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{\an8}- Oh, what's your definition of a wild night?
{\an8}- Bathtub with bubbles, yeah?
{\an8}- My kind of night, no.
{\an8}- [Hailee] What's the line?
{\an8}- Parties should feel like shipwrecks.
{\an8}You should emerge from them soaking wet,
{\an8}out of breath, and hopelessly?
{\an8}- Yeah. - Hopelessly disoriented.
{\an8}- [Anna Baryshnikov] Woo-hoo! - Yes!
{\an8}- That's my definition of a wild night.
{\an8}It should look like a shipwreck.
{\an8}- We are the cast of 'Dickinson,'
{\an8}and we are about to Dive In with MTV News.
{\an8}- [Ella] Okay, next question.
{\an8}(Hailee exclaiming)
{\an8}(Anna exclaiming)
{\an8}[Ella] Rebellion is a major theme of the show.
{\an8}What's something you've rebelled against?
{\an2}- I mean, this is a pretty obvious rebellious,
{\an2}but I had a huge party in high school, and our canary died.
{\an8}(Ella laughs) - No!
{\an8}- You told me this story. - Wait, at the party?
{\an8}- Yeah. - Who killed the canary?
{\an8}- So, when we're setting up the party--
{\an8}- The next Agatha Christie. - This is bad.
{\an8}- When we're setting up the party, I was like,
{\an8}"God, this canary's right in the middle of our dance floor."
{\an8}So I moved my beloved family canary
{\an8}to somewhere where the cat then later could jump.
{\an8}- [Toby] Ahh.
{\an8}And it was really sad because I got into a lot of trouble,
{\an8}and then my mom was like, "And I really loved that canary."
{\an8}- Oh, no!
{\an8}- Which, so did I, it was really awful.
{\an8}But I would say that was a pretty classic rebellion.
{\an8}- There we go.
{\an8}- [Jane] If there was a TV show about your life,
{\an8}what would it be called?
{\an8}Careful! - Ugh.
{\an2}- Adrian's would be something about suspenders.
{\an8}- Suspender Queen.
{\an8}- Beautiful Genius Life.
{\an8}- [Hailee] Oh my God!
{\an8}- You're all so frightened of me
{\an8}that no one would answer what mine would be called.
{\an8}- I said Beautiful Genius Life!
{\an8}- Oh, I thought that was Hailee.
{\an8}Oh I naturally assumed it was Hailee.
{\an8}I never would've assumed that was mine.
{\an8}- [Anna] Wow, note passing plays a huge role in the show.
{\an8}What's the juiciest note you've ever received?
{\an2}- I got a note on a train once.
{\an2}Some guy kind of looked at me furtively
{\an2}a couple of times on the journey, but hadn't said anything.
{\an8}And then, at the end of the journey,
{\an8}he was too nervous to speak to me,
{\an8}and he gave me a note with his number on it,
{\an8}saying, "I think you're beautiful."
{\an8}- Oh, that's sweet.
{\an8}I definitely thought you were gonna say, like,
{\an8}"Do you like me? Circle yes or no."
{\an8}Like one of those.
{\an8}- Oh, it wish it had been that.
{\an8}- Got it. - But it--
{\an8}Hey, you got some digits, did you text him?
{\an8}- No. - Okay.
{\an8}- I smiled all the way to work though.
{\an8}- Oh, cute.
{\an8}- It was really cute.
{\an8}I love it when people do that sort of thing.
{\an8}- [Hailee] I know, right?
{\an8}- I once gave that kind of note to someone,
{\an8}(laughing) and it did not go well.
{\an8}We did then meet up, and I was like,
{\an8}within five minutes, I was like, "This was a mistake."
{\an8}- "This was a mistake." - And within 10 minutes,
{\an8}I was gone. - Really?
{\an8}- Yeah. - Impressive.
{\an8}- What's a piece of 1880s clothing you would work
{\an8}into your current day wardrobe.
{\an2}What's something that should be left in the past forever?
{\an2}- Corsets.
{\an2}- Yes.
{\an2}- 72 petticoats.
{\an8}Just one is cool, right?
{\an8}- The hoop skirt. - Hoop skirts.
{\an8}Bum rolls. - You can't sit on that.
{\an8}- Bum rolls. - Bum rolls.
{\an8}A bum roll.
{\an8}(Adrian drum rolling)
{\an8}Thank you so much.
{\an8}Is a little piece of padding, right?
{\an8}That, um,
{\an8}I don't know, guys, come on, help me out here.
{\an8}- It sits on your bum.
{\an8}- It's like a cushion - It's like a shelf.
{\an8}- that sits right above your tush.
{\an8}- But it's very much about creating the right shape.
{\an8}- It's just so that you can set anything there if you need--
{\an8}Like, throughout the day.
{\an8}- For safe keeping, yeah.
{\an8}- It's sort of like a butt shelf.
{\an8}- It's like a book shelf.
{\an8}- A book shelf or a butt shelf?
{\an8}- A butt shelf. - Both.
{\an8}- Great.
{\an8}- But I think the stuff I'd like to stay is
{\an8}the guys clothes.
{\an8}They're looking good.
{\an8}- Suspenders.
{\an8}- 100%
{\an8}- Our day where we wore men's clothes was one of my
{\an8}favorite days shooting
{\an8}- I've never been more comfortable in the whole show.
{\an8}- We don't have to wear corsets.
{\an8}- No, nor me.
{\an8}- Yeah (laughter)
{\an8}- [Adrian] Last question! - Woo!
{\an8}- Which is, thank you, thank you for the bum roll.
{\an2}The show includes a lot of poetry, but also a lot of
{\an2}dancing, which activity are you better at?
{\an8}- Dancing or poetry?
{\an8}- Yeah, yeah, which one?
{\an8}- Like a hard neither.
{\an8}- You're my favorite human.
{\an8}- I'd love to say dancing, but my version of dancing is
{\an8}just like throwing my limbs everywhere.
{\an8}Like, everyone gets hurt when I'm dancing.
{\an8}- Prove it.
{\an8}- Prove it, show us, demonstrate.
{\an8}- [Adrian] Prove it.
{\an8}- What, No!
{\an8}- Yes, does it say--
{\an8}- Yes, it says, "Prove it."
{\an8}- [Hailee] Oh my God, it fully says.
{\an8}No really lets see it.
{\an8}- [Jane] Just a wiggle, just a little wiggle.
{\an8}- Wooo
{\an8}- Oh Jesus
{\an8}No joke, a little fearful of my life just then, okay.


'Dickinson' Cast Plays Dive In | MTV News

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