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  • Kid President: 20 things we should say more often.


  • Number 20: Thank you. And not just on Thanksgiving, everyday!

    第20: 謝謝你 不只是在感恩節 每一天都要

  • Number 19: Excuse me. Number 18: Here's a surprise corn dog I bought

    第19:不好意思 第18這是我買給你的炸熱狗

  • you because you're my friend. There'll be more corn dogs and more happy people. This

    因為你是我的好朋友 我覺得有越多的炸熱狗 就會有越多人開心

  • is a good idea! Corn dog for you, corn dog for you, corn dog for you!

    炸熱狗給你的! 炸熱狗給你的! 炸熱狗給你的!

  • Number 17: I'm sorry. Number 16: I forgive you.

    17:對不起 16:我原諒你

  • Number 15: You can do it! But don't say it if it's something they can't do.

    15:你可以做到! [小聲]但是別說那些你做不到的事情

  • Number 14: Another thing that we should say


  • more often, I have barbecue sauce on my shirt too. Before you say something about the barbecue

    我的衣服上也沾到BBQ醬了 在你說任何關於BBQ的事情前

  • sauce on somebody else's shirt, take a look at the barbecue sauce on your own shirt.

    我的衣服上也沾到BBQ醬了 在你說任何關於BBQ的事情前

  • Number 13: Please. Number 12: Everything is going to be okay.

    13:請 12:所有事情都會解決的

  • Number 11: Aw! You got me a corn dog too? You shouldn't have buddy!

    11:噢~你也買給我炸熱狗了? 你不需要的阿 夥伴

  • Number 10: I don't know. I know a lot of people who need to say that. My sister!

    10:我不知道 我知道很多人需要說這句話 好比我妹

  • Number 9: You're so awesome I named my dog after you. Wait, that could hurt somebody's

    你超讚的! 讚到我用你的名字來當我家狗狗名字! 等一下 這樣好像會傷到某些人的感情齁!

  • feelings. I mean boat! I named my boat after you.

    我是說 我用你的名字來取我船的名字

  • Wait who even has a boat. You're so awesome I legally changed my name to yours. Wait that's

    等一下 誰會有一艘船阿~ 你超級讚 讚到我把我名字改成你的

  • super creepy. Just tell people they're awesome and mean it!

    等一下 這聽起來好詭異~ 反正告訴人們你很讚就對了啦

  • Number 8: Hello person I've never met before, here's a high-five!


  • Number 7: My sports team is not always the best sports team. It takes a big man to say that.

    7:我支持的運動隊 不見得永遠是最強的 需要很寬容的人才說得出這句話

  • Number 6: Nothing. Sometimes that's the best

    6: 不用說任何話 有時候 這就是你能說最棒的話了

  • thing you could say. Number 5: [fart sound] That doesn't mean anything

    5:噗~~ 這不是話但很好笑

  • but it's just really funny! Number 4: I disagree with you, but I still


  • like you as a person who is a human being and I will treat you like that because if


  • I didn't it would make everything bad and that's what lots of people do and it's lame.

    因為如果我不這樣做 會讓所有事情都變得很糟糕 這也是為何很多人都很糟糕

  • I need a water break y'all It's okay to disagree but it's not okay to

    我需要喝杯水休息一下 不同意別人是ok的 但變得很機車就不ok了

  • be mean. Number 3: Sometimes you just gotta scream!


  • AAAAAH Number 2: Life is tough, but so are you. Sometimes

    2:生活很難對付 但你也是難對付的人

  • we all need to be reminded to keep going! Number 1: Something nice! Anything. If you

    有時候我們都必須記得我們很難被對付 並且繼續向前行 1:一些好話 任何都可以

  • can't think of anything nice to say, you're not thinking hard enough. So what about you?

    如果你想不到任何好話可以說 那就是你還沒認真開始想 所以你呢?

  • What do you think people should say more often? Leave a comment below and let's hear it! Oh

    你覺得什麼是人們應該多說的話? 留下你的留言在評論 我們一起聽聽吧!

  • and I got a bonus one for you. Something we should say more often, let's dance!

    噢~還有一句話是加送的 有句話我們應該多說一點! 來跳舞吧!

Kid President: 20 things we should say more often.


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小朋友總統告訴你 20 件你應該更常做的事! Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

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