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- Well hello everyone!
My name is Tyler Oakley and today I wanted to give you
a little piece of advice that I was once given
that helped me through a time in my life
when I just felt like a loser.
And, whatever way you might feel like a loser,
if you ever do feel like a loser,
people don't get it.
It's like when I feel like this,
it's because I feel like I'm not accomplishing
what I want to accomplish.
Or, other people are doing better than me,
or I'm just like not necessarily
where I want to be in life,
or whatever it is, I just feel like
people wont get it, I'm going through my own thing,
I just feel like shit.
That's it.
And a lot of that has to do
with comparing yourself to others,
which I know is just part of being competitive,
I'm pretty competitive, but whether or not you're
competitive, you will eventually
compare yourself to others
because they'll get a part you want in a play,
or they'll get the spot that you want,
or the solo you want, or a job you want,
or a college admission that you want,
and if you spend your life comparing yourself
to everyone around you, you will never be happy.
There's always going to be somebody
whose killing it in some way that you will
maybe not ever be able to.
But, the good thing is you are going to be killing it
in your own ways.
If you feel like a loser,
I guess the most important thing is
if there were a contest to being who you are,
there will never be anybody in the world
who will beat you.
That's one way you will always win.
You will always be the number one version of you.
You will always win that!
So, if you every feel like you're down and out,
and you suck in every way,
I guess, have happiness in the fact
that nobody will every be a better you than you!
Even Meryl Streep, one of the best actresses of all time,
will never be able to pull off
being you, as well as you can be you.
And I think there's something to be said for that.
So, yeah.
I hope that helps.
I hope you feel less shitty
about the situation that you're in,
if you're in a shitty situation.
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And I will see you guys next time.
OK, later!


史卢比 (If You Feel Like A Loser... | Tyler Oakley)

379 分類 收藏
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