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hello everybody I already have 100,000 subscribers thank you I'm a very happy
In this occasion I will show you how I make video clip. At the beginning I'm doing
an intro. I make the intro on this website
uploading photo
and now I need to change the background
click preview and download
next step is making 3d model
I'm copying logo from Adobe Photoshop to Inventor. Now I'm drawn logo and next
and next extrude. This is my logo
I change material on weld stainless steel
Now I'm making green screen
this is the animation of my logo
I'm checking this settings and click render
it will take a few minutes now
launching Adobe Premiere. I put everything on the
timeline removing green screen and change settings pasting video and fireworks
And finally I'm adding the end screen
And that's all
Sometimes the latest video is blocked by youtube
If video clips is long or new I have to make cuts a lot of cuts
For example in this video about Godzilla I cut out people in another video
I just pasted funny scenes.
You like watching fights and battles and hot lady
Maybe in the future I will give you more hot ladies
Do you like my intro
Please leave a comment below. Thanks for watching


Best Movie Trailer - THANK YOU!!! making video on youtube

30 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2019 年 12 月 5 日
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