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No! Oh my god- he's still tough!
Oh my god- he's flying! OW!
Good morning, gamers!!!
Welcome back to another episode of Minecraft!
I know!
Look at IKEA tower.. In all it's glory.
So beautiful..
Subtitles by Mochi Doodles ;o
We are nearing the endgame. :C(Oof)
We beat the wither last-
-battle.. I've cleaned up a little bit.
But, next up... Is the EnderDragon, baby.
The final boss of Minecraft. After that, we go get a bunch of cool stuff, aswell.
So, it's time for us to prepare for that.
Our next step is to increase our village.
I have this genius contraption, right?
So, there's a little hole here in the glass..
And then you put a boat here...
And then eventually, we'll catch a baby! That's right.
I'm gonna catch all your children.
I think Riptide is pretty good..
Riptide.. What is Ripti-
I think that's another thing I can put on my.. trident.
It means I can use the trident as a means of (fast) transportation?
Uhhh.. Yes please!
Sven, where is my purse? I need it now!
Give me my purse!
I don't think I have any money left..
Nooo.. I'm poor again..
Ugh, God. I'm gonna have to trade with people far, far away.
Okay, give me my stuff.
I have an insane amount of pumpkins
Okay, Sven!
What are you doing with all the cats?
Daddy's coming- gotta go- business trip!
Damn, if I can use the- I love the trident.
We gotta travel far in the south
Maybe I should kidnap these people in the south?
IKEA Bird?
Did I see IKEA Bird..Or am I crazy?
IKEA Bird!
You can't...
Ahh god damn it.
Alright fine you're coming with me Ikea Bird!
How did you stick?? with me??
How did you do this
Lowkey kinda cute thooo.....
*Cute Chuckle*
One thing I wanna do
At some point
Is try to collect every monster in the Game.
Cause apparently you can Phoot
You can put any monster in the game in a boat. (Basically kidnapping)
*More cute chuckling*
So.. We're put the Enderdragon in a boat.
Get in the bohhoha
*More Cute Chuckling*
I think you can actually put the wither in a boat (big brain???)
Thats gonna be the next-
Oh Godd!!
Ikea Bird is gone.(Insert Crab Rave here)
That's our goal through this playthrough
Every creature in a boat
Soo this is the biggest village I have ever traded with (correction cheated with ;0)
So this is where I make my Stoinks?
Its been days!!!
My GOD!!
He ran into a cactus (he a dummy dum)
Ikea Bird
Awww NOOOO!!
Ikea Bird(R.I.P)
You're coming with me
If anyone has an objection
Feel free to call the cops
Oh Was I tlaking to you??
Say bye to your friends
(Weird sound) Ikea bird was like father to me
I love him like my mother
boat it's not that hard what is this place the Netherlands why
are we riding in a boat don't ask stupid questions
it was like a father to me the way he would trade me melons for a discount I
felt truly like I belonged he was irreplaceable there will never be
another man like Hey wakey-wakey get in the boat get in no listen
get in the boat or I'm gonna shove this bed somewhere you're not gonna like it
thank you what happened to your friend
nothing special hey no hard feelings right trust me this
is 100% safe I've done this before go to the boat you think I'm ready
my neighbor's gonna just just press it just trust me so do you think that guy
is good still gonna trade me a riptide about three hours I know you can plate
wet damn we're fast you can place eyes and then that's a really fast way to
actually transporting another with ice and a boat so apparently you can take
one of the farmers and place him in your automatic farm and he will replant the
seeds I don't know if that's true or not but I mean if that's the case that's
right that means I get free labor uh don't worry about the new guy guys don't
worry about him don't don't even look at it how much do you want to bet he
doesn't have riptide anymore no baby come on guys okay he still has replied
so that's okay yeah he's like whoa guys guys it's raining potatoes this is crazy
don't worry man I'm just preparing your little a little new adventure all right
enjoy your new home and job 20 well what in the world oh my god it's raining yes
this is perfect and even real what are you doing in my house
guess this against the rules to kick you out all right you can stay just like be
nice how does this work oh my god Oh spen did you see that wait
what oh my god that's awesome let me get away whoa
this seems very dangerous I don't know why anyone would do this no oh my god
you what Allah ah all my friends look what a great job he did I'm flying
away I'm out of this to disguise and beyond I'm gonna find uragan again I'm
gonna find that kea bird oh my god it's snowing up no are you kidding me ah
this is the worst episode of all time I have a sign bed and I'm not afraid to
use it if anyone come near me what are you guys even yes finally
haha woohoo yeah the circle of life continues little
child follow me little child now we place another boat trap we refill the
food and more baby will come what what are you doing here
haha alright let's put some more potatoes and carrots
he's the electrician he's just making sure it's all running thanks thanks mr.
