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What is the reason why we lose faith?
Because at some point along the way, we felt disappointed.
And it's mostly not about the big things that matter a whole lot.
Instead, it's usually about an upsetting, minor thing or two.
Just like taking out the right brick from a wall.
And eventually, it just might tumble and fall.
There was a loyal general who has served his king and protected the realm for a lifetime.
There was no one more respected than he was in the land.
And for that, the king praised his loyalty and service.
One day, the king summoned all his ministers to the castle to reward his faithful men.
And because there were so many of them, it would take days for the king to meet them all.
Day after day, the king kept honoring his courtiers.
However, without mentioning the general, and the general grew bitter by the day.
Finally, on the last day of the gathering, the king rose from his throne and announced, "I have been honoring all my loyal servants to this day."
"But still, there is one that deserves more than anybody else."
"And I believe you would all agree with me."
"For this person, I have saved the best for the last."
"Bring on the banquet!"
"Let us celebrate seven days in a row for the general!"
But the general was nowhere to be found.
He felt disappointed with the king for not mentioning his name in the past few days, and he had left a day before.
And that is how faith is lost.
It starts out with a small grudge, a small sense of feeling left out.
And just like a trap, it tugs you in deeper, and deeper, and deeper, and deeper... until you completely let go.
This is a message that brought home to me how easily it is to quit.
And this is a message to you, too.
You start out doubting your dreams, your visions, that motivation inside of you that's been propelling you to go forward.
And you start asking yourself, "Is it worth the fight?"
"Is this real?"
You then feel disappointed with yourself.
Then your life.
Then other people in your life.
"Am I good?"
"How did I get into this mess?"
"Why is he being such a jerk?"
And you let that altogether bring you down.
The thing is, we can recover from others' wrongdoings on us.
We can pull ourselves back on our feet when life is off track.
But when you lose faith in your purpose, there is nothing that can stop you from going down.
So keep the faith.
Life can be shitty.
People can too.
So can ourselves.
But as long as you keep the faith - that faith in your purpose, that faith in your meaning of life - then there is nothing that you cannot recover from.
It is just a matter of time.
Just like the general in the story, don't forget about grace in the past.
Don't forget about how much you've accomplished and done to get here today.
We don't see the whole picture, so a little patience is required.
And above all, don't let the minor and irrelevant things become the reason you lose faith.
Keep the faith.
Don't let disappointment in life, yourself, and others be the reason you lose faith.



為什麼我會失去信心?(中英CC字幕)|JRLEE (why we lose faith)

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