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Hello, everyone. I'm George.
And today, I'm going to share four tips with you to improve your grammar.
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Tip number one: Context.
Try to study natural English by using authentic materials.
These could be films, TV shows, books, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, games.
Anything that a native speaker would use.
Just make sure that you're interested in the materials themselves to keep yourself motivated.
For example, you might read about your favourite band, listen to a film review podcast, or change the language settings of your favourite video game.
(Speaking Korean) I'm a friendly robot, so please don't shoot me.
What does that mean?
Shoot the robot?
Shoot the robot.
(Speaking Korean) I said I was a friendly robot.
While using these materials, you can note down any unfamiliar grammar structures and then either look them up online or ask a friend or a teacher to help you.
Tip number two: Practice.
Make some example sentences and post them onto language exchange apps or websites to get free corrections.
You can also help someone learn your native language, too.
Tip number three: Memorize.
It's easy to forget the grammar structures you've studied.
But you can help yourself by creating flashcards.
Fortunately, there are plenty of websites and apps out there that assist you in creating digital cards that you can store and review on your phone.
I'd recommend adding a picture and making an example sentence that's relevant to you to make it more memorable.
I used to be in a band.
I used to be in a band.
Good times.
Or if you're a technophobe, you can create physical flashcards.
Tip number four: Invest in a good study book.
To add some structure to your English studies, consider investing in a good study book.
One that I would recommend is English Grammar In Use, Fifth Edition.
It has clear explanations, natural examples, and plenty of opportunities for you to practise.
There's also an index at the back of the book for you to look up any unknown grammar structures, and a quick test to help you work out which units you should study.
You could also download the English Grammar in Use Fifth Edition e-book, which is great for practicing pronunciation and for on-the-go learning.
You can find the link for the new Fifth Edition in the description below.
If you have any grammar tips of your own, please let me know in the comment section.
And don't forget to like the video and to subscribe to the channel.



文法好難!?四個加強文法的小撇步! (Tips to improve your grammar | Learn English with Cambridge)

3066 分類 收藏
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