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Hey guys hello from Tokyo, it's such a nice day today, so I figured I'd take my eating outside
Super please - it looks pretty good
I'm on my way to a
street market called ameyoko
And this is a recommendation from my buddy John from only in Japan in this market if you break the name down I may also
Stands for America and that's because right after the World War two a lot of American goods were sold here
So this used to be the site of a black market also, ameyoko is short for a maiya
Yokocho which means candy alley because apparently candy was was also sold here
Today this market is home to over a hundred and eighty store selling everything from bags to clothing to groceries
Of course, of course, there's food here
that's why I'm here and I'm here on the weekend which might not be the best place to be there because it is
Crowded but I'm starving. So I'm just gonna walk around and see what they're seeing eat
It's really a mix of different types of who's here you got kebabs
Chinese food, why should I Chinese food looks really really good here
There's actually a ton of Chinese food places and they all look really really good. That's the prompt
Okay, I gotta walk around and see what does she eat. This is the scouting part of the food adventure
This is really interesting the mushrooms
there's they sell a lot of these mushrooms here and the price goes up from 3,000 yen all the way to
30000 yen on the top. Basically that's a $300 mushroom. These are called matsutake mushrooms
They're basically Japan's truffle and there's still so $4,000 a pound. I've never had one
I'm sure it's guys swish out a kitchen I cook so much
So start out with some takoyaki haven't had talked to here since I came to Japan
We got to fix that this place meaning a toy a huge line for their takoyaki
And this might look a lot different than the ones you've had in Japan or anywhere else because these don't really have anything on them
No saws, no bonito flakes. And that's because they have all the sauces and condiments. Here you out of yourself
Okay, my god don't make the same mistake I did for holding my mouth not smashing to do no push me on the outside
Nice and gooey who loved the octopus this is ultimate Japanese comfort food right here
Whenever I add in my own colonies before so I might have messed up a little bit
But I like the fact you can add as much communal place as you want
Not if you flush this hot dog place in the next door, and they sell some crazy-looking hot dogs
Oh, no, I mean I kind of feel like I want that thing right there. Here it is
This is my corn dog with the potatoes all stuck on the outside like a body armor and am I supposed to coconut powder sugar?
soy bean coconut
This one better, okay, so they recommended the coconut powder sugar
I'm just gonna add some ketchup
And maybe some honey mustard
So here it is
My freakin dog with with potatoes. I have one of these in Korea. There's a pretty good number one, which is pure cheese
Whoa, I was gonna shave
That's actually really delicious that's the modular cheese in there though
It's nice and slightly sweet potatoes are basically french fries. If you're gonna get Dutch to definitely recommend the ketchup
I really do like the sugary element as well. It's basically a really substantial
Potato we mozzarella stick. I
Know for a fact that
My life span has decreased after you English. I got no regrets this
I mean, it looks crazy, but you should definitely get one way in come here. Oh
I love tea shops Oh
Love good matcha green tea perfect doctor some food a lot of fruits here and look at this. Great 3000. Yeah. Yeah. Hi
I'm getting myself some great
I think I gotta try some of this Chinese food and all the Chinese stalls here. They essentially sell the same thing
It's really weird. They sell down P, which is a Seon thing then they sell
Doesn't sell shim Geum ball or camp fried dumplings and that's a Shanghai thing
So all sorts of different Chinese food items but each stall pretty much sells the same stuff
I got some fried buns and I got some lamb stores. There's some pig's feet. Why not go ham fried buns sesame on the outside
Let's see here. This is very important. Okay?
