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  • You know, stock music always makes me feel so productive.


  • Hey there harmonically inclined homies, Trace here for DNews.

    哈囉朋友們,我是 DNews 的 Trace。

  • We all know music has the power to alter behaviours, like when Queen Bey makes you dance or Adele helps you work through a difficult breakup.

    我們都知道音樂能改變你的行為,像是 Queen Bey 能讓你起舞、Adele 能陪你度過分手的痛苦。

  • But music also helps us get through more mundane times, like the workday.


  • When I'm writing, I like to put on my headphones and pump up the jamslike Girl Talk or the "National Treasure" soundtrack.

    當我寫作時,我喜歡戴上耳機聽歌,例如 Girl Talk 或是 National Treasure 的原聲帶。

  • No judgement.


  • And that may not be such a bad thing.


  • A recent study in the Journal of Organizational Behavior took a close look at how music affects cooperation.


  • Researchers put 78 college students into two groups: one exposed to happy music, and the other to unhappy music.

    他們將 78 位大學生分成兩組,其中一組聽的是開心的音樂,另一組則聽些令人沮喪的音樂。

  • Now, before we go any further, we know "happy" is a pretty broad term, but according to these researchers they decided to add "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles; "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves.

    在開始之前,我們知道「開心」這個詞很廣泛,但這些研究家將 The Beatles 的 Yellow Submarine 和 Katrina 及 the Waves 的 Walking on Sunshine 加入歌單裡。

  • And, of course, the theme song from "Happy Days" that was all happy music.


  • And for unhappy music, they played songs from less familiar heavy metal bands.


  • Songs like "Smokahontas" by Attack Attack! and "You Ain't No Family" by Iwrestledabearonce.

    像是 Attack Attack! 的 Smokahontas 以及 Iwrestledabearonce 的 You Ain't No Family。

  • Cool band name, by the way.


  • Alright, back to the study.


  • Individuals had to decide how much money they wanted to put into a group pool and how much they wanted to keep for themselves.


  • To incentivize cooperation, money put into the pool would be multiplied one and a half times before being split evenly.


  • The results showed that contributions into the pool were about one-third higher with happy music than with unhappy music.


  • And listening to music you like is not just good for group work.


  • A music therapy expert at the University of Miami conducted a study with 56 computer developers who were asked to keep a detailed music log.

    邁阿密大學的一位音樂治療專家找來了 56 位電腦開發者寫下詳細的音樂日誌。

  • In the log, participants recorded how they felt before and after listening to music, how long they listened, and their musical selections.


  • The log was then compared to their overall quality of work.


  • The results showed that developers came up with better ideas, plus they worked better and faster with music on.


  • Without music, they had poorer work quality overall.


  • So, music may make you more cooperative and increase your productivity, but there is also evidence that it can sometimes have a negative effect, depending on the task at hand of course.


  • One study at Florida Atlantic University observed 45 students to see how fast they wrote essays with or without music.

    佛羅里達的大西洋大學觀察了 45 位學生在有音樂和沒有音樂的狀況下寫作文的速度。

  • The results showed that those who listened to music while writing wrote slower by an average of 60 words per hour, concluding that music may actually be distracting when doing something as cognitive as essay writing.

    結果顯示那些邊聽邊寫的每小時平均慢了 60 個字,這可以得知在做一些像寫作這種認知作業時,音樂可能會讓人分心。

  • So when it comes to music in the workplace, remember that there are as many variables as there are different musical genres.


  • Not only should you consider happy versus unhappy music -- whatever that may be for you -- but also consider what it is you actually do at work.


  • If you're going through a vacation's worth of junk email, go ahead and turn on those beats!


  • But if you're trying to meet a tight deadline on a quarterly report, silence just may be your best bet.


  • Understanding how music can affect you is not just good for getting work done, it's a profitable area of study.


  • Casinos also use music and different musical cues to keep you gambling and happy.


  • I learned that in "Casino Secrets" on DiscoveryGO.

    我在 DiscoveryGO 的《賭場秘密》學到的。

  • DiscoveryGo lets you watch your favorite Discovery shows on your phone or tablet.

    DiscoveryGo 能讓你在手機或筆電上收看你喜愛的 Discovery 節目。

  • Download it for free at your app store!

    趕快去 app 商店免費下載!

  • So just because "Yellow Submarine" was classified as "happy" music by some researchers doesn't necessary mean it's good music... or does it?

    單純因為某些研究家將 Yellow Submarine 視為「開心的」音樂,不代表這是首好歌...還是它其實是首好歌?

  • Is there a formula for good music?


  • Jules talks more about it here.

    主持人 Jules 會在這影片中談論。

  • Notes a fifth apart like C to G create a nice repeating pattern, and we call this consonance, but lower that G just a half step to F#, and suddenly the wave form pattern goes crazy, dodging, dipping, diving, ducking and dodging, and this is called dissonance.

    音符在相距五分之一的距離,例如 C 到 G,創建了一個很好的重複模式,我們稱此為諧音,但將 G 降低半調到 F#的時候,突然波形會變得瘋狂,避開、浸入、跳水、躲避和避開,這稱為不和諧。

  • What do you guys listen to when you want to get ish done?


  • Seriously, I am standing by this "National Treasure" Soundtrack.

    我認真覺得 National Treasure 的原聲帶很棒。

  • It's amazing for my brain


  • I mean I can't do a Nick Cage impression, but if I could I would.


You know, stock music always makes me feel so productive.


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