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  • Chris Hill: Ford Motors sales in the fourth quarter were strong in North America.

  • Unfortunately for shareholders, Ford also sales vehicles in other parts of the world,

  • and that's not going very well these days, Ron.

  • Ron Gross: No. Is there any reason to get excited about owning a stock like Ford or GM?

  • I have a hard time coming up with one, unless you get into the value investing argument.

  • In this case, there's too much that you would need to bet on.

  • They've got to really turn this business around.

  • The restructuring is ongoing around the globe, China, Europe.

  • They're getting bigger on trucks and SUVs in the U.S.

  • There's an $11 billion restructuring overseas, it's going to take several years to complete that.

  • Who knows how successful it'll be? They're cutting $25 billion in costs by 2020.

  • There's a lot to come here. It's hard to say what's going to happen.

  • They declined to give profit guidance for 2019, but they tried to dance around and make

  • some comments, which left investors a little unpleased, unfulfilled.

  • This is one, I'd watch it and take some interest in it, but I would not want to own it.

  • Hill: I'm not saying he's necessarily on the hot seat, but Jim Hackett's been the CEO of

  • Ford Motor for about a year and a half. The stock's down 20% during that time.

  • It really seems like if that guy and his executive team have any rabbits that they can pull out

  • of their respective hats, this would be the year to do it.

  • Gross: Yeah, but it's tough to do that.

  • You take the reins of something that's kind of a mess, and you have to set up expectations,

  • where you say, "I'm going to come in here and do my best, but you have to give me several

  • years because I can't turn something like this on a dime."

  • Jason Moser: Any chance these guys go knocking back on Alan Mullaly's door at one point or another?

  • "Hey, are you interested in part two?" Gross: [laughs] You never know!

Chris Hill: Ford Motors sales in the fourth quarter were strong in North America.


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