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00:00:02,130 --> 00:00:04,490 In the security world, obviously encryption
is extremely important.
We want to be able to make sure data that
is sent across the internet is something
that only I am able to see and the web
servers are able to see.
So, for web pages we use a number of different encryption
technologies to be able to do this.
You'll see this often represented
as HTTPS, which is our Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the S
on the end and S means secure, which
means that's an encrypted connection.
So, what you're doing is essentially
setting up that encrypted link to that web server
and it's using an encryption method called
TLS, which is commonly called SSL, although that's not
technically an accurate representation of what this is.
But when somebody says, "I have SSL
encryption on my web server," that
is what they're referring to.
It's able to then do HTTPS.
Now, this Transport Layer Security,
and some people still call it Secure Sockets Layer,
is what's really doing the hardcore
encryption for our server.
SSL was an encryption technology created by Netscape way
back in the day, and it was updated
and a standard was created by the Internet Engineering Task
Force, the IETF, that updated it and created
a new name for it called TLS.
So, we can see that that's a little bit different than SSL.
Now, the reality is that the web servers
that you're connecting to are really
encrypting the data with TLS.
Even if they say on the web server,
"This is SSL encrypted data," it's
really TLS that's doing It.
And the way you can tell is to go to your browser,
and there's a lock on your browser
that shows you that the data is encrypted,
and that's the method that's being used in your browser
to be able to do that.
This technology is also used in things outside of the browser,
and you don't have to use HTTPS and that TLS encryption
in the browser, third-party applications
can use those as well.
It's an encryption technology and something
that's very easy to implement because the libraries are
open and available for anybody to use.
So people will sometimes use this to hide information
from the security folks.
Because they're using their own devices
with their own encryption certificates,
you don't have access to be able to see some of those things
So, if you see a large amount of SSL or TLS
type traffic on your network and you're wondering,
"Where's that coming from?
Where's it going to?
I don't recognize it," you may want
to look a little bit deeper and find out
what's really happening on that particular link
of communication between those two machines.


傳輸層安全性協定 (HTTPS and TLS/SSL - CompTIA Security+ SY0-401: 1.4)

106 分類 收藏
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