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good morning good morning guys greetings from puerto madryn argentina what are we
doing today we are going on an exciting day trip we're going to be driving out
to peninsula valdes this we're just sitting outside our hotel waiting for
the tour bus to arrive and then we'll be on our way
the morning kicked off bright and early with the tour van picking us up at our
hotel by en wave at 8 a.m. we actually went on two different tours of the
peninsula with Argentina vision but today we're going to show you the first
excursion which focused on punta norte where we saw sea lions and elephant
seals and estancia san lorenzo so where we encountered Penguins by the thousands
alright guys so we are now in peninsula valdes we stopped and paid the entrance
fee it's six hundred fifty pesos for international visitors three hundred and
thirty-four Argentines and one hundred if you're from this province from chubut
boat so not bad the landscapes have been really cool so far we're driving through
Patagonian steppe which is basically kind of flat dry arid land the vegetation
it's kind of like small shrubs and bushes and this is because we are
surrounded by ocean so the air is very salty they were telling us here that the
only trees that grow here are around the estancia's and they've been planted and
they also have to be watered so yeah it's been a really cool Drive so far
we've seen guanacos which I'm loving we got to see them jumping fences so
they're very agile so yeah this is the landscape we are surrounded by and right
now we've just stopped at a museum so we're gonna go check it out there's also
a look at a point we can climb so that is our first official stop of the day
central ABC fantasy east no godless emoji no is an interpretation Center
located right at the entrance of peninsula valdes they have different
displays that showcase a local flora and fauna and it's a great place to get a
quick introduction to the peninsula here we saw the skeleton of a southern right
whale and the killer whale it was a quick but informative stop and then we
talked back on the bus and continued on our drive
alright guys so we have now made it to Punta North it's a bit windy out here
but we have come to see elephant seals and sea lions we can only view them from
a cliff because they are protected species but they're down at the beach
we're gonna use Sam's lens to get a better look at them another thing to
mention it kind of sound like sheep they're making quite a bit of noise down
there and they sound just like sheep
seeing as it was almost lunchtime we then drove to estancia San Lorenzo where
the in-house restaurant specializes in Patagonian lamb
so it is lunchtime right now and we are eating at estancia san lorenzo so we
placed our order for the main we're having menu de campo
yes is a country menu basically it comes with lamb salad and bread we do have a
bread basket already in front of us we've also ordered two empanada with
meat they also had competition which is tomato cheese and we have some wine red
wine sure cheers to that make their own wine here you can actually buy a bottle
of it for ten of US dollars oh I did not know that and the quality is really good
i had two step already to 36 degrees today guys
wowsers and we've ordered a dessert to share it we're going to be having none
yes we have an industrial-strength fan to cool off with oh my gosh guys I'm
hungry although walking around okay so I'm
gonna try the meat empanada I think they're Carne empanadas of advance
yes nice big and plump
the piping hot I've just been freshly made we're
certainly taste like that tons of meat inside which is really juicy it's a
perfect way to start a meal kind of empanadas if you haven't had them in
Argentina are like kind of the perfect appetizer for you you can also turn them
into a proper snack or meal themselves q3 for four or five of them it's a real
it's a filling meal for Sherriff's all the time so we've got mixed salad lots
of different ingredients tomatoes cabbage carrots carrots before the meat
arrived our guide explained that the lamb bog peninsula valdes has a very
unique flavor due to the salinity in the air which permits the vegetation and is
then consumed by the sheath this in turn makes the meat a bit more salty or at
least that's what we were told either way it was a great meal and now the lamb
has arrived we have a mix of different cuts of meat yes as you can see here on
this massive ladder does it everything a little piece so we can try
how is it very nice juicy tender and also got these little bones these ribs I
believe don't just get in there get in there
that's how you do it tasty very very nice and then for dessert we shared a
delicious flan with dulce de leche
now guys it is time to see the penguin
the shores of estancia San Lorenzo are home to the largest Magellanic penguin
colony in the world with an estimated 600,000 penguins during peak season
we are now walking down to the beach but all around this penguins are just
marching going about their business they're not scared of humans there's a
trail marked by white stones that weaves through the penguin colony one thing to
keep in mind is that penguins always have the right of way and that visitors
have to keep at least a metres distance from them we walk through the colony and
observe their nests which are dug into the ground typically under shrubs and
bushes where they can get a little bit of shade
look at this guy's thousands of penguins all along the beach
back on the bus guzzling water what did you think of the Penguins Oscar's out
there well the pingas were fantastic it was so
cool to see them kind of in their natural environment like this it's
really the first experience of this kind I mean when we saw them in South Africa
I mean cheers they were in their natural environment but I felt this was a much
more like quieter smallest yeah just there's fantastic if you haven't by the
thousands here in South of Sarah you know I hate by the water
after visiting the Penguins we hopped back in the van and continued to the
seaside town of Puerto Piramides this this is the only town on the whole
peninsula and the place we would be calling home for the next few nights
alright guys so we have arrived in the town of Puerto Piramides on me this
technically this is the last stop of the tour we went on today yeah we are
staying here got two nights here yeah so tonight tomorrow night and the town
looks so cool is such a nice approach as we were coming down I'm like coming down
a cliff and the town's right on the beach our hotels right on the beach
that's amazing you can see that there's a lot of people out enjoying the beach
given those 38.5 degrees at the moment
in the air-conditioning here in our room so we are going to wrap up this video
right now we had a really good time on the tour what do you think what were the
highlights for you there's a lot at wall just seeing the
wildlife getting back close to the Penguins also going to this dance EF for
lunch see ya Lamb prepared before our eyes just the whole thing was a lot of
fun I have to agree it's hard to choose a highlight it was also good so yeah
that is all for today and we will see you guys in tomorrow's video where we'll
take you on a little tour of Puerto Piramides what to feed on me this and show you the sights
see you there


PATAGONIA WILDLIFE: Spotting Penguins + Sea Lions on Valdes Peninsula | Chubut, Argentina

293 分類 收藏
Courtney Shih 發佈於 2019 年 12 月 4 日
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