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  • in this video I will tell you about the horror stories of dropshippers using aliexpress then

  • i am going to share with you my story how i almost got banned from dropshippingbecause

  • of bad supplier then i am going to teach you how to find a good supplier and finally how

  • to fulfill orders

  • hey ivy zhu here so first i wanna start off with little bit of proof so you guys know

  • that everything i am about to teach you is coming from my own personal experience so

  • as you guys can see i have almost 14500 orders since i started dropshipping so what to expect

  • from this video so first i am going to talk to you about horror stories of other dropshippers

  • using aliexpress and why aliexpress bad then i am going to tell you my personal horror

  • story with 3rd party suppliers then i am going to tell you why you should get a 3rd party

  • supplier and how to find a good supplier and then finally how to fulfil orders with a supplier

  • step by step aliexpress horror stories there are people who have over 2000 orders and as

  • you can see 90 of them just werent shipped out the supplier from aliexpress just gave

  • them fake tracking numbers right so this one at the top he got scammed for over 10 20 thousand

  • dollars or even more so why you shouldnt be using aliexpress for dropshipping well because

  • its just more expensive because you pay for each product one by one instead of bulk ordering

  • also if you scale with aliexpress and you get a paypal hold usually you will just get

  • a higher hold higher percentage or they will hold more money from you because paypal will

  • notice that you are a aliexpress dropshipper and they are more strict with them so why

  • you shouldnt be using aliexpress for dropshipping is also because of long processing times aliexpress

  • suppliers they are also dropshippers for other dropshippers so thats why you know they can

  • have 5 to 10 day processing times which will cost you a lot of disputes, refunds, chargebacks

  • and you will also get a ton of emails from your customers asking about where is their

  • order and it will usually mean that you will have to spend hours replying to your customers

  • or you will have to hire more VAs another problem is they dont usually communicate with

  • you they dont respond to your messages they dont even message you so thats also a problem

  • because they dont tell you like how much in stock they have they dont tell you anything

  • another big problem is that with aliexpress suppliers you will have longer delivery times

  • which will cause lower facebook customer feedback score this is kinda a new feature on facebook

  • and basically if you have low customer feedback score facebook can ban your facebook page

  • also theycan lower reach and make you facebook ads more expensive and this is something that

  • happened to me personally so i am gonna talk about it in just a bit use aliexpress only

  • if you are beginner or if you use it to test just a few products so i recommend if you

  • are a beginner using the app dsers which is just free its better than oberlo or dropified

  • from what i heard cuz its just free and you dont have to pay anything for that and once

  • you get to like 30 orders or more per day you should switch to a 3rd party supplier

  • a dropshipping agent those usually arent on aliexpress usually as a dropshipper you first

  • start off on aliexpress then you get a 3rd party supplier or dropshipping agent and once

  • you grow even more you can also then move into holding stock or private label and building

  • a brand and things like that so now lets talk about my personal horror story how i almost

  • got banned because of bad suppliers so just a little bit back story i worked with this

  • supplier back in june 2018 when i scaled to 1 to 2K a day when i was still a newbie when

  • i was just starting out in october 2018 as you guys can see i basically scaled very fast

  • from 0 to over 10 000 dollars a day when i scaled so fast i thought everything is going

  • to be fine .i already worked with that supplier for a couple of months and i never had any

  • issue with him so i thought he is going to ship in 3days as he promised what really happened

  • is 10 to 14 days into scaling i started to get lots of emails like 50 to 100 emails a

  • day i started to get disputes also during the same time i also got a paypal hold and

  • a rolling reserve on paypal because i was using only paypal the thing is stripe or shopify

  • payments is not available in my country and with my VA virtual assistant basically we

  • found out that we had around 15 to 20 day processing time and what is processing time

  • is basically from the day you get the order to the day when the product ships out so you

  • know customers lets say customers on the first of october they would order and what would

  • happen is my supplier would ship them out on the 15th or 20th so nothing would happening

  • for 15 to 20 days the customers wouldnt get any email they wouldnt get any tracking and

  • they start to wonder is this a scam what is happening with my order and they started really

  • emailing me a lot 50 to 100 per day or sometimes even more so i knew this supplier i cant work

  • with him anymore so in november i started to work with a new 3rd party supplier and

  • again they told me they would ship in 2 to 3 days once the product first arrive which

  • would take around a week you know for them to get it from the factories to their warehouses

  • and then once its in their warehouse they can ship it in 2 to 3days I thought everything

  • is going to be fine but this time i started checking on them more and we found out that

  • again we had 15 to 20 day processing times and when you have 15 to 20 day processing

  • time it means nothing happens for 15 to 20 days and then you ship it out with epacket

  • which takes another 15-20 days so realistically my delivery times were around 30 to 35 days

  • during november i started to notice my ads just started to get very expensive i was also

  • getting 50-100 emails per day and i had to hire 4 full time VAs to just manage all those

  • emails and i was also getting paypal disputes every single day i got a notification and

  • basically facebook just told me that they are lowering my reach making my facebook ads

  • more expensive and at the time my customer feedback score was around 1.5 basically when

  • you have the facebook customer score at 1 or below 1 you facebook page will be banned

  • from advertising and can do is they can also ban your domain so your store domain

in this video I will tell you about the horror stories of dropshippers using aliexpress then


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