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Did you know that there's an element of
style that can boost your confidence, double your chances of getting a woman's phone
number, reduce stress, and increase your perceived level of trust.
No, it's not your suit or even that nice pocket square.
It's actually invisible to the eye.
We're talking about fragrance.
Smell has a powerful effect on how others perceive you.
It's a fact, gentlemen.
And despite this, nearly 80% of men don't use fragrance on a regular basis.
So, you're ready to start using this hidden style weapon, but how to use it correctly?
Don't worry gents.
In today's video, I'm going to teach you how to use and apply fragrance correct.
So, let's clear up a few terms first.
It's a name often thrown around, but it doesn't necessarily refer to a fragrance for men.
Just like perfume doesn't necessarily refer to a fragrance for women.
Cologne and perfume are different names for the concentration of oils contained in the fragrance.
A cologne is going to be about 2% to 4% oil concentration, an eau de toilette is going
to be about a 5% to 15% oil concentration, and a perfume is going to be about 20% to 30% oil concentration.
The higher the concentration, the stronger the smell and the greater the lasting power of the fragrance.
Silage is a term you may hear and this refers to the degree
in which a fragrance's smell will linger in the air.
So, at this point you're probably wondering, Antonio, where do I get the right fragrance for me?
Do I have to go out and spend $100 by that big bottle and find out I just don't like it?
Guys, don't do that.
I want you to go check out Scentbird.
I'm linking to them down in the description.
They're the paid sponsor of today's video, guys, and this company is awesome.
Because in three steps you can find the perfect fragrance for you.
Step one.
Go to the website, start your subscription less than $15 a month.
Step two.
Select your fragrance.
Guys, they've got over a hundred and fifty options.
We're talking niche fragrances, we're talking designer fragrances.
Step three.
Receive your fragrance and use it.
Guys, it's really that simple.
And how much comes in this?
Guys, 8ml, that's enough for over a hundred sprays.
So, three times a day, yeah, that's enough for a month.
And so, every month this is going to renew and they're going to send you out another
fragrance right here that you chose you can try something new, you get another one.
They all are going to work in this basically reusable case.
You don't have to buy that huge bottle and waste all that money, instead you can try
all these different fragrances find your perfect scent.
I'm linking the Scentbird down in the description.
Go check them out, awesome company.
I met up with them in New York City, they are the real deal.
They focus in on making sure you get 100% authentic fragrances.
They've got the free shipping.
They make it easy to cancel.
And at the end of the day, it is an amazing service that can help you find your signature
scent, so you can start using fragrance.
Again, gents, I'm linking to them down in the description with an awesome discount code.
Use it or lose it.
So now, let's discuss how to actually use apply and where a fragrance.
You want to apply the cologne to the warmest parts of your body.
As your body heat will help to push the smell of the fragrance out throughout the day.
Now, it's important to apply fragrance to dry clean skin if you want to get the most miles out of it.
Me, personally about ten minutes after I'm out of the shower and I dried of completely,
that's when I like to apply.
Great areas to apply fragrance and note, you don't need to apply to all of these areas
are behind the ears, the back of the neck, the chest, the shoulders, the wrists, the
inner elbows, and the forearms.
Exactly where you spray is going to be your own personal preference.
Me, personally, I like to spray right on the chest, but I know some men, they want to go
back of the neck.
Other guys they want to have a few extra sprays here or there on the shoulder on the wrist, again, up to you.
Now, when spraying the fragrance, you want to hold the bottle about 3 to 6 inches away from your skin.
Now, if you just finished shaving, don't spray fragrance on your neck, it contains
high percentage of alcohol and it can be painful and cause irritation.
Now, understand when you spray your fragrance on our skin,
it's going to smell slightly different for each individual.
Because on our bodies we've got our own natural oils that are going to mix with the fragrance.
Now, spraying on your clothes is an option and it's a good choice if you're going
to wear multiple layers of clothing and you don't want the scent to get buried.
However, be careful, the oils in some fragrances can potentially stain your clothing if put on too heavily.
If in doubt, make sure to test on a small spot that isn't noticeable.
Now, gentlemen, don't spray your fragrance in the air create some type of cloud and
thinking you can walk into it.
This is not how you apply a fragrance.
It's very ineffective because most of the fragrance is going to fall right to the floor.
Now, if you're using a splash bottle instead of a spray bottle, use one to two fingers
and then put the fragrance precisely where you want it.
Also, you don't want to rub the fragrance into the skin.
This actually destroys the molecular bond making the scent weaker.
Remember, gents, less is more when it comes to fragrance.
Fragrance should be discovered not announced.
I really like to put on a light spray of fragrance, so it can only be detected when you're close to me.
Don't be that guy who bathes himself in colognes and fragrances and he announces himself
before he even enters the room.
And when he's in the room, people are jumping out the windows.
No, do not be that guy.
If you're going to be walking around outside on the city streets, then you can wear a bit
more and this is also a great time to wear a fragrance that you haven't tested.
If you're going to be in close quarters like on an airplane or you're going into
an interview, for everyone's sake, go lighter on the fragrance.
Finally, when it comes to storing your fragrance, you want to keep it in a cool dark place that
doesn't have much fluctuation in temperature.
A great location is a bedroom closet, a bad location the window sill in your bathroom.
Not only that the temperature go up and down, but the exposure to sunlight is going to ruin that fragrance.
Also, make sure the cap is securely on when storing the fragrance, so it doesn't evaporate.
There you have it, gents, all the info you need to start wearing fragrance today.
And, guys, if you're still looking for your signature scent, I want you to go check out
I'm linking to them down in the description of this video.
Awesome company, I'm proud to support them.
They are the real deal and it's just a great deal, great service.
And that's it, guys.
Take care.
I'll see you in the next video.


不是狂噴猛噴就好!教你如何正確「噴」香水! (How & Where To Apply Fragrance Correctly | STOP Drowning In Cologne)

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