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  • Have you ever tried typing something but your phone keeps changing it to something else?


  • This ducking keyboard can be so frustrating!


  • It can seem like autocorrect is working against you instead of helping you.


  • But the iPhone has had autocorrect for over ten years.

    不過,其實 iPhone 的選字功能已經超過 10 年了。

  • Why does it still suck?


  • Whether you're on iPhone or Android, using the default keyboard, or a third-party app you deal with autocorrect every single day.

    不管你是使用 iPhone 或是安卓系統的手機,使用原有的或是下載第三方的鍵盤都會面對自動選字的問題。

  • Usually, it works great, but sometimes it completely refuses to understand what you typed.


  • To figure out what's happening we have to understand how autocorrect works.


  • When you type something on a phone, there's a lot of work going on in the background.


  • The phone analyzes your input and compares it to stored dictionaries and language models.


  • The phone then tries to correctly interpret the word or phrase you're trying to type.


  • So when you type "fopd" your phone changes it to "food" because "fopd" isn't a word, but it's only one letter away from "food."

    因此當你輸入 fopd,手機會自動改成 food,因為並沒有 fopd 這個字,而且也剛好只差一個字母而已。

  • But not every example is this obvious.


  • The vowels U, I, and O are very close to each other, so a word like put, pit, and pot those, those were real challenges.

    母音 U、I 和 O 在鍵盤上的位置都非常接近,所以像 put (擺放)、pit (使競爭) 和 pot (鍋子) 這幾個字,要分辨的確是有挑戰性。

  • That's Ken Kocienda, he's one of the people who developed autocorrect for Apple.

    那位是 Ken Kocienda,他是其中一位發明蘋果的自動選字的人。

  • We spoke with Ken to find out what's happening inside of autocorrect.

    我們和 Ken 訪談來找出自動選字是怎麼運作的。

  • My job was to come up with a way to make speedy and accurate typing possible on a sheet of glass.


  • The hardest part isn't correcting spelling or grammar, it's interpreting what you meant to say from what you wrote.


  • And autocorrect is actually pretty good at this, but users tend to notice autocorrect only when it makes mistakes.


  • If it does what it's supposed to do 19 times, and then that 20th time it makes a mistake that is either distracting or embarrassing, that one mistake wipes out the positive feelings that people have for the 19 times where it just worked.

    試想說如果前面已經執行了 19 次,然而在第 20 次的時候卻犯了一個會使人轉移注意力或尷尬的錯誤,那前面 19 次有效發揮功用為使用者帶來的好感,會因這一次的錯誤而摧毀掉。

  • This is especially obvious when autocorrect leads to unwanted changes.


  • Sometimes it can feel like you're fighting against your keyboard.


  • Mostly people complain about how autocorrect gets in the way of their swearing.


  • The ducking keyboard.


  • The iPhone keyboard will let you swear, it just wants to prevent you from accidentally sending a word that you didn't mean to send.

    iPhone 的鍵盤會使你罵髒話,不過它也只是預防你不小心把不該說的話傳出去而已。

  • It might seem like you're always wrestling with autocorrect, but you can take control of your dictionary.


  • On iOS go into Settings, General, Keyboard, and then tap "Add Shortcut" or "Text Replacement."

    在 iOS 系統上,你可以先到「設定」,然後點選「一般」,選「鍵盤」,再按「加入快捷鍵」或「替代文字」。

  • Here you can add a new word or a shortcut that fills in a word when you type a few letters.


  • You can Google around to find out how to add words to the various versions of Android or third-party keyboards.

    你們可以自行 Google 找出如何在安卓系統或是第三方的鍵盤上加入這些功能。

  • So, you might still think autocorrect sucks, but it's actually gotten a lot better since version one, and some developers have introduced new tools like swipe to type to make typing on a smartphone easier.


  • In the future, machine learning might create an autocorrect that's more accurate than ever, but whatever the technology is we can't lose sight of the original goal of autocorrect.


  • The goal that I like to think about for the product is for it to have the software melt away.


  • Autocorrection is not supposed to be glamorous, right?


  • It's just supposed to be useful.


  • Autocorrect is far from perfect, but our messages would look a lot worse without it.


Have you ever tried typing something but your phone keeps changing it to something else?


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