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Today we are going to learn some common phrases you can use in a restaurant
Let's get started
Ok, so when you enter the restaurant, the host may ask you
“How big is your party?”
That just means, “How big is your group?”
So if you have a group of two people, you would say
“We have a party of two”
Or if you have a group of four people, you would say
“We have a party of four”
Or, for example, if I have a party of six and I'm waiting for a table, and it's
my turn
Then the host will call out and say, “Nick party of six”
So, as soon as you sit down at your table, your server will immediately ask you
“Can I get you anything to start?”
“Can I get you anything to drink?”
Both of these mean the same thing, they are just asking if you would like to have
anything to drink, so they can get your drinks
while you look at the menu and decide what you want to order
Common ways to respond are:
“Can I get a…”
“Can I get a chocolate milk?”
“I'll have a…”
“I'll have a chocolate milk?”
“I'll take a…”
Obviously you don't have to order chocolate milk, you can get whatever you want
But if you do order chocolate milk…
When the server returns with your drinks, they will then ask for your food order and
they will probably use one of these phrases
“What can I get you?”
“What would you like?”
“What can I start you off with?”
Then you can respond with one of these phrases”
“Can I get a…”
“Can I get a mac & cheese”
“I'll have a…”
“I'll have a mac & cheese”
“I'll take a…”
“I'll take a mac & cheese”
Oh man I would KILL for some mac & cheese right now
Ok, calling your server. So if you need to get your server's attention
Maybe you need some more plates
Maybe you would like some more water.
If you need to get their attention, I always like to start with “Excuse me”
“Excuse me, could I get some more napkins please?
“When you get a chance…”
“When you get a chance could I get five more chocolate milks?
These are some of the same phrases you would use at a bar if you were ordering drinks
If you want to see my video on how to order drinks at a bar, check it out right here
Ok, in English there are tons of ways you can say “bathroom”
Water closet.
The list goes on.
But in America, the most common ways to say bathroom are
And also, restroom
So you would say, “Where is the bathroom?”
“Where is the bathroom?”
“Where is the restroom?”
Or you can also ask, “Do you have a restroom I can use?”
“Do you have a bathroom I can use?”
Ok so now at the very end of the meal
When you are all done eating and you are so full that your stomach is about to burst
You just flag down your server and ask them
“Can I get the check when you get a chance?”
“Excuse me, can I have the bill?”
Ok, tipping
In the US, it is customary to tip your server 15-20%
But if your party is larger than six, they may automatically include tip/gratuity
So make sure you check so you don't tip them twice
If you're not sure, you can always ask your server
“Is tip included”
“Is gratuity included?”
But this is only for parties of six or larger
Alright, so you've finished eating and you've eaten as much as you could
But, maybe your eyes were bigger than your stomach and you ordered way too much food
If you'd like to take the leftover food home, you can stop and ask your server
“Excuse me, can I have a doggy bag?”
“Can I get a box?”
In the 1970's the term doggy bag was used to promote bringing your leftover food home
to your pet
Now we just use it as a general term to mean 打包
Alright so when you're ready to leave, after you've eaten and you've paid your bill
and you've got your doggy bag
You just simply say thank you to your server and your host and waltz out of the restaurant
You've completed your first colloquial English dining experience
We went over a ton of phrases today so I suggest that you write down the phrases in this video
Rewatch the video so you can get some more practice
And then next time you're in the restaurant, you can practice these phrases with your server
If you have any questions or you want to make any comments, drop me a line below or
send me a message
And I will get back to you as quickly as I can
Now, time to go find some chocolate milk


實用的餐廳英文口語用法 (Common English Phrases in a Restaurant)

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