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  • Welcome to Tokyo Tuesday if you're a regular viewer

  • Welcome back

  • Today we are back here in Tokyo right in a Asakusa and it is

  • coming of age day

  • What is today? Seijinshiki

  • Yes

  • Seijinshiki 20 years old

  • Thank you

  • Absolutely wonderful so today is coming of age day known as

  • Sei-jin Shiki right here in Tokyo it is one of the most beautiful days of the year

  • And you see all kinds of characters

  • That's not a 20 year old

  • Coming of age day is a special day for people in Japan which is basically anybody who has turned 20 years old within this year

  • comes out to celebrate

  • Their coming of age both men and women will get dressed up in kimono and hakama to celebrate the day

  • More often than not the days right with photographers will come out to capture the beauty of

  • the kimono and the energy of the area

  • Turning 20 in Japan is a really big deal, and it is celebrated as such has been

  • Celebrated almost as long as Japan's history this celebration has gone on for literally

  • thousands of years

  • Maybe 1,000 1.5 a long time. It's held on the second Monday of January

  • And not only do the people in their 20s come out to attend

  • But there is a ceremony where government officials come out and speak and basically congratulate everybody on entering the age of majority

  • Which is 20 years old here in Japan now long before I even started vlogging on YouTube

  • I had gone out and made a video about this right here in a sucks a couple years ago

  • The coming-of-age ceremony is one of great energy and excitement and is celebrated all over the place

  • two of my favorite locations to enjoy the ceremony are

  • meiji shrine

  • or right here in a Asakusa and

  • For regular viewers of the channel who might be wondering why i'm filming?

  • My phone instead of my camera you see you remember that trip that I just took to canada

  • Yeah, I kind of killed my camera as well as my lens and snap my microphone

  • It was a whole thing as you will notice that today's video

  • Was probably a lot shorter than the most

  • but really there's not much else to say about the coming-of-age ceremony is simply a beautiful piece of Japanese culture and

  • History not to mention a fantastic opportunity to get some beautiful videos or photo which

  • breaks my heart because my

  • Cuz I busted my camera, but there's always next year all that being said if you did enjoy the video

  • Please leave it a thumbs up don't forget to hit subscribe if you haven't already. We'll see you all really soon

Welcome to Tokyo Tuesday if you're a regular viewer


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日本東京淺草的 "成人節"。 (Coming of Age Day in Asakusa Tokyo Japan)

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