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Hey guys! It's January 1st 2017!!
And it's really early in the morning right now.
We got up super early today to go lucky bag shopping!
I actually haven't done this in several years.
You can hear Keyboard-san doing some New Years gaming in the background.
Bright and early!
I haven't done lucky bag shopping in several years
I've just been ordering them online.
I've been getting the JOYRICH one online for the past couple years.
This year I decided I would actually go out to a shopping center and look around at the stores and see which ones I can find.
I figured that'd be fun.
And it'll make a fun vlog!
So, let's go to the shopping center!
We gotta get there right when the mall opens or else all the good lucky bags will be sold out.
For those of you that have no idea what a lucky bag is... It's basically like a grab bag, you don't know what you're going to get.
They're usually around $100 from clothing stores
Sometimes they're $50.
But inside there's usually several hundred dollars worth of clothes.
Often it's clothes from the previous season, so like fall, or maybe even summer-ish clothes that didn't sell well.
Sometimes some brands will make completely different clothes just to put into their new years bag.
It'll be a set of clothes, like one jacket, one shirt, one pair of pants.
Every store is different, so let's just go and see what we can find!
Wish me luck because it's usually pretty crazy!
Here we go guys! 9am, the doors just opened, and this is what the inside of the mall looks like.
They can get pretty crazy on New Year's Day here.
People will be lining up outside the mall anywhere from like one to two hours before the doors open so they can be the first ones inside to get the lucky bags that they want.
Most of the stores will be selling lucky bags on January 1st.
And those that aren't will be having huge sales
So even if you're not interested in lucky bags, you can get some really good deals on single items as well
So cute.
Yay I got a pikachu hug! It's gonna be a good year!
And I got my two lucky bags.
There was no line at all.
So lucky...
He's embarassed because everyone's looking at him carrying the Pokemon Lucky Bags.
Oh my god, it's crazy in here guys!
I got the next one I was aiming for, Moussy!
I got one for me, and I got one for Taylor!
She's in Canada right now, so she can't do lucky bag shopping, so I'm trying to do it for her.
Even this sweets shop had lucky bags!
We're in the pet store now seeing if they have any New Year's deals.
They had some litter, but the price wasn't that good.
They do have lucky bags for cats!
Ok, I totally have to get one of these.
I'm going to get this one
These would look so cute on Maro omg.
He would hate me though.
Oh that would be so adorable.
He would hate these right?
Yeah Maro would hate it.
Aw these would be so cute.
Luna would like it, she wouldn't mind.
Do you think?
One of these would look so cute on her
Should we get one?
But I don't want that.
The bell sound?
Oh there might be a collar in the lucky bag.
Yeah it might have one, so...
The toy store was selling lucky bags, one for boys and one for girls.
I decided to go with the one for girls because I was hoping it would include some of these really fun DIY craft kits.
I love doing stuff like this.
So fingers crossed there's some of these inside.
All done shopping!
Now to fit everything in the car.
So these are all the lucky bags I got.
I got this one for the cats.
I got the 2 bags from the Pokemon Center that I'm super excited about.
I got this bag from the toy store, and I'm hoping for some DIY sets in there.
And I got this one clothing bag this year from one of the brands I really like called Moussy.
If you want to see what's inside all of my lucky bags this year, I will be opening them up over on my other channel, Sharmander.
So make sure you're subscribed over there!
And I will link all the videos at the end of this video when they are up, so keep an eye out for those!
Thanks for watching guys, and I'll see you soon! Bye!



JAPANESE LUCKY BAG SHOPPING 2017!! | 福袋 初売り 2017年

289 分類 收藏
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