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Beyond the runway shows and models of New York and Paris is a woman who is giving everyone a shot at the fashion world spotlight.
In the last decade, fashion has really transformed.
31-year-old entrepreneur Amber Venz Box has been called the queen bee of social media influencers.
Actually looks totally gorgeous.
Only seven years ago she was a struggling fashion stylist.
One of my friends' parents said, "okay, you're going to be a fashion stylist, but like how are you going to actually support yourself?"
I remember that making me so mad.
Amber started noticing her impeccable taste would inspire followers online and eventually fashion companies wanted to sponsor her.
Together with her now husband Baxter, they developed a company called Reward Style, a way for social media tastemakers to make money by partnering with all kinds of brands.
Those relationships driving a billion dollars worth of sales.
Influencer wasn't a word when we started Reward Style.
And now it's something that almost every marketer in the world is talking about.
One of the influencers who joined the network is 58-year-old Kathy Williamson who reinvented herself with her blog called "the middle page."
Just because you're a certain age, you can reinvent yourself, and try something new.
I mean, even if it fails, try something new.
Amber's network is now a book, "Stories from The Influencer Next Door" highlighting the growing community of 30,000 everyday people, many of them women.
There's this real desire for that, kind of authenticity and unique personal style that has evolved over the last ten years.
Transforming trendsetters into online entrepreneurs, Kate Snow, NBC News.
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看網路名人如何翻轉時尚產業! (How Influencers Are Transforming The Fashion Industry | NBC Nightly News)

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