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(feet clopping)
- Hello. - Hello.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hello, Uncle.
- Lilly, did you say hello to Uncle?
- I literally just did.
- Lilly never say hello to me.
- Hi Uncle, (speaking in foreign language).
- How are you?
- Everybody good?
- Good, good, everything good, how are kids?
- I'm their kid.
- Oh, they're good, everybody good, Lilly good.
- You could just ask me.
- Lilly, what grade you are now, huh?
- I'm 31 years old.
- Lilly, did you say hello to Auntie?
- Oh my god.
Five, four, three, two--
- So Lilly, any plan to get married, huh?
- Nope, not at all.
(clearing throat) - We know so many nice boys.
- I'm not interested, thank you.
- Ricky, Bobby, Raja, Dipu, Juggie.
- Okay, all right, are we all gonna do this thing,
where we all pretend I'm not bi--
- Polar!
Polar, oh yes, Lilly is bipolar.
- What? - Huh?
- Oh, very sad, very sad,
that's why she always cold all the time.
- Because she have a two, a two polar bears.
- Really?
- Bipolar bears.
- I heard of this before.
- Wow.
- Yes, anyways, okay, I have one idea,
you know, today is a thanksgiving day, very nice holiday.
- Oh, that's right, very good history today, you know.
Today day, pilgrims was born.
- Yeah.
- Good, yes, good, happy birthday.
- Good, so thankful.
- Huh, just really, really nice,
so I thought maybe we can go around table like this
and talk about what we thankful for, huh?
- Do we have to?
I mean, I'm pretty hungry.
- Hmm, why do people always doing crazy things like this?
You know, talking at dinner table, therapy,
why can't we go?
- Okay, okay, I go first, okay?
I am very thankful for family, and good food.
- I am very thankful for my health.
You know?
Old is gold, but I am platinum, huh?
- Huh, that's right!
- What does that even mean?
- That's my brother, he knows.
- That's right, that's my brother.
Haha, okay good, good.
I am very thankful.
(slow music)
- I don't think he got the instructions.
- Thank you.
- Okay, very nice, thank you.
Aunt Digee?
- No, I am very thankful for my sons.
Yes, there's Ricky, Bobby, Raja, Dipu, Juggie,
I'm just sayin'.
- I'm thankful for my job.
I really love what I do.
- Good, very nice, okay, let's eat, huh?
- Cool.
Awesome, that actually went way better
than I thought it would.
- Actually, I have one more.
Today I am very thankful for my kids,
because they actually make time for family.
Usually they too busy doing other things,
you know, more important things, but that's good,
thank you so much.
Okay, let's eat.
- No, no, wait, wait, I also have one more.
I'm so thankful for my friends,
they're just so understanding when it comes to my job,
and not everyone is that way.
- I am very thankful you not serving alcohol today.
You know, we all know my husband, he can't handle.
- You know, I'm really thankful for my wife.
Then I always have reason to drink, huh?
- I am very thankful that my wife vacuum.
- Aww, thank you.
- Because then I can't hear her nagging, you know?
Haha, she talk, you know, it goes.
- Haha, okay.
I am very thankful for Netflix,
because something need to excite me in bed.
- Okay, maybe I should also watch reality TV, huh?
The closest I ever come to having real house wife.
- I'm so thankful that my parents
are referencing their bedroom life at the dinner table.
- Somebody need to get some action in this family,
huh Lilly?
- Oh yeah, well I'm thankful my parents
didn't let me talk to boys until I was 25.
It's been great for my development.
- But I'm thankful you cooking dinner today,
that way it will taste good for once.
- No, well I'm very thankful
that your brother like my cooking.
- Huh?
Okay, thank you.
- You know what I am thankful for?
I am very thankful that nobody helped me cook today.
Huh? No, no, no, it's very good reminder
that you have to be independent.
- You never let me help.
- No, no, that's okay.
You know, I always wanted to manage hotel.
- I am so thankful that my eldest daughter made it,
and she had grandchildren, you know?
I love her.
- I'm so thankful for Uncle Phil.
He was the best father figure I ever had.
- Mmm, the only fresh prints
that was ever in your life, huh?
- My son, Bobby, very fresh prints.
- (sighing) I'm thankful this thanksgiving dinner
is only once a year.
- Okay, you Canadian.
Your thanksgiving was in October, okay,
your videos don't even make sense, dumbhead.
- I didn't have time then.
- You never had time, okay?
- This is why everybody hate you.
- Stop!
Can we just have one nice dinner
where we aren't taking jabs at each other?
I mean, today's thanksgiving.
It's supposed to be about being grateful.
- She right.
- In fact, every day should be about being grateful.
- Proud of you, hun.
- I mean, I don't get to see you guys that often.
- That's true.
- So when we are together, I wanna make the best of it.
I don't even know if you guys are gonna be around forever,
and so I don't wanna look back and regret
wasting any time I had with you.
I love you.
All of you.
- I love you too.
- Good girl.
- You hear that, Mungeen?
Lilly already thinking about us dying.
- Thank you so much for watching this video,
huge shout outs to Verizon for partnering with me,
yo, me, Verizon, Macy's, MBC are bringing you the
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
like you've never seen before.
It is a 360 stream hosted by myself, and Terry Crews,
Thursday, thanksgiving morning, 8:30am, Eastern,
on Verizon's YouTube channel.
There's gonna be celebrity holograms,
augmented reality, it's gonna be lit!
Don't miss it!


莉莉辛格 (Passive Aggressive Thanksgiving Dinner)

109 分類 收藏
Mandy Tai 發佈於 2019 年 12 月 3 日
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