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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 87. Today we're going to cover
the origin of the term "sealed with a kiss' and X being a symbol of kisses.
Yeah. So let's look at the note here. I've often wondered why X is a symbol for
several things that we use in English and this ... this , this video will , will
explain some of them. So let's look at the note here. Sometimes you may see
letters to loved ones signed with X's and O's, meaning hugs and kisses. Yeah. I can
remember as a kid thinking why are X's supposed to be kisses ? Where did that come from ?
I guess the" O" for a hug makes a little more sense because maybe it's kind of
circular. You know, when you hug someone but I always remember thinking that why
is an X a kiss ? Well, what's the connection ? All right. Let's continue here.
Sometimes people may use the abbreviation SWAK.
I guess S-W-A- K as sealed with a kiss, instead of writing the words seal for the
kiss. We also cannot forget X or xxx is a symbol for a dirty movie in which there
is supposed to be a lot of kissing and this is another thing later on I kind of
wondered why did they say like an X-rated movie ? Where did this X come from ?What is
X have to do with sex ? Maybe you know, you you might have a thought maybe it
has to do with the X on the word at the end of the word sex. But no. That's not it.
it was connected to the idea of kissing Well let's continue. The origin in this
phrase and practice goes back to the Bible ironically. St. Andrew one of the
Apostles of Jesus was sentenced to death by crucifixion for spreading
Christianity. Yeah, especially in the early days, being a Christian was a
dangerous thing. It could cost you your life to try to spread the religion.
However, he requested an x-shaped cross because he did not consider himself worthy
to die the same way as Jesus. So he knew was going to be crucified , but he didn't
want to be crucified straight up. He wanted it to be kind of on a sideways
angle because he didn't think he was worthy like Jesus. So this is where the
X comes in. So it's an x-shaped cross. Kind of like
sideways. Okay Let's continue. During the Middle Ages most people were illiterate.
You know, most people didn't know how to read or write and could not even sign
their own names on contracts. In order to make the contract legal the signer
used an X. This is another thing I used to wonder about. You see this in cowboy days
where people just use an X like you used to think well how do they know the
difference ? I mean anybody can do an X. How do you know that belongs to
that person ? But that's what they used to do to represent St. Andrew. So that's
where the X came from. So when they didn't know how to write their own name
and they wrote an X, it was supposed to represent St. Andrew. And to prove their
honesty and sincerity they would kiss the X. Okay. To seal the deal. So this is
where if we get sealed with a kiss. So they wrote the X and then they kissed it.
I don't know how did they recognize their lip prints ? I don't know. I'm not sure to
seal the deal. Thus the phrase sealed with a kiss was born. So this is where it
actually came from. All right. And all right let's just give one
example here. She signed the letter to her boyfriend sealed with a kiss. Yes.
Some people actually write it out or they may use you know S-W-A-K and then
left the impression of her lips with lipstick. Yeah. So maybe she was wearing
lipstick and she actually kissed the letter you know, kind of a romantic thing
to do. So anyway. So now you know, so now you know kind of where the X came from
for people. You know, signing when they don't know how to sign their own name Why X
is connected to the idea of kissing. Yeah. Why we why we use X for X-rated movies.
Okay. Well, anyway. I hope you got it . I hope you found it informative.
Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


Tutor Nick P Word Origins (87) Sealed with a Kiss or the Letter X Being a Symbol for Kisses

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