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  • Daniel : Yes, that's three in a row

    Daniel :耶,連贏三次了!

  • Anwar : Those are clearly teaming up. Adam : This is boring. Can we play something else or...

    Anwar :他們明明在作弊。 Adam :真無聊。我們能玩點別的什麼嗎......

  • Evelyn : I have a perfect game we can play

    Evelyn :喔 ! 我有一個很適合的遊戲

  • Evelyn : Okay, here it is the lie detector, couple edition

    Evelyn :找到了,【測謊儀--情侶版】

  • Evelyn : Couples share their most intimate romantic secrets.


  • Anwar : Who wants to play another game? Ciesla : No this sounds like fun

    Anwar :誰想玩其它的? Ciesla:不要啦,聽起來很棒欸

  • Anwar : I'll get another game.

    Anwar :我去拿別的遊戲。

  • Anwar : Just I'll just get another game

    Anwar :我.. 我去拿別的...

  • Evelyn : Okay, I go first.

    Evelyn :好的,那我先囉。

  • Evelyn : Ciesla. Has Anwar ever called you over the phone crying

    Evelyn :Ciesla。 Anwar有沒有在打電話給你的時候哭出來呢?

  • Ciesla : Not that I recall


  • *Laughters*


  • Ciesla : Okay, so there is this one time he's watching The Lion King and it was so cute


  • Ciesla : He got so upset when the father die.


  • Anwar : That never happened

    Anwar :並沒有,不要瞎掰好嗎

  • Anwar : Okay, next question Haley, do you and Daniel have fart battles?

    Anwar :好,下一個問題,Heley,你跟Daniel會互相放屁嗎?

  • Haley : Yes every morning

    Haley :每天早上都會

  • Haley : Actually wait wait

    Haley :喔等等...

  • Anwar : Well, what is she doing

    Anwar :呃,她在幹嘛

  • Haley : Damn it that was a silent one


  • Daniel : That was disgusting, but I loved it so much the same time

    Daniel :喔有夠噁,但我又好喜歡喔

  • Daniel : My turn, Adam. Do you ever wear Evelyn's makeup?

    Daniel :輪到我了,Adam。 你有沒有用過Evelyn的化妝品?

  • Adam : Get out of here. Absolutely not

    Adam :才怪,絕對沒有

  • Adam : It was for a pimple.

    Adam :那次是因為我長痘痘。

  • Adam : It was her idea

    Adam :那次是她的主意

  • Evelyn : This card is to the boys.

    Evelyn :這張卡片的問題是要問男孩們的。

  • Evelyn : Have you guys ever gone on a road trip?

    Evelyn :你們有沒有過開車兜風來旅行?

  • Anwar:Yeah Adam:Yeah

    Anwar:有阿 Adam:有

  • Daniel : Why wasn't i invited

    Daniel :為什麼不邀我

  • Anwar : Oh..., uh, well

    Anwar :哦......呃,其實是...

  • Anwar : The car was too packed.

    Anwar :車太擠了。

  • Adam : No, no, no, we didn't know you back then

    Adam :不-不-不,因為我們當時不認識你

  • Ciesla : Wait, didn't you meet Daniel like two months ago?


  • Anwar : Daniel? Yeah, we met like about about two months ago. Yeah

    Anwar :Daniel?對阿,大約兩個月前我們第一次見了。對阿對阿

  • Ciesla: I thought you said your last road trip was over a year ago.


  • Anwar : Uh...ow..., we..., no!

    Anwar :呃......嗚......,我們......不!

  • Anwar : There was one time we were in San Diego to that convention

    Anwar :那次是我們在聖地亞哥有個會議

  • Adam : Work convention

    Adam :工作會議

  • Anwar : It was work-related.

    Anwar :工作的事情拉。

  • Daniel : I would never lie to you.

    Daniel :我永遠也不會騙妳。

  • Evelyn : Who went on this "road trip"?

    Evelyn :那有誰跟你們一起“兜風”?

  • Anwar : It was me, Adam, Jeff and Carlos

    Anwar :有我,Adam,Jeff 和Carlos

  • Haley : Ciessy, is Anwar the masculine man of your dreams


  • Ciesla : Yes.


  • Anwar : You don't think I'm masculine up what is it, huh?

    Anwar :你不認為我有男子氣概,真的?

  • Ciesla : Don't change the subject


  • Anwar : What subject I don't know what you're talking about?

    Anwar :我不知道你在說些什麼

  • Daniel : No don't change the subject


  • Who did you guys think of inviting before me?


  • Adam : Look, we didn't go with anybody that....

    Adam :聽著,我們沒有跟任何......

  • wouldn't want us to go with


  • Evelyn : Really? How about you say that one more time with this on your head?

