloney. If you've ever

  • had one interesting conversation with one person in your entire life you already have

  • all the skills you need to be a great public speaker in front of ten thousand people.

How do you speak in front of a big crowd? You're in front of five hundred, or a thousand,


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如何在大庭廣眾之下演講|公眾演講|如何在大庭廣眾之下演講? (How to Speak in Front of a Big Crowd | Public Speaking)

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