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(upbeat music)
(violin music)
- Coming through.
- Ooh, that looks amazing.
- Yeah, can't wait to dig in.
- I was thinking before we start,
I was hoping that we could all go around the table
and say what we're thankful for this Thanksgiving.
- Oh, fun!
- Family, just say family.
- Great idea.
- Thank you David, would you like to start?
- Crap, crap, crap.
Why didn't he start?
My pleasure.
- [Lily] Oh, now I'm second?
- [Ryan] I love Thanksgiving.
- This year, I'm thankful for my friends
and my supportive girlfriend, Lily, who I love.
- [Lily] Really?
Guess we aren't breaking up after the holidays.
- All the opportunities that I've had to travel
and do work that I'm really passionate about.
Oh, and this great bounty of food in front of us.
- That.
Took all of them.
Wow, lot to be grateful for.
- [Katie] Family, family, family, family,
family, family, family, family, family.
- Oh and how could I forget, I'm thankful for my family.
- You David, I'll rip your.
Off and I'll feed it to birds.
- [Ryan] This is going so well.
- [Grant] My year sucked.
- Great, Lily.
- [Katie] Okay, you know what, I'll say my health.
Health, health, health, health, health, health.
- I am grateful for this community that we formed together
and my health, both mental and physical.
Pulled that out of my.
- [Katie] Ah, I'll punch you.
I'll sucker punch you right in the.
In the eyeballs.
- [David And Lily] - Wait.
- And my wonderful boyfriend David who I love so much.
- I hope that didn't make him feel bad.
- [David] That made me feel very bad.
- Katie.
- Don't say my health and my family.
- [Lily] Unoriginal.
- [David] Copycat.
- Simple and sweet, I love it.
- All ready?
Okay keep it positive.
Don't be depressing.
As you all know this was a very difficult year for me.
Marcus dumped me.
I had to move back in with my parents
and my guinea pig, Buttercup,
committed suicide by jumping out the window.
Crap, why did I bring up Buttercup?
Okay, I can still turn this ship around.
I got this.
On the upside,
the swelling in my right testicle has gone down.
Well not gone down, but it's not getting any worse.
Stop talking about your testicles.
So I guess I'd have to say, this Thanksgiving,
that I'm thankful that my mother is a urologist
so she can give me free medical assessments.
- I'm so sorry to hear about Buttercup.
Anything I say will sound good after this idiot.
- Well hey, you'll get 'em next year Grant, huh.
- This year I am so thankful for all of you.
I don't know where I'd be without my friends
and I love you guys.
- [Everyone] Ah.
- [Lily] Corny.
- [Ryan] This night's the best.
- Ryan?
What are you thankful for?
- Oh.
Oh, damn, forgot I had to go.
I have to follow that hogwash.
Making people list some.
Just to say what they're thankful.
I don't care, I don't care what anyone here's thankful for.
- Ryan?
- Ryan?
(static radio sounding)
- The bus.
- Did he say the bus?
- Wow, I feel like we all tried a little harder than that..
- Yes.
- Let's dig in everybody.
- [Lilly] Yes.
- Yes.
- [Blue Shirt Guy] Ooh, yummy, give me those weenies.
Thank you, thank you.
- Hey it's Lily.
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Did you do the math from earlier?
And if you did, can you tell me how much it was,
'cause I'm bad with numbers.
Five, five times one.


感恩節真正感謝的是? (What Everyone's Actually Thinking at Thanksgiving)

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bellaforlove11 發佈於 2019 年 12 月 2 日
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