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  • Rain just wont cease to fall

  • But you don't seem to care at all

  • I've been waiting patiently

  • For your love to come to me

  • Sitting alone in my misery

  • Now all I feel is pain

  • And I refuse to keep playing this game

  • I gave my life, my love to you

  • Now you leave me black and blue

  • Dying inside, can't get you outta my mind

  • How can you just break my heart and say goodbye

  • You told me that you loved me baby so tell me why

  • Said I'm in your heart if I made your dreams come true

  • So I betrayed myself to be the man for you

  • So why am I still by your side after all these lies

  • And why does it still break my heart to see you cry

  • All I want is for you to have the perfect life

  • Even if you're not mine

Rain just wont cease to fall


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A2 初級 美國腔

背叛 英文版(Bei Pan ) Jason Chen

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