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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 177. The verb phrase today is " take
in" and we have 10 meanings and uses for the verb phrase " take in . " It's a very common
verb phrase and it could have many different meanings. All right. We'll give
at least one example maybe two for each use here. So let's look at the first one. The
first one means to allow someone to live in one's home. Okay. After my sister lost
her job and got kicked out of her apartment
I took my sister and her children in and they lived with me for three years. Okay.
So you took them in. You allowed them to live in your house. This is the first use
that we have of to take in. Okay. Let's look at number two here. To understand or
appreciate something that one is experiencing. All right. We got two for
this one. Let's look at the first one. Let's sit for a few minutes I want to
take in the view. So this is what you're experiencing and you want to appreciate
it. You want to appreciate the view. So you want to take in the view. Okay. And
the second one here is ... They use too many technical words and I couldn't take it
all in. So this one is understand. It means you couldn't understand it all. You
couldn't take it all in. Your brain couldn't absorb it all. Maybe the words
were too technical. Okay the third meaning here. To admit somebody usually
in to you know, with an institution like schools are an institution. The example
here we use is with a hospital. So here's the example. That hospital is completely
full. Maybe they don't have any beds left. They are not taking in any more
patients. So they're not allowing any more to come in. They're not admitting
any more. Okay. Number four. To make one's clothes smaller narrower or shorter. Okay.
So here's the example I bought this beautiful dress in ... at a second
hands store. But it was the wrong size. So I took it to a tailor and had it taken
in. So maybe she made it either shorter or he made it smaller. So it could fit her
better. Okay. Number five. To enter or flow in or allow in . All right. So here you say
my basement took in a foot of water due to a flood. So I don't know maybe you
know a lot of rain or maybe a river overflowed or something. And whatever it
is it caused your basement to fill up with some water. So your basement took in
a foot of water and then of course you would have to trouble having to get rid
of that or get it out and hopefully it'll dry up and not do too much damage.
All right. All right. And here we also have flowers need to take in sunlight. So
absorb .... they allow them. So the flowers allow sunlight in. They absorb the
sunlight. So they flowers can take in sunlight. Okay. Good.
Let's look at the next one here. Number six. To bring something to a place for
repair or a person for treatment or maybe even an animal for treatment. Okay.
I heard some strange noises coming from my engine. So I took it in. So I took it in
the service station and had it checked out. Yeah. So you took it in or into the
service station and had them look at it. Okay. Good or maybe you could, ... you know,
take an animal you know , take an animal in. You know, like in a vet or something.
And have them checked out too. Okay. Number seven here. To admit or receive a guest
or an employee you know, into your home. Also
sure. So we say they had difficulty raising four children. So they had to
take in a full-time nanny or a babysitter. So maybe they took one in
they had them live there too. So they took into it but she's an employee. This
time somebody working for you. Okay. Good number eight. To inhale or
breathe in. You take in air like that. So let's go hiking and take in some fresh
air. Okay good. All right and number nine. We could say to bring somebody to a police
station or arrest them. Yeah. So here's the example the police took in that
suspect for questioning. They took him in. They took him into the police station and
asked him a lot of questions. Okay or maybe they can take somebody in and
arrest them too. All right. Number ten here. To be taken in by. All right. This one's
slightly different because you got take in and you also followed it by, by. So if
you're taken in by someone or something it means that you had cheated or
swindled by them. All right here's the last example. She was
taken in by a phone scam. You know, maybe they called her up and they convinced her
to wire some money for some reason. Yeah. in Asia , they used to have a lot of the
ones where you know maybe they used to tell somebody that their child was
kidnapped and they heard a child crying and you know they just had to find
somebody that really had a you know either a grandchild or a child and they
might get nervous and they panic and they actually wire money and they get
taken in and when this never really was a kidnapping.
But anyway. So you could be taken in by a scam or you could be taken in by some
trick. Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I hope it
was informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (177) Take In (10 Meanings )

33 分類 收藏
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