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- Hey there, Chris here from IELTS Advantage
and in this lesson, what we're gonna look at
is the one thing that you need to consider
before booking your test.
So, if you're thinking of booking your test in the future,
watch this video because it's going to help you
avoid so many problems and I'm gonna reveal to you,
during this video, the one thing that you need
to think about before booking your test.
The reason why I'm making this video
is I was talking to a student today
and she has failed 11 times.
And I told her, immediately, just stop booking the test.
You are going to continue to fail
until you fix this thing, until you think about this thing.
And I talked to her
about the reasons why she kept booking the test
over and over and over and over again
and I asked her just one simple question,
were you ready for the test?
And she couldn't answer that question.
And it started to make me think about the reasons why
people book the test and the one thing
that they need to think about before booking the test
and most people just don't do this.
And speaking to her, she was in tears
because had spent thousands and thousands of dollars
on test fees, on teachers, she was getting a lot of problems
from her family who were putting pressure on her,
she felt like a failure, and she also talked
about missing out on the opportunity to move to Canada
and get the job that she wanted.
So, I'm sure that you have felt similar things to her
or you might be thinking of these things in the future
if you don't think about this one thing
that you need to think about.
So let's take it over to the board
and I'll explain it in a little bit more detail.
So when a student comes to me
and tells me they've failed the test,
the first question I ask them is why did you book the test?
And often they can't answer that question.
And then I try and break it down for them
and I say, okay, was your decision based on emotion
or was it based on logic?
Let's check out some of the common reasons
why people book the test
and think about whether they are based on emotion or logic.
So, common reason number one,
my husband, my wife, my father, my mother, my brother,
whoever, told me that I should book the test
or I have to get it done at some date or time
in the future and I booked it.
Is that based on emotion or logic?
So, the immigration department or the place
where I'm applying for a job told me
that I need to get it done at this time,
had a deadline, so I booked it.
FOMO, fear of missing out.
My friends were doing it, my auntie was doing it,
my cousin was doing it, they were all moving
to Australia or Canada and having a great life
and I didn't wanna miss out, so I booked the test.
I really knew that I was going to be lucky next time
and I hoped that I would get the score that I need.
Is that based on emotion or is it based on logic?
I hate this test, I have no idea what to do,
there's so much confusing information out there,
I have no idea what's going on.
Let's just book the test so that I can end this frustration.
Number six, exhaustion.
I've been doing this for so long,
looking at these boring textbooks,
looking at these boring YouTube videos,
I'm so exhausted, let's just book the test.
And number seven, the lure of a better life,
the attraction of a better life.
I see on Facebook all these people having an amazing time
after they passed their IELTS test
and they're living in this amazing country
and earning all this money.
I want that, so I'm gonna book the test.
All of these are based on what?
They're based on emotion.
Basing any decision, especially a life changing decision,
like whether to do the IELTS test or not,
basing that on emotion is a terrible idea.
We want to base it on logic.
And when we base it on logic,
we ask ourselves one question.
So the one thing, and the one thing only,
that you should be asking yourself is,
am I ready for the test?
That is a logical question with a logical answer.
It will either be yes or no.
If you are ready, you should book the test.
If you're not ready, you shouldn't book the test.
Now that sounds incredibly simple
and straightforward and obvious,
but when I speak to students,
these are the reasons they give me,
99.9999% give me these reasons.
So if this is so obvious and so simple
and so straightforward, why do students not do it?
Well, they'll often ask the question,
how do I know I'm ready?
I have no idea whether I will pass or not.
Why are you telling me something that I can't answer?
I can't answer this question.
Well you can.
It's really, really simple.
What you need to do for listening and reading,
are you consistently getting the score you need
in practice under exam conditions?
So you get, let's say, at least three practice tests.
Do them under exam conditions and DIY, do it yourself.
You can check your scores, so if you need a seven,
and you are consistently getting a seven or above
in listening and reading, you're ready for the test.
If you're not, you're not ready
and you need to fix those little things
that will get you up to the score that you need.
So that's DIY, do it yourself.
You can check your own scores.
You don't need anyone to help you
with your listening and reading, in terms of that.
Speaking and writing, same thing.
Are you consistently getting the score you need
in practice under exam conditions?
Not that you got about seven one time
and you're magically going to do that on test day,
that at least, you know, three or four times
you've done both task one and task two under exam conditions
and you've got the score that you need.
But you need to find an expert for this,
a real expert, not somebody who calls themselves an expert,
but somebody who has proven results
and has the experience and the qualifications
to look at your writing or listen to your speaking
and say, yes, you are ready or no, you're not ready.
In order to be ready, you need to do x, y and zed.
Again, incredibly simple, incredibly straightforward,
but 99.99% of students just do not follow this advice.
But if you do this one thing,
then you are going to be ready for the test
and you're not going to fail over and over and over again
and save yourself so much time,
so much stress, so much effort.
So your next question is probably,
I know that I'm not at that level yet,
what can I do to get to that level?
So you might be at a six or 6.5
and you need a seven or above
and you just have no idea how to actually improve.
So I'm gonna do two things for you.
One, I'll give you a free course,
our free fundamentals course,
that will show you the absolute fundamental principles
of writing, speaking, listening and reading.
You can check that out in the description.
There's a link there, just click below
and you'll be able to instantly gain access to that for free
and that will help you understand exactly
what you need to do in order to move up
and get the score that you need, 100% for free.
Or you might have some specific questions,
you might know your weaknesses
or you might just have no idea what to do
and you have a question about that.
Check out my email address below and send me an email.
We read every single email.
Either myself or my team responds to every single email
and we look forward to hearing from you.
And in the comments below,
have you based any of your decisions, to book the test
or anything related to IELTS, in relation to emotion?
It would be great to hear your stories
and put them in the comments below.
We reply to every single comment.
Or if you have a question, put it in the comments below
or if you just wanna say hi or thank you
or not, tell us the video was terrible, whatever,
just put it in the comments below.
And if you've enjoyed this video, it's totally free.
All we ask is give it a like if you liked it
or if you didn't like it, give it a dislike
to let us know that you don't like it.
Thanks very much guys
and if you want more information about the IELTS test,
check out our website, ieltsadvantage.com,
or if you wanna watch more videos,
here are a couple somewhere on the screen here.
Thanks very much and see you again soon.
Bye bye.


你知道準備雅斯需要準備什麼嗎..... (You know you're READY for the IELTS test when...)

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