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- Do you wanna improve your English?
Do you wanna speak English more fluently?
You see the English language changed my life.
I was born in Hong Kong so English is not my first language.
My first language is actually Cantonese.
My second language is Mandarin
because my mother is from Taiwan,
and my third language is English.
So when I first immigrated to North America
I couldn't speak a word of English.
And I know some of my fans, rumor says
that you're tuning into my videos because
you wanna learn how to speak the English language.
I find that that's kind of interesting.
If that's the case, actually comment below
and let me know.
So today I wanna share with you five steps
to improve your English fluency.
The five things that I did to learn the English language.
Step number one to improve your English fluency,
it's actually very simple and that is don't give a damn.
That's right don't give a damn.
Speak whenever, wherever, however.
It doesn't matter if you speak with an accent,
I still speak with an accent,
and I talk to tens of millions of people every single month.
It doesn't matter.
Forget how people would judge,
forget how people would think of you,
all this stuff it doesn't matter,
just speak as much as you could.
If they don't understand, you say it again.
if they don't understand you say it again,
you just keep saying it.
I remember because I spoke with such a thick accent,
I spoke like it sounded like Jackie Chan.
I can still speak with some Chinese accent
like hey, yeah, this then that,
like that kind of stuff,
like I could speak with that kind of accent,
but you just speak, you just speak as much as you could
'cause that's how you get comfortable.
You would not guess,
if you're always thinking about oh, I'm not sounding smart,
or they would misunderstand what I'm saying,
or they wouldn't understand or I'll look stupid,
all this stuff, all these things holds you back
learning the language.
So don't give a damn speak as much as you could
to as many people as you could.
I will walk into the mall I will talk to people, right?
Say hello, how are you?
Just to practice it's okay, right?
They don't bite it's okay practice.
Step number two and that is this is what I did,
I would take a book, any book, but simple book,
and I would read it out, loud word for word,
paragraph by paragraph.
I found that that's a very good way learning the language
because there's certain parts where maybe
you have difficulty pronouncing certain chunks
you say it again and again,
or maybe there's certain words you don't understand
you can go to a dictionary.
Reading a book out loud that's also another thing
that I did to learn the English language.
You finish one book and you might as well pick something
that you are interested in,
if you're interested in investing,
or success, or motivation, or sales. Pick a book on those topics,
and then read it out loud every single day.
I'm talking about could be 20 minutes,
30 minutes, 25 minutes it doesn't matter,
but do it every single day.
I did that every day for years
to learn the English language.
Step number three to improve your English fluency
and that is take one word that you don't understand
that you don't know what it means,
every single day you just learn one new word.
Go to Google Translate dictionary
find out exactly what it means.
So every single day pick a new word
that you've never heard of before,
you never use before and learn it every single.
If you've done this every single day that's 365 words,
new words that you could add to your vocabulary
that you could use.
See English is such a powerful language
first of all, not just because a lot of people use it,
but to understand a culture, to understand philosophies,
you need to understand the language.
So when I learn the English language then I also learn about
a lot of other things about the culture,
about business of course that's what I do.
So language is not just something that you to communicate,
language is also something that you could train
your mind with so understand that.
Step four immersion.
You have to immerse yourself.
So when I was learning the English language,
what I did is I would listen to music every single day.
I would listen to English music, English song,
and try to sing along and just to learn it, right?
It was very very difficult and I was listening to rap music
which is way too difficult I gave that up,
but I was watching English movies without subtitles
and I would listen and at first I wouldn't understand.
I would understand maybe 5% of it, right?
And then I would understand,
I think it's like that's what she means and 10%, 20%,
as my English improves I noticed
I would understand the movie more and more and more, right?
So you have to immerse yourself, talk in English,
listening to English music, watch English movies,
do as much as that as you could naturally
you'll pick up the slang,
you'll pick up kinda certain stories or phrases
like that kind of phrases
that's how you learn English language,
then you make it fun.
So it doesn't have to be you have to sit down
and study oh, I'm studying the language,
no make it fun talk to people who speak English, right?
Like interact, connect, read, watch, listen,
that's how you get good, that's how I got good.
Step number five to improve your English fluency
and that is to hang out with people who speak English.
Like I know it sounds so obvious,
but that's how you do it.
I remember in college you will see these groups of people,
and I would see the Chinese students
only hang out with Chinese students,
I would see the Korean students
hang out with Korean students,
and Japanese students hang out
with Japanese students, right?
And I would do the opposite,
I would go and hang out with people who speak English.
I would hang out with Caucasians,
I would hang out with people who grew up locally
who speak perfect English,
and I would just talk and hang out we go to library
and I would try to talk as much as possible,
listen, ask questions, right?
To get comfortable and another thing that I did was actually
I got a Korean girlfriend who speaks English, right?
So that's another way to do it,
so I'm not saying that's the only way to learn,
but if you wanna learn a new language
take someone who speak the language
you'll be shocked how quickly you pick that up, right?
How quickly you can pick up the language.
Let me give you a bonus tip,
a bonus step if you want it, okay?
Step number six,
and that is going to a state of over learning.
Lemme explain.
If you are thinking about let's say learning a language,
let's say you're here and you wanna get to this good,
the fastest way to get to this good
is you actually go into a state of over learning.
So let's take an exercise example, okay?
If you wanna have stronger bicep,
let's say you're only doing your curl,
you can only hypothetically lift 20 pounds,
20 pounds, right?
That's much of strength you have.
If you wanna make that 20 pounds easy
to better lift that up guess what?
Train with 25 pounds, train with 30 pounds
that's an over preparation, over learning
that's what I mean, right?
You want to stay over learning.
So what I did because I'm in business, right?
Not only learning English language,
I was learning how to sell,
how to close, how to do marketing,
so not only just the English language
day-to-day basis to communicate,
but actually at a way higher level
where there's something to lose.
Where it's not just learning the basic day-to-day
communication but also there's money involved, right?
The stakes are high.
When I lose a sale when I'm selling someone,
when I'm communicating if they don't understand
what I'm saying I'm not gonna close that sale, right?
That's a state of over learning.
So imagine I could do that not just to say things
that you understand to be able to communicate
in a way clearly enough that you can understand me,
but to communicate in a way that you would do business,
you would buy from me, you would spend money with me,
that's over learning.
You could do that when you go back to day-to-day
just like talking of course is so easy.
Would you be nervous?
Would you care what people think?
I just got 20 rejections in the last week
like you don't understand what I'm talking about who cares?
Who cares?
It wouldn't bother you,
and that's what I mean over learning.
So I suggest to my students,
if you wanna learn the English language,
learn how to close, learn how to sell.
Go sell something because then all the nervousness,
all of that fear, all the anxiety,
all that is gone when you're talking to day-to-day
with people because you train yourself well.
You go into a state of over learning, you over prepare.
That's what I say, that's what you need to do.
So those are the six steps or five steps
to improve your English fluency.


五個步驟讓英文更流利 (Speak English Fluently - The 5 Steps To Improve Your English Fluency)

1264 分類 收藏
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