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  • 'Each' and 'every'.

  • Sometimes you can use either, but not always.

  • In a group,

  • 'each' refers to individual things in turn.

  • 'Every' refers to all the things together.

  • If I have time,

  • I say 'bye' to each of my colleagues.

  • If I don't,

  • I say 'bye' to every colleague at the same time.

  • If we have two things, we have to use 'each'.

  • If we have three or more, we can use 'each' or 'every'.

  • I have a shoe on each foot.

  • Lions have sharp claws on each or every paw.

  • 'Each' can be used as a pronoun, while 'every' can't.

  • Look at those cakes! I want a slice of each!

  • 'Every' object is together. 'Each' object is on its own.

  • 'Each' is for two or more. 'Every' is for three or more.

  • 'Each' can be a pronoun and 'every' can't.

'Each' and 'every'.


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如何使用each and every - 英語一分鐘--------。 (How to use each and every - English In A Minute)

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