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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 176. The verb phrase today is get
by. Okay. We got five meanings of "get by" today and five uses and we give an example
for each one of them. All right. So let's look at the first one. If someone is
getting by he or she is living with the minimum amount of necessity. So they're
kind of like just surviving. So let's look at the first one. The first one is an a/b
answer. So A is asking B, how are you managing after being downsized ?Remember
if you got downsized, it means you got fired. Usually not your fault. Usually it was
because you know, the company just ran out of work or they closed down or
something like that. And B says I am just barely getting by on what I received
from unemployment. So she is able to go to unemployment. She gets something but of
course, that's a lot less than the amount she was being paid when she was working.
So of course she's just getting by on that. On her regular job she had more than
enough spending money, but on unemployment you're just getting by.
You're just able to barely pay your bills and live from week to week. You're
just getting by on the basic necessities. Okay. Number two here. To get something or
to get past something, especially an obstacle or something in your way. Okay.
So we got one example here. I cannot get by that double-parked car. It is blocking
the road. Yeah. I mean well of course this would be probably a very small road, but if
somebody is double parked they're parked in the streets. And they're blocking the
street where the other cars are supposed to be driving by. So he can't get by this
car because this car is double parked. It's in his way , he can't get by it. Okay.
Number three here. To perform well enough not to fail. Okay. So maybe somebody's
asking about you know your son or your daughter.
He is just barely getting by. He only got a score of 62. So you know,
most school 62 that's, that's just really barely passing. It's like a D. That's not...
that's still a bad score, but it's not failing. It's not an F. I think below a
sixty would probably be an F. But 62 only couple points ahead.
So you just barely are passing. So just very close to failing . All right. Number four,
to get something passed someone without being noticed.
Okay. Good he tried to get by customs with a kilo of marijuana. You know drugs,
illegal drugs of course. But he got caught. So they found him. So yeah, especially
trying to get something by someone. You hope that you don't get caught or you
hope that you don't get noticed. Then and if you're successful, then you've got it
by them. They didn't catch you. They didn't notice it. Of course in this case,
they did. All right number five. To succeed at a minimal level. You know, again just
barely. So somebody might ask another person you know, how's business going ? And
he says business these days is not great. But we are getting by. Again we're
surviving. We're paying our bills. You know, we're not making a lot of money , but
we're not going out of business either. We're just barely kind of surviving/
We're getting by. Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it's
clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (176) Get By - Five Meanings

25 分類 收藏
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