peepee really appreciate it
guys just like food raining from ceiling does anyone know where that comes from
this is so strange suddenly my pants feel like they are hot
9 - look he grew up curse of vanishing ok you guys are just getting greedy now
yes that's what I like to see alright gamers I am back they're all
farmers now come on you're my destined new farmer we're gonna have a great time
together I'm so glad no one is going to escape my prison unless I willingly
escort them out okay don't look don't talk to him don't talk to him spend a
look at him he's bad man very bad man look who doesn't have a job huh well we
will sort that out for you buddy don't worry about it
just follow me in here yes yes oh you're lonely okay I give friend I'm
very generous man people don't understand you know actually I think you
should be alone for no reason whatsoever despite the fact that I don't like you
and I don't like your bold fit where is your face there it is okay
well that's all I got a safe that's all the reasons I need let's replace my oh
look who's already started huh from the boat hey what a loser what a nerd
hopefully this won't get overrun by zombies I have protected at this time
let me see oh if you like the boat so much why don't you why don't you try
this so basically he will work for me and I will sell him his own crops
now that stinks so whatever hijab he does for me I will sell it back to him
how did you escape get back in chamber that's right shame on you so the idea is
to just expand the whole the whole way like infinite I want to have as many as
possible keep making bet back
yeah and eventually will have it will have infinite Bibby Wallach you're not
supposed to be a shepherd you're not even supposed to be come out of here get
away from him you don't love him that's right you're supposed to be a farmer ah
ha ha looks like we caught the big one boys how did you even get there
into the cell why do I enjoy this so much
why does making villagers go into this I don't know what Hey look at him I don't
know why I liked any other they're all brothers and sisters even more they're
our family of pain they're our family of so look who decided to become farmer huh
okay all right look like anyone's opinion can just
change huh what is he doing give me back my money that's my money
damn alright yeah that's right give me all your money okay one disappeared
that's so crazy it's time to finish up a tower of llama wives Tower of llama the
most ambitious project I have there we go Thanks
just stay there thanks bro see you in forever
there you go should we make a tower of cat maybe wake
up feeding time he's like no I want to sleep oh god oh god we have to eat this
the first time we get to eat that relatable moment when you're dragged out
of bed because carrots are raining from the sky all right come on guys make more
baby okay so I like my house I really do but I think it's what do you think your
again I think it's time we update it it's looking a bit small in comparison
to everything else we have around this
and I want to make it like a traditional Swedish house I think that could be
really fun as well but to build we must first destroy man this feels weird this
house has been here longer than almost anything in this playthrough that feels
this feels so strange
oh my god it's so sad analyst away I didn't expect to be feeling feels so I
had this house for so long Hey look who caught a couple babies huh
yeah oh no it's just your kids oh don't worry I'll take good care no Charlie's
gaping get their boats child you're coming with me
don't think so child look at this that's the one thing that's been with us in
number one tree of life wait why do I hear a tiny one oh my gosh
why does everyone make him pay I didn't ask for this congratulations guys
damn I'm rich now oh it's all working so well look at that things are going well
for once in an episode not really actually but oh look he's teaching his
child to be as worthless as his father come on all right
I don't really have the materials to to build a house I want to build so it's I
gamers last episode I blame peepee poo-poo oh my god he's hiding from me
now what spawn zone and why did I just spend 15 pounds on it last episode I
said pee pee poop who was healing then with her pigs healing him
are you kidding me the pigment healed him
you guys healed him but I was wrong they actually started us a great decoy and I
feel like the only honorable thing to do from my mistake my miscalculation is to
make a memorial for all the pee pee poop was out there that fought all the brave
people poo poos that fought and died so we could defeat the wither that's why I
want to build a quick little memorial it won't be anything fancy but something to
represent each torch represents one peepee poo-poo this is actually one of
the first things I ever build in Minecraft I was like hey gorgeous it
looks pretty cool I'll just place a bunch of them down it's surreal to do
this like 10 years later just but for all the wrong reasons why people
oh my gosh I can just right-click
why hasn't no one told me
there it is like a beautiful whoa that actually looks though and I
missed a spine okay gamers as a final ending for this
episode I want to do something with Jorgen we're gonna write out so I don't
know if this works but someone made it I'll put his imprint in the description
so that if you put down a diamond block and a nether stall named Petey pie which
of course I just happen to have on me and then throw a sword on it
it should create a pewdiepie boss throw them as a star and then a sword did I
not do it oh it worked oh my god it's cherry pie it's berry pie
in Minecraft but wait I am PewDiePie Oh God
pizza pie has a lot of health don't hurt me Petey pie please oh no it it how is
this even possible so I'm playing on the easiest difficulty No
oh my god it's still tough oh my god he's flying out you're it again no I
don't want to hurt you yard again don't hurt me
I need to drink milk oh wait I'm fine no no I love your yard
gate don't do this to me y'all guys stop fighting we can be together I love you
please don't make me do this back off peopIe oh my god
I'm going for hardcore DPS oh this is so Oh back off sweat back up find water
through these I don't want to hurt you you're the only one that I haven't
killed no we're gonna look so evil it's evil Sven
stop stop sled oh my god the knock-back
oh shit what is he doing oh my god oh
god what else couldn't read if I possibly have up oh my god of course
it's what that she hey wait what they should follow me all my loved ones are
back but they're fighting against me there you go you're in what they're now
what their sheep damn he's fast oh my god stop it berry pie Oh stops
water sward stop it pit if I get it
oh my god ten out of ten yes headphones where do I
put them getting up with them on my head how do I use the chair oh my god oh my
god oh my god oh my chair how do I put on there oh my god and I can change
music that is so cool wait let me get the chair bag Bob's orbit gone
what oh my god I can ride their chair what yeah Bob's one Oh big for Baba BIP
Bop Elbe River deeper deeper deeper BIP Bop our trip
papow oh alright gamers ha ha ha look at me Sven we're gonna beat the
ender dragon in this chair thank you so much
mech Macke Stein for creating this that's amazing
hope you guys enjoy this episode if you did smash like subscribe check out the
merch of course to support the series oh my god it go fast oh my god it can't do
this okay alright that's it see you guys bye


PewDiePie 創世神 #26 找到 PewDiePie 大魔王!(這是真 der) (I found a PewDiePie Boss in Minecraft! (Real) - Part 26)

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發佈於 2019 年 12 月 21 日
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