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  • Internet news: The armed conflict between Ecuador and Peru

  • has been prolonged and the tension is growing.

  • The U.S. expressed a stance to strengthen the military presence in Colombia.

  • Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Venezuela protested against it.

  • The president of Argentine, Ricardo, stated,

  • "We must regard the decision made by the U.S."

  • "as a sign of intervention by military forces."

  • I heard Venezuela will declare war against Columbia

  • once the U.S. troops step into Peru.

  • So it would be a disaster if they found out where we are now.

  • At this rate the world may sink into chaos.

  • It might be something inevitable in history.

  • But if there is a different future,

  • tonight will be a watershed moment.

  • We'll take out the enemy in the shadows.

  • The world will never find out about this battle.

  • I just want to prove my own pride.

  • I'd risk my life for it.

  • Ready to fly.

  • No strategy better than analysis, no tactic better than discipline.

  • And the advantage of strategy and tactics can never be overturned by numbers.

  • We've waited for seven years to deliver the outcome today.

  • Bowman: All the Ravens have landed.

  • Bowman: Three minutes of delay.

  • Catch up! Move!

  • Squadsmen: Aye, sir!

  • Miyajima: Damn! They've moved up the plan.

  • Fernando: What should we do?

  • No choice but to deliver it immediately.

  • We can make it.

  • Loewner: Changing clothes in front of the enemy?

  • Bowman: Cool it, marine! Remember the training.

  • Raven to FedEx.

  • Requesting express delivery of Package-02.

  • Sending delivery location.

  • Divide into two teams. I will infiltrate their line.

  • Raven 2, follow me.

  • Miyajima: Aye, sir. Right behind you.

  • Bowman: They're quick!

  • Miyajima: Is it the Outcast Brigade, just as we thought?

  • Bowman: They're too good to be Ecuadorian troops.

  • It has to be.

  • Miyajima: Shit!

  • We're in deep shit, aren't we?

  • Bowman: No. Don't let them retreat.

  • Fight to your last breath, marine!

  • Bowman: Shit. We're facing the limit.

  • Fernando: Did you miss me?

  • Miyajima: That was a close call.

  • Bowman: Let's finish them!

  • Miyajima: Aye aye, sir.

  • Loewner: Sniper!

  • Fernando: Damn! Hole in the radar!

  • Use it as a shield! Move!

  • Fernando: Damn! I remember seeing this in an ANIME.

  • Loewner: Have they gone?

  • Bowman: No. It's just begun.

Internet news: The armed conflict between Ecuador and Peru


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