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- Hi, this is Dan Lok.
And today, I'm gonna show you three
most dangerous techniques in Wing Chun.
Now obviously, Wing Chun, we have so many
different techniques and different offensive techniques,
and different defensive techniques,
but today I will show you the three
that I believe are the most dangerous
and the most effective.
Now, the very first technique is the finger jab.
Now, why is the finger jab so dangerous?
Let me show you.
Now in terms of when we are in the fighting range,
the finger jab is the longest weapon
against the nearest target.
In Wing Chun, you can see it's a very sneaky attack
because we are not jabbing the eyes like this.
Right? This is not one of those kung fu movies.
We actually come from underneath.
So when you're looking at someone,
you see, this is not in the part of the vision.
So from here, it's a very very short distance.
Very direct from point A to point B, like so. Right?
So it's a very good offensive technique. Example...
If I know we're in range...
I'm finger jabbing. Right?
Right there.
Or if we know somebody's gonna attack us,
Let's say you throw a hook, so we do a cancel right here,
and also we can finger jab. Right? Try again.
Boom! Like so.
So it's a very both offensive and defensive technique.
It's very effective.
You can jab the eye. You can also jab the throat.
Right there. So let's say he's
standing here with a punching hand,
go ahead, just punch me right here. So stay there.
So from here, now see my fist actually
barely reaches him because he's got longer arms.
Right? Longer reach.
But look at my finger.
If I do a finger jab, you can see
that it gives me that few more inches of advantage.
Now I can hit him before he hits me. So finger jab.
Now unfortunately, a lot of Wing Chun practitioners,
they don't practice the finger jab very much.
They always rely on straight boxing
which I will show you the straight box in just a moment.
But the finger jab, very very effective.
So how you practice it with a Wing Chun
stance you can do this like so. Right?
And when you're practicing, you can do like this.
Typical Wing Chun stance. Like so.
And you just jab right there.
Right? I'll show you. Like that.
Or it could be even from this position, right?
Asking hand from here you can see. Show you.
Show you like this.
See how it's underneath?
Boom. So it'll look something like this.
Ok I'll show again.
And from here. Again so speed will be... like that.
Finger jab.
Now the second technique, the second
most dangerous technique in Wing chun,
which is the fundamental technique,
which is the straight blast.
Now the straight punch, when you throw the punch...
This is not boxing.
Your width from the center, like so.
And it's a vertical punch, like so.
It's like a chain punch.
Now what makes it dangerous is
instead of the beat of boxing,
it could be one, two, three, four...
Straight punch in Wing Chun it's like...
It's like a machine gun.
So it's very difficult for someone, let's say in boxing,
if someone throws a punch, it's easy for them
to bob and weave and do all these things and that's nice,
but when somebody's blasting instead of like this,
it's a little bit harder to defend.
And a little bit harder to bob and weave.
And that's why it's very, very dangerous.
And if you practice, again, it could be a very good
offensive technique or defensive.
Let me show you.
In this case, and when you're practicing and punch to nose,
or even the chest, breastbone,
could be the stomach, right?
or I like to hit just the throat, ok?
So I won't hit the throat, obviously.
But it would look something like this.
So let's say I can see if he wants to...right there.
See that? Slow.
Slow. Slow, slow. Right there, see?
And if it's speed, it would be like,
(punches loudly)
Be like that.
But you might say, "well, there's no power in that",
There's power in there. Ok?
And when you're hitting someone it the throat,
you do not need a lot of power.
Important thing is, practice, relax, from here again,
you could be in a typical Wing Chun stance,
just practice straight blast.
But learn the move.
A lot of times, I can see a lot of
Wing Chun guys, they practice like this.
You don't fight like this. Ok?
When you're practicing, make sure you
learn how to include the footwork,
and you move in to close the gap. Ok?
Now that's the second technique, straight blast.
Third technique, which is a Wing Chun kick,
and sometimes, most of the time
they will kick it on the knees or the shin bone.
You can see how with a dummy, like these type techniques.
Very, very powerful. Very effective.
Like so. Make sure bend your knees.
Like that. So if I'm here, boom. Like that.
Boom. Like that.
Now, it is not a flick.
It's actually a stomp.
When you're practicing on a partner, yeah,
just practice you don't wanna hurt your partner.
Just kinda like flick. We know.
But in reality, it's more like a stomp.
You're trying to break the knee, right there. One shot.
Now, another thing you could do is of course
you can also do the finger jab with the straight blast,
and then you can also combine
some of these techniques together.
Or you do the kick first, and then you finger jab,
and then you can do the straight blast.
Those three techniques very, very effective.
So, three most dangerous techniques in Wing Chun,
finger jab, straight blast, and the low kick.
Practice. practice well, practice often,
I'll see you in the next video.
(intense music)


詠春拳致命三招! (3 Most Dangerous Wing Chun Techniques)

127 分類 收藏
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