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So when you put it in,
let's say this is your vagina.
Do you know much about menstruation, baby?
Menstruation, like period.
Do you know what this is?
Uh, uh.
What did they tell you in school?
Things, things is what they talked to me about.
Well, every month the uterus gets ready to grow a baby.
And each month she releases one of her ova, or ovums.
Our body needs to release some of the old fluids
in our body and it comes out somewhere special.
Once a month a female gets it because it's like ...
I learned this a long time ago.
But it comes out in kind of a little bit of
a bloody mess, kind of yucky.
Oooh eee!
But it's a part of life you gotta go through it.
Is the blood normal blood,
or is it a special type of blood?
The inside of the uterus gets really thick,
and warm and gushy, full of nutrients, so you bleed
for almost a week sometimes.
And there is bloating and cramping.
I'm not sure what these are like gauze or something.
It might be ...
But it's kind of like a diaper, but for women
and it's smaller.
Or maybe these are pads that she puts in her underwear.
Oh, there we go.
What makes you uncomfortable about it?
It's part of being a girl.
It's just...
It's part of being a grownup.
This one feels very big.
That's odd.
This is for like, maybe for a ...
Large lady.
Like if she's taking a trip or something.
I don't know what that is.
Do you know that one?
I think they're called tampons.
How do you use this?
Looking at it, that I don't know about, but this
I think I'm pretty sure you put this something
in this inside.
You insert in there.
You know.
How does this keep the blood out?
Do you know, I really don't know.
Do you like light it like dynamite?
This goes into the vagina, and then you push this in
this is called the applicator.
This is so when you're able to pull it out of your body.
Oh, that's so disgusting.
So, when you put it in your
That's so nasty.
When you put it in your vagina.
Oh Mom.
And she grabs it out this way.
This I don't know what this is.
And I've got to be honest with you, what is this?
It's a condom.
It's a condom?
I don't know what it is.
But you put it where your ...
Can you just not?
You put it where your chee chee is and you
put it where your vagina is and you pee in the cup.
You pee in the cup?
These are birth control pills,
my sister uses them all the time.
So it's something that we take when we're older,
and we have that special somebody
and we want to have sex
Have you heard the word sex before?


父母怎麼跟小孩解釋「月經」是怎麼回事 (Periods | Parents Explain | Cut)

54 分類 收藏
Helena 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 2 日    Karen 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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