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  • Candy companies are constantly trying to come up with new flavors and ideas to tantalize taste buds, and for the most part, they're succeeding.


  • Let's gaze into Willy Wonka's crystal ball and take a look at some of the coolest new candy flavors dropping in 2020.


  • Just make sure you have your dentist on speed dial.


  • Mars, the maker of Milky Way bars, has decided to hop aboard the salted caramel trend train and ride it straight to Flavortown.


  • - You're gonna get big, bold taste and some funky flavor.

    - 你會得到大的,大膽的味道和一些時髦的味道。

  • Salted caramel has already crept into a ton of different variations of sweets, from ice cream to even popcorn, so it only makes sense for a hugely popular candy bar like Milky Way to embrace the trend.

    鹹焦糖已經悄悄地進入了一噸不同的糖果變化,從冰淇淋到甚至爆米花,所以像Milky Way這樣大受歡迎的糖果棒擁抱這一趨勢是很有意義的。

  • How exactly will a bite of the bar play out in your mouth?


  • Well, there's obviously the same milk chocolate and nougat that's in a regular Milky Way, but it's a mystery whether the caramel itself is salted, there are tiny salty crystals dispersed within, or it's on top.


  • Regardless of how the salt accompanies the rest of the ingredients, the new flavor, scheduled to hit stores nationwide January 2020, will hit people where it hurts so good.


  • Of course, if you can't wait that long, you might be able to find them now at your local Walmart.


  • There's just something about a sweet and salty combination that lulls us into a taste trance, and Milky Way's ready to put us in one.

    甜與鹹的結合讓我們陷入了味覺的恍惚,而Milky Way已經準備好讓我們陷入其中。

  • Those of us who are addicted to both Facebook and Skittles are probably already aware of the awesome roll-out the candy is preparing consumers for.


  • For those who aren't social media mavens, get ready to throw your hands in the air in praise of Skittles Dips.

    對於那些不是社交媒體達人的人來說,準備好把手舉起來讚美Skittles Dips吧。

  • What exactly sets them apart from those run-of-the-mill Skittles?


  • A yogurt coating, of course.


  • Some might say the idea sounds delicious and ask why it took Skittles so long to put it into play, but others inevitably will question the decision, like on the Today Show:

    有些人可能會說這個想法聽起來很美味,並問為什麼Skittles花了這麼長時間才把它付諸實施,但其他人不可避免地會質疑這個決定,比如在 "今日秀 "上。

  • - The yogurt around it, and the Skittle inside of it, I like them. - Separately.

    - 周圍的酸奶,還有裡面的Skittle,我喜歡它們。- 分開來。

  • - Yeah. - Yes

    - 是的 是的

  • But there's no telling how the candy will land with everyone else.


  • Those lucky blokes who live in the United Kingdom actually have access to Skittles Dips already; Strawberry, Lime, Orange, Lemon, and Blackcurrant flavors so brace for an American arrival February 2020.

    那些幸運的傢伙誰住在英國實際上有訪問 Skittles Dips 已經; 草莓、 青檸、 橙色、 檸檬和黑加侖子口味,所以為美國抵達 2020 年 2 月準備。

  • There have been plenty of variations of M&Ms over the years.


  • It's pretty obvious that people love the original "melt in your mouth, not in your hand" candy, but why settle for the original when variations like peanut, crispy, pretzel, and mint exist?

    很明顯,人們喜歡 "融在嘴裡,不在手裡 "的原味糖果,但既然有花生、脆皮、椒鹽、薄荷等變種,為什麼還要滿足於原味呢?

  • Mars also knows that when you're in the candy game, relevance is key.


  • Their latest venture?


  • An even more chocolaty and rich Fudge Brownie M&M.


  • Like most companies who want to tease the hell outta their consumers, M&Ms hit Instagram for a delicious post that immediately got people talking.


  • One lucky Instagrammer actually got hold of the product and posted a photo along with a mouth-watering description.


  • They're apparently about the size of peanut M&Ms, and the center texture is gooey like a brownie with a richer, deeper flavor profile.


