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In this video, we want to show you how life is like in the winter here in Canada.
So cold!
One of the things people ask us about all the time is how we survive the winters in
It can get really cold up here depending on where you are.
Where I grew up, we got as low as -50, I've heard of temperatures reaching -70 in the
Arctic, and on average, we probably get -25, which is pretty cold, so people from warmer
climates especially, always ask us how we survive.
One of them is Karla's dad, he doesn't get how it works.
How do the pipes not freeze?
How do you stay warm at night?
How do you get to work? and how we don't freeze just stepping out the door?
Every house in Canada has a heater.
That's how we make it through the winter time.
This is the thermostat, which is how we control the heat.
So even though the outside right now is -20, inside is +23, and the heat comes up through
all of these vents that are all over the house and without them, I don't think we'd make
Thanks to the heat, you can pretty much wear anything inside your house.
You can even be naked and you're going to be nice and cozy.
But when you go outside, you need to be prepared, so first thing, you need to have a nice jacket
that keeps you warm.
Most of the jackets are made with down because it's a good insulator, then you need a scarf
to keep your neck warm and so the cold doesn't go in, and when it's very cold, you can cover
your nose and mouth from the cold and wind.
A toque and gloves.
So, one of the first parts that get cold for you is your ears and your fingers.
So it's nice to have them covered, and also your toes.
So, if you can have winter shoes, that's the best.
They're waterproof, so when there's snow outside, they don't get wet and then your feet get
wet and cold.
So that's nice.
And for those days that are very, very, very cold, you just dress in layers.
And some of those layers are like special underwear that have special technology to
keep you warm as well.
So, now that we're ready, we can take Maya for a walk.
Maya is a rescue dog from Cuba, and even our doggies need a coat to keep themselves warm,
isn't it Maya.
It's cold, look.
In Canada, we have to be prepared for the winter, so of course when it snows a lot,
you wouldn't be able to get out of your house, you wouldn't be able to drive your car, so
the city actually has special trucks that come and clear the snow, and then we're responsible
for our own house, so this is called a shovel.
Basically, you scoop up the snow like that and throw it to the side.
That's how you get out of your house.
And then, we're also responsible for the sidewalk in front of the house, so no one else slips.
Then we have an ice-pick, so sometimes there's actually ice underneath the snow, so then
you have to scrape it up like that.
Sometimes you have a broom if you want to really be clean about it.
And then if there's too much ice, we have salt or other kinds of chemicals, sometimes
there are even lava rocks now, you put those down and that helps to melt the ice so you
don't slip and fall.
So, this is kind of like daily life in the winter time and especially when you own a
Then you'll see here that we have a plug-in.
Something we do here is we actually plug in the cars, this is just an extension cord,
basically there's a plugin, we won't be able to find it right now because it's under the
trunk, but you plug in the car and basically keeps the engine warm, otherwise sometimes
when it gets -30 or -40, your car doesn't start.
And then you're stuck, so that helps make that happen, and then of course, as you can
imagine, sometimes you wake up to go to work in the morning and your car is covered in
So we just got a fresh snowfall and this is what the vehicle looks like in the morning.
So it's not actually that cold today, it's probably +, I mean -5 or something, but this
is what we gotta do in the mornings before going to work, or every time it snows.
It's actually a lot of snow.
Look at that.
Is it heavy?
No, it's like a light snow.
So, show them the item that you remove the snow with.
I think it's called a snow-brush.
But it basically has one side for taking off the snow like I've been doing, and this one
is if there's ice on the windshield, so on a colder day, you might get some ice so then
you gotta shave the ice off, or else you can't see out of the windshield.
Winter not only brings low temperatures but also a lot of fun activities.
One of the things I love about winter is the snow!
We hope you enjoyed this video and that we answered your question about what Canada is
like in the winter time.
If you have any other questions about Canada, please leave them in the comments below and
we'll try to answer them.
And if you like this video, don't forget to give us a thumbs up, hit subscribe, and we'll
see you in the next video!


WINTER IN CANADA! The Good, The Bad, and the Cold...

72 分類 收藏
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