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  • Aww Yeah! Today we are learning English

  • with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

  • You know, this was actually one of my favorite books and movies

  • of the Harry Potter series because it's kind of when we start seeing the characters

  • becoming adults.

  • And so the movie had a bit more of a level of maturity than the first two.

  • And, by the way, if you're new here, every single week we help you

  • to understand fast-speaking natives

  • without getting lost, without missing the jokes,

  • and without subtitles.

  • Just like Daniel, who says that he thinks we are the number one channel for learning English.

  • And we're excited to join you on your journey to English fluency too,

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  • Now, let's roll over to Hogwarts!

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  • Hey, Harry Potter fan! If you are a muggle who is fascinated with the Wizarding World,

  • then be sure to check out all of our lessons featuring Harry Potter

  • in this playlist after you finish this lesson.

  • Aww Yeah! I hope you had a lot of fun joining me in the Wizarding World today!

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  • Now, it's time to go beyond the classroom and LIVE your English!

  • Aww Yeah!

Aww Yeah! Today we are learning English


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B1 中級 英國腔

通過《哈利波特與阿茲卡班的囚徒》學習英語。 (Learn English with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

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