  • Basically, what this means is when you toss a handful of these bad boys into your mouth and let them melt, you're bound to sink into a thick, chocolate-coated fudge heaven you may never crawl out of.


  • But is that really so bad?


  • Is it actually possible to enhance a Twix?


  • The mixture of crunch from a cookie, smooth caramel, and a thin coating of milk chocolate seems pretty perfect already.


  • But the food geniuses at Mars are looking to fix what isn't broken with Cookies & Creme Twix.


  • People older than 30 who love candy might remember these little sticks of goodness hit shelves in 1990, but for whatever reason, they were done away with, leaving fans clamoring over them for years, wondering if they'd ever get a chance to once again experience the flavor.


  • Two decades later, they finally have an answer.


  • Instead of caramel, a rich coating of cookies and cream icing runs along the crunchy cookie, and that spells excitement, hands down.


  • Originally slated for a December 2019 release, eager consumers now must wait until January 2020 to gorge themselves.


  • But, patience is a virtue, so let's all be as virtuous as possible.


  • Valentine's Day and candy go together like love and marriage.


  • Or cavities and root canals.


  • Who doesn't remember the good old elementary school days when you used these tiny colored hearts imprinted with cute messages to woo a potential partner?


  • Maybe you've even tried that move as an adult.


  • - Oh, little candy hearts.

    - 哦,小糖心。

  • - Chan and Jan 4 ever."

    - 陳和揚4日曾經"。

  • Well, anyone who's kept up with the candy game knows that Valentine's Day 2019 was sadly slunk by the absence of Sweethearts.


  • But all that may change come 2020.


  • This whole lack-of-Sweethearts debacle was due to Necco going out of business in 2018.


  • Fortunately, the Spangler Candy Company swooped in, took Necco into its arms, and ensured everything would turn out okay.


  • Kirk Vashaw, the Spangler CEO and Chairman, even said, "We look forward to announcing the Sweethearts relaunch for the 2020 Valentine season."

    Spangler首席執行官兼董事長Kirk Vashaw甚至表示:"我們期待著在2020年情人節期間宣佈甜心重磅推出。"

  • Now, those shy romantics who absolutely must communicate via candy can use Jelly Belly's Conversation Beans or Cupid Messages M&Ms.

    現在,那些絕對要通過糖果來溝通的害羞的戀人可以使用Jelly Belly的對話豆或丘比特資訊M&Ms。

  • But, let's be honest: Hearts send an extra-special kind of message a bean just can't.


  • For years, we've calmed our cluttered minds by taking a break with the chocolate-covered layers of wafers in a Kit Kat.

    多年來,我們一直在用Kit Kat中的巧克力覆蓋的層層威化餅來安撫我們雜亂的心靈。

  • - Gimme a break, break me off a piece of that...I am totally blanking

    - 饒了我吧,饒了我一塊吧......我完全空白了。

  • But get ready: Kit Kats are about to flip the script on all their fans and launch a mint and dark chocolate flavor.

    但是,準備好了。Kit Kats即將向他們的粉絲們推出一款薄荷和黑巧克力口味的產品.

  • Those iconic layers of crispy wafers are still involved, of course; it wouldn't be a Kit Kat without them but in this version, mint creme coats the top and dark chocolate sits comfortably at the bottom, making for one heck of a bite.

    那些標誌性的酥脆威化層仍然參與,當然 ;它不會是一個Kit Kat沒有他們,但在這個版本中,薄荷糖霜塗在頂部和黑巧克力舒適地坐在底部,使一個赫克的咬。

  • And good news for the impatient: These candies are actually dropping at the tail end of 2019, so waiting until the new year hits isn't necessary.


  • Imagine having to twiddle your thumbs until 2020 to bask in the glory of mint and dark chocolate Kit Kats.

    想象一下,要到2020年才能享受到薄荷和黑巧克力Kit Kats的榮耀,就必須要掰著手指頭。

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Candy companies are constantly trying to come up with new flavors and ideas to tantalize taste buds, and for the most part, they're succeeding.


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