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  • Alright so I can make some really lame,lazy intro

  • Saying Les Mis and tying it with the wrestler The Mis

  • I think I'm above that. I'm above that

  • Right, Les Mis. Now this is one I was kind of excited for

  • Because I'm kind of a history buff, and I love movies out there that have touched a little on history

  • Maybe even twist it in any way you want to do it. Lik Abraham Lincoln, Vampire hunter/slayer, whatever it's called

  • I was even interested in that just 'cause it touched history

  • Obviously then this is a go-to for me

  • For those who don't kno the story, I think there was a movie a musical, a broadway .. all kinds of different forms that this came out

  • But it originated as a book by Victor Hugo

  • If you don't have time to go through this "War ad Peace" 2000page-translated from French, version of massive chuck of phone book

  • Then I'll kind of shorten it for you here

  • Jean ValJean, who was a slave, because he'd done something wrong.

  • Basically in order to help sombody out. So kind of a grey area, yes he was wrong and caught for doing it

  • But there was a reason behind it, like an honesty taht fell behind what he was trying to do.

  • This all happens during the tinme of the French Revolution, or the build up to it.

  • The movie takes us during and after the revolution

  • Jean ValJean, played by Hugh Jackman, this entire time is trying to lean from huis misdeeds

  • By trying to be a better person. All the while we have Javert played by Russel Crowe

  • He's out there as a military person, back in the time they didn't really have police officers, so the military inforced the law

  • He knows only black and white, there's no grey area, no excuse behind why you're doing things

  • He has a real contrast with Jean ValJean, Hugh Jackman's character

  • And that's where we get a development througt, with these two characters

  • I can touch on the rest of them, but ultimately the big story behind this is the French Revolution

  • The little peices with Amanda Seyfried and others, basically just help Hugh Jackman do right in some things he's done wrong in the past

  • I'll go ahead and caution all guys that are going to this

  • This is not going to be your standard musical that you'll get dragged to

  • Yes there are a couple times where you get some laughs.

  • Tim Burton's wife is kind of creepy, and alongside Sacha Baron Cohen, which together they make a really good duo actually

  • They make me laugh a few times, but that's an aside the majorit of this movie is huge hardcore drama

  • It's really, really slow. So again for those being dragged.. guy or girl, it's going to be a really long play for you

  • And on that note

  • Yes it is a play

  • It's taking from its roos of it being a broadway play, and it's going with that

  • Every single line in this movie has been sung.

  • Plus it's 2.5 hours long, so your in set for a broadway musical or a stage play or theatrical event

  • That's what's being grought to you here

  • To touch on the musical side of things, they've done so much different with this, by singing live

  • And them being able to act while doing it. That's the huge key

  • No matter what anyone else tells you, that is the important part

  • They can actually act while singing, and it's actually them singing during the acting.

  • That breaks all boundries, and I think we won't see any more High School Musical

  • Or any off those tutsi frutsi, la di da, Disney musicals

  • I'm sure that this is the way to go, and this has broke boundries. Moves musicals into a new stream

  • Something 3D has done to Sci-Fi. This is a whole new era for musicals

  • Any one out there that loves musicals, the way they capture this in a live performance, is beyond astoniashing

  • And what they can do while they're acting, with the actors that are in this movie, is amazing

  • Now we have a lot of actors in this movie, I don't really pick on them too often.

  • But I'll comment on one, the new guy, "the rookie"

  • Don't really know his name, let's throw up a picture.

  • Now this guy reminds me

  • of this

  • A.. yeah... you're starting to see the similarities

  • yeah

  • It annoyed me, it's the first thing to come to my mind. It took me away from the film

  • Rating time,

  • Going to get 4 / 5

  • Cry notes. On to the next review

Alright so I can make some really lame,lazy intro


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