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So the Albertsons were the last family I babysat for and their number is also in my references.
Well, we are planning a beach vacation and we're looking to hire someone to watch our Lily.
How old is she?
She just turned 30.
Wow, you both look so young.
Oh my goodness, no no.
She is not our child.
She's the baby of our friend group.
Is the Wi-Fi working for you guys?
Is it on airplane mode?
Ohh, mmhmm.
She's so cute.
She's technically an adult, but she has the practical life skills of a toddler.
That can be tough.
I mean we love her, you know, we really do and we want her to come with.
But it's, uh, it's been a little hard to travel when she doesn't know how to make a reservation at a restaurant or load a dishwasher.
Never responds to email threads?
Always arrives late, if at all?
Only knows how to cook eggs?
Every time she insists she can cook dinner for us, it's always dry (bleep) eggs!
That's very, very normal for the baby of the friend group.
How unprepared do you think she is for the trip this week?
Who knows? Hold on, I'll see.
Lily, do you know where we're going this week?
- Oh, good. - Yeah.
Do you know which beach?
There's more than one beach?
Yes, there's more than one beach in Los Angeles.
We're going to Santa Monica.
We told her.
And what are you bringing for your trip?
And toothbrush.
And what else, just the brush?
Or are you gonna want some toothpaste, too?
Can't I just borrow theirs?
Hell no.
The last time she used up all my Colgate Max White for Men and my mouth smelled like a trashcan instead of like, you know, a man.
She used my expensive face sunscreen on her entire body.
- I didn't know. - And I got sunburnt!
Okay, I'll bring my own pastes and lotions.
And don't you think you want to bring a swimsuit?
I can't find mine.
Oh my goodness.
Lillian, we got you a swimsuit last year!
- It's lime green so she wouldn't lose it. - Oh!
Where is it?
I'm wearing it!
Lily no.
Pants on.
She's like pushing boundaries.
Are you wearing your bathing suit because you ran out of clean underwear?
But, it's my second time wearing it when I do it all inside out so it's good as new.
She smells.
I could smell that.
You guys are being so mean!
Laundry's really hard!
Please stop whining!
I have an idea of something that could help.
To be separated by color, I just wanna do one...
I know.
What about this?
Why didn't I think of that?
Here you go.
It's Fireball.
You really get her.
You're hired!
She's sweet.
I'm hungry.
Do you guys want eggs?
Oh, you know what, I got this.
Come on, you're hungry?
Come here and have a sip.
Here, try to get on there.
This freaky (bleep) always happens when you try to hire a babysitter for your adult child.
She latched.
It's Lily.
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Did you do the math from earlier and if you did, can you tell me how much it was?
Cause I'm bad with numbers.
Five and, five times one...



你的朋友有這樣的人嗎?每個朋友群裡都有個需要保母的幼稚鬼 (The Baby of the Friend Group)

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