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  • My New Year's resolution?

  • I resolve to share my sweater with anyone in the store who gets cold.

  • This year, I vow to not leave here until I've written ten pages a day of my novel.

  • Ten good pages.

  • Oh, I'm going to master all my magic tricks. Yep.

  • Looks like you have a quarter in your ear there.

  • Yeah, that's stuck.

  • Better get my pliers.

  • And our resolution is to stop stressing out about what we're going to name our little bundle of joy.

  • Ah! Joy! That's it. Joy!

  • We finally have the name!

  • -Yeah! -Congrats! -Yay!

  • His mother is Joy.

  • -That's not the name. -Huh? Oh.

  • I resolve to get inspiration from the things that are truly meaningful to me.

  • I love it.

  • Who is the ladybug?

  • What? I didn't draw a ladybug.

  • I'm Cathy.

  • Just kickin' it.

My New Year's resolution?


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第1&Main:第4集--新年的決心 (1st & Main: Episode 4–New Year's Resolutions)

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