    Evelyn :喔是嘛?那你要不要在帶著頭罩的情況下再說一次?

  • Adam : Okay, look, we didn't go with anybody that you wouldn't want us to go with

    Adam :OK,聽著,我們沒有和任何你不希望我們一起去的人一起去

  • Ciesla : Okay, so were there any...


  • Anwar : Ahhh!! Do you think Evelyn is annoying?

    Anwar :啊!你覺得Evelyn很煩嗎?

  • Ciesla : No, of course not I think she's awesome


  • Evelyn : So you think I'm annoying?

    Evelyn :所以你覺得我很煩人?

  • Ciesla : Well, okay, sometimes you just talk a little too much.


  • Evelyn : I talk to much? Really? You call me like every other week

    Evelyn :我話多?你認真? 你好像每隔一周就打給我一次

  • Haley : Hey, do you think I'm annoying?

    Haley :嘿,你們會覺得我很煩嗎?

  • Ciesla & Evelyn : Yes.


  • Ciesla : Ok look, I just want to know, why you've been talking about me behind my back?


  • Daniel : We're on that subject. All I want to know is who was in the car and why I wasn't invited?

    丹尼爾:你們離題囉。 現在我想知道的是誰跟他們兩個去兜風, 跟為什麼我沒有被邀請?

  • Anwar : Why would you say that???

    Anwar :你幹嘛提醒她們?

  • Evelyn : I see what you guys are trying to do. He is right. Adam. Who did you and Anwar go on this road trip with huh?

    Evelyn :我知道你們想幹嘛了. 他說的對。Adam。是誰和Anwar一起去兜風的?

  • Evelyn : I need you to tell me the truth right now, and if you don't tell me the truth. When we get home...

    Evelyn :我需要你現在就跟我說真畫,如果你不告訴我... 我們回到家的時候...

  • Anwar : Just tell her the truth, Adam.

    Anwar :就跟她說真相吧,Adam。

  • Adam : Okay last year me and Anwar went on a road trip with two girls, Michelle and Nicole, I had Nicole and he had Michelle and she had red hair and I had blonde hair. And then we-we-we *sobs* we made sweet sweet love to both of them. *Inhales* And then we drove them to another country and we stopped talking.

    Adam:好我說,去年我和Anwar和兩個女孩米歇爾和妮可一起去公路旅行,我跟妮可一起,他跟米歇爾,她有紅頭髮,我的妹有一頭金發。 然後我們 - 我們 - 我們*抽泣*我們對他們兩個都一起做了個甜蜜蜜的愛。 *吸氣*然後我們開車到另一個國家,我們就不聊了。

  • %#^%$^@$#^@#$^@$$ (I've try my best.)

    %#^%$ ^ @#$ ^ @#$ ^ @ $$ (譯:我已盡我所能....)

  • *Flashback*


  • Evelyn : Why would you lie about something like that?

    Evelyn :你為什麼要撒這樣子的謊?

  • To show... to show that-that we-we would never do anything like that

    是為了表明......我們 - 我們永遠不會做那樣的事情

  • Anwar : We are the most faithful men.

    Anwar :我們是最老實的男友。

  • Adam : The most faithful in the world,.

    Adam :世界上最忠誠的男友。

  • Anwar : There's no one else I would ever be with.

    Anwar :我不會跟任何除了妳的女人在一起。

  • Adam : No one else I've ever been with.

    Adam :我從沒跟除了妳的女人一起過。

  • Anwar : Till the day I die.

    Anwar :就算我死了也一樣。

  • Adam : In another lifetime.


  • Anwar : And the life after that.

    Anwar :投胎再投胎也是。

  • Anwar : Till the world ends.

    Anwar :直到世界末日。

  • Adam : Till there's nothing left.

    Adam :直到什麼也沒了。

  • Adam : We're organisms

    Adam :我們就像身體組織一樣

  • Adam : Its me and you.

    Adam :這就是我跟妳。

  • Anwar : I love you for what's on the inside and not the outside.

    Anwar :我喜歡妳的內在而不是妳的外貌。

  • Daniel : And I'm the most faithful man in the entire world.

    Daniel :我才是整個世界上最忠誠的男友。

  • There's like eight billion people it's gotta be two in front of us


  • Haley : Are you cheating on me?

    Haley :你是有偷吃嗎?

  • Daniel : Never!

    Daniel :從來沒有!

  • Haley : NO? you don't want this? You don't want all this. Are you fun?

    Haley :不?你不喜歡我這樣嗎?你不想要這一切是嘛?開心了嗎?

  • *Outro*


Daniel : Yes, that's three in a row

Daniel :耶,連贏三次了!


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