It's nice nice and crispy on the bottom. That's really really important. Oh, that's funny
So the top of the bun you see the spiral the top of the bun is the part that's fried here
I've never seen that so this is the bottom of the bun and then got some pigs feet
This a lot of collagen is great for your skin
Ladies love them and guys if you want a fair complexion you lead them to pleasure you mean
Was larger than I thought this is good, this is a juicy little oh wow
So that's super filling inside the outside nice and crispy dough ways in white
Chewy is not too heavy pretty light and it sucked up the nice fat from the pork so s actually really tasty and no team
Really shocked about this I kitchen. I mean I did not expect this to be good. I didn't
User must get bunched if you ever come to this market got some stores because I can't say notice you're not
As mind-blowing ice a little buns but few things are alike, let's go good done finally got some tried pockets with eggs
This is a classic dish one of my all-time favorites
Always go throw up now. There's nice
Crispy, really crispy on the outside nice and it gave extremely fresh chives. Alright despite
This fruit stand was right next door. Couldn't forget how good the melon tastes last. I'm obviously isn't that $150 million, but stuff
Yeah, Japan has the juiciest sweetest melons
That's right now this is where you should get I feel like this market
It's really really good for seafood in terms of places to eat
Um, there are little restaurants around here, but just counting beat the actual food stalls in this market
There's not a lot so I'm gonna want to rather more
But let's keep looking. Oh this place see that line. That's all for March ice cream
I'm gonna get to it as soon as I walk in the door the green tea smells just
Pummeling it's not so good
This is the matcha. It's March ice cream
I've ever had this is such concentrated matcha flavor and it's yummy
I've had a lot of March ice cream in my day
This is just so incredibly fragrant. I know they didn't make this here probably but this cone is really nice, too. I
Love this very Masha. I
Have to I'm sorry. And by the way
The shop is over there. Even from here. I could smell the March of it
This place serves some meats cook head some colors I
Hear me I see meats
Let's go get some meat. So he's saying this is the number one. There's the most popular beef import. I
Got two of these croquettes one is potato one is beef and pork. I think this is a visit of potato one
Is so soft not at all
What I expected I thought was like I thought I would taste like a potato knish or maybe like a fried potato pancakes sure thing
The outside is fried. Perfect. It's such a great crunch and then the inside it's almost like mashed potato on the inside. Gooey
Fini flavored extremely. Well, I'm gonna add a little sauce to it
Little this is like a moisture mixture Sasha
This is what I'm waiting for, this is our number one bestseller fried cook care with beef and pork inside
Shut the front gate oh my gosh, this is a work of art right here because I can meet pie again
The outside is just tremendous. I mean as crispy as fried but doesn't feel too oily and really juicy, too
The inside the meat is almost a softest potatoes you love the onions love the fat from the pork actually check this out
I'm gonna combine the meat 1 and the potato with me
Jump potatoes. Well, that's a complete meal right here Oh
This whole area I mean just walk around it's not just a straight walk way of the market just tons of restaurants
Izakayas stores everything I've eaten so far today. It's been amazing. I see skewers during a ton of these izakaya place
I'm gonna go into one and round up some skewers
I'm in exactly 20 place. I've no idea what's called, but it is
I'm waiting right now and
I'm in a I'm in a long wait line right now
Ok there though. Finally got it after about an hour. I know the problem is
The entire menus Japanese. I think I'm at a good place. This is like very very local
Place, they don't really have English. Maybe they have to dig up this English menu for me. It's not readily available
Yeah, each skewer is about a dollar
Some a little more expensive
I think these this is the assorted pork skewers grilled peppers leeks
This is another fatty pork dial water. I don't even know what this is, but I'm here calling my name right now
This thing is just covered in garlic or ginger
I'll let you guys know
Liver is awesome
Love love liver low hard on the outside you look at that. That's the good kind of crushed pig stomach
Much I think this is enough Safa cos or something
That's super crunchy every one of these skewers so far such an awesome charcoal smoke flavor to them
So small to everything is beyond amazingly delicious, this is so so good there's a reason this restaurant is packed
I came in at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I waited for this hour in line
Oh leeks are so juicy you can taste the flames in every single bite. Wow
This is some kind of steak just covering I think this is ginger actually oh
My god, oh
As a witness in Boise. Oh my god. Oh, thank you and I was wrong. This is not ginger
It's radish. So there's juice from the meat and cheese from the radish. Do not waste that that
Betty should never ever be wasted
There's a way to jagat rescue us oh
This is pork a lot of fatty pork this has got a such a huge umami flavor
So I'm kind of soy sauce glaze on top of this this thing is juicy. All right. I'm eating meat all day
I gotta have some veggies
The pepper becomes sweet and smoky
I think this place is good because I don't see any tourists and I had to wait in line for about an hour at five
o'clock in the afternoon
My last one the king of all dog Ettore skewers. There's just
Nothing because nothing even comes close to this. Everything is so delicious already, but this is still the king
Oh so sighs fine, all right Oh
Looks I'll leave here but one of the most satisfying meals I've had here I had to come back for another matcha cone
My favorite watch our ice cream this this is a great way to wrap up this fun food day
Hmm honestly not a single bat poo Adam today, which is really rare
Especially what I'm just like walking around me and places. I'd never been to before the food guys
Definitely smile down upon me today for sure. I think
This might be it. No, I just have to go back in
Food coma or to go to gym or something, but I'm gonna walk around there's more stuff. I finally eat
How does you guys know? If not, I'll put all the place that went to my description box below
Thank you all so much for watching this video of toe it again
I'm winning totally forgot about the grapes
These are massive, I mean they look like huge marbles $30 for these
Okay these amazing
That are so sweet
Hopefully shoujo ship no seas, not all I'm not even much of a fruit person but this
You banana has a good grape, please look at the size of this thing
This is actually so worth it. Oh really really amazing the fruits they have in this country
I don't know how they grow them. Maybe sprinkle with a little bit of Japanese fairy does I don't know how to do it
But all the fruits in this country is so much better than any other fruits anywhere else
I barely eat much Rupe. Excellent. You wish and I think about it. Look Jeff. I be eating fruits every single day
I got to go back really awesome food that thanks again so much for watching. Bye


Japan STREET FOOD TOUR of Ameyoko Market in Tokyo Japan

113 分類 收藏
Mayu Okuuchi 發佈於 2019 年 12 月 10 日
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