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  • Tim Cook is worth an estimated $625 million.

    Tim Cook 的身價約 6.25 億美元。

  • As the CEO of Apple, he's the first openly gay CEO in the Fortune 500.

    身為蘋果執行長的他,是《財富》世界 500 強排行榜中首位公開出櫃的執行長。

  • And in 2018, Apple became the first U.S. company ever to be worth $1 trillion.

    在 2018 年,蘋果成為美國第一間市值達到一兆美元的公司。

  • But compared to his counterparts in the tech world, his net worth is pretty modest.

    與其他科技業大佬相比,Tim Cook 的身價遠不如其他人。

  • Google founder and Alphabet CEO, Larry Page, is worth $53 billion.

    身為 Google 創始者和 Alphabet 的執行長,Larry Page 的身價高達五百三十億美元。

  • Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is worth just under $70 billion.

    臉書執行長 Mark Zuckerberg 的身價亦高達七百億美元。

  • And Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is the first person in modern history to accumulate a fortune north of $100 billion.

    亞馬遜執行長 Jeff Bezos 是全球首位累積至一千億美元身價的人。

  • Cook doesn't lead a lavish lifestyle, and has said, "I like to be reminded of where I came from, and putting myself in modest surroundings helps me do that."

    Tim Cook 從不嚮往奢侈的生活,他曾說:「過著一般人的生活提醒著我,我來自哪裡。」

  • The Alabama native had a humble start in life as the son of a shipyard worker and pharmacy employee.

    Cook 出生於阿拉巴馬州,他的雙親分別是造船廠工人以及藥廠員工,早期過著簡樸的生活。

  • When he was promoted as Apple's CEO in 2011, his base salary was $900,000, and has risen to $3 million in 2017.

    自從 2011 年他被任命為蘋果執行長,他的基本薪酬從一開始的九十萬美元提升至 2017 年的三百萬美元。

  • He also receives a cash incentive based on the company's performance, which pushed his total pay for 2017 to over $12 million.

    他還額外獲得公司發放的獎勵金,使得他 2017 年的總薪資超過了一千兩百萬美元。

  • But his net worth consists mainly of $622 million worth of Apple's stock and options he has collected since becoming CEO.

    他的身價主要來自當上執行長後,所累積的約 6.22 億美元的蘋果股份和股權。

  • And $3.4 million of Nike stock options he gets as a member of Nike's board of directors.

    另外,因為他同時也是 Nike 的董事會成員, 所以也持有約三百四十萬美元的 Nike 股權。

  • So, how does Apple's leader spend his fortune?


  • Quite differently than other CEOs of tech giants.


  • In 2012, he bought a 2,400 square foot home in Palo Alto, for $1.9 million.

    在 2012 年,Cook 花了一百九十萬美元買了間位於帕羅奧圖約 67 坪大的房子。

  • The median cost of a home in Palo Alto in 2018 is $3.3 million.

    以 2018 年來說,在帕羅奧圖買一間房子平均要花三百三十萬美元。

  • And his frugality doesn't stop at the housing market.


  • He reportedly buys his underwear at Nordstrom's semi-annual sale.

    有報導指稱他的內褲是在 Nordstrom 每半年舉行一次的折扣會上買的。

  • But Cook does splurge when it comes to donating to good causes.

    但在公益活動方面,Cook 花錢可不手軟

  • A philosophy that differs from that of his predecessor, who lacked a record of public giving.

    Cook 在慈善方面的付出遠遠超越了蘋果前執行長。

  • He encourages his employees to give and has led Apple into many philanthropic endeavors.


  • In 2011, he instated a company-wide, nonprofit donation matching program.

    在 2011 年,他在公司內部設置了慈善計畫。

  • Over the past 10 years, Apple has contributed $130 million to help RED fight AIDS.

    十年來,蘋果總共捐贈了 1.3 億美元,幫助消除愛滋病。

  • $100 million to advance diversity in tech, through President Barack Obama's ConnectED initiative.


  • $50 million to hospitals and more.


  • Cook practices what he preaches, too.

    Cook 身體力行其所提倡的理念。

  • He's donated to civil rights efforts.


  • And in 2018, he donated more than 23,000 shares of his Apple stock, valued at just under $5 million to an undisclosed charity.

    在 2018 年,他捐了超過兩千三百股的蘋果股份給一個祕密的慈善機構,總價值約五百萬。

  • He also regularly makes campaign donations.


  • He's hosted fundraisers for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


  • And in 2016, he donated $236,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund.

    在 2016 年,他捐了 236,000 美元給希拉蕊競選基金會。

  • Cook's altruism even applies to his future financial plans.

    Cook 也將利他主義運用到未來財產規劃上。

  • He intends to use his wealth to put his nephew through college.


  • And upon his death, he plans to give away all his money to good causes.


  • He told Fortune magazine, "You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change."

    在 Fortune 雜誌報導中,他說:「你應該要成為顆能夠激起漣漪的卵石,投注創新與改變到這世界。」

  • Windows 8 shipped about a year before Mavericks, and it's at 14%.

    Windows 8 系統比 Mavericks 早了一年發布,但市占率卻只有 14%。

Tim Cook is worth an estimated $625 million.

Tim Cook 的身價約 6.25 億美